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Monday, April 13, 2015

     Bike Life

     Bonjour!  (I have no idea why, but I've been doing a faux French accent for the past few days, and I am really loving it.  So just read this as a French person would...if you will!)  This week has been pretty active for me.  It's good!  I really needed to start getting things together.  I know the cold weather can be very depressing sometimes, and this winter seemed to last longer than (ya know, honestly, I've been sitting here for far too long trying to think of a decent metaphor to compare the long winter to.  At the end of the day it was just longer than...) a muther f*cker!  But warm weather can really motive us to actually get out of the house and get active!

     I for example, got a bike this past week!  (I know right, who the heck have I become!?)  I use to be so very leary of riding bikes in NYC.  It can be very dangerous actually.  The first time I rode in the city,  was on a Citibike thing.  I did feel like a huge nerd.  It's sort of like riding a rental car with a bunch of advertisements.  It was fine for a first time city rider like me I suppose, but yes, very nerdy.  Also, I only rode citibikes at night because there was less traffic.  Now that I have a bike of my own, I guess I really do have to start learning to ride it during the day with the rest of civilization.  This week I did get a lot of practice in during normal waking hours.  I rode around Brooklyn though, not Manhattan (not ready for those daytime bridges just yet! Lest we forget the Bike/Bridge Debacle of 14'??)   Me and my wonderful, extremely helpful counterpart rode up and down Bedford Ave, through beautiful neighborhoods that I never even knew existed in Brooklyn (seriously, such beautiful homes and brownstones)!  We rode to Prospect Park, which was over run with active Brooklynites, their pets, and children.  Seriously though, riding through the park is almost as chaotic as city streets.  We almost took out a little puppy! It was still pretty tiresome riding up all of those darn hills, but I was assured that it gets easier the more you ride.  I sure hope so, because guess what people...biking is literally the most efficient form of travel that I've personally experienced in the city.  Let me tell you why!
     First of all, after you buy the darn bike, that's it!  There is nothing else to buy!  (Well actually, I do need to get a bike light and a lock) But honestly, it's a one time investment that far surpasses the expenses of a weekly/monthly metro card or obviously a gas guzzling car.  Once you buy a bike, your basic transportation needs are taken care of!  Second of all, yes, It seems stressful to think of riding everywhere you go and being all sweaty and out of breath, trust me, no one is more of a princess than me.  But I actually think I'm the same amount of tired (maybe a tad more), as riding, transferring trains, and walking down a billion stairs.   Third,  bikes cut through all traffic!  You wait for nothing when you bike.  Technically, yea, you are supposed to obey all traffic rules (which EYE do), but once you get the hang of the flow of things,  you can start to ride through everybody.  It's better than being stuck in traffic or stuck on in the middle of a train delay...helpless!  Lastly, it's freakin fun!  Minus all the inclinations you have to ride up, but hey, maybe some people think those are fun.  I feel like a kid again riding a bike for the most part.  Basically, If you want to save money, and be in complete control of your riding experience in a fun way, biking is for you!  Dangerous?  Eh, perhaps, but then again, what in this day and age ISN'T?  Even eating a hamburger is "dangerous" now for Pete's sake! (Vegans, we will talk soon...)

Anywho,  biking is awesome, so try it if you can!  Also this week I've been trying to take more photographs and videos to correspond with my weekly adventures.  It's hard because I'm always looking kinda cray.  How do celebrities always look so painstakingly decent in all of their candid paparazzi shots, and I'm out here lookin' like Felicia from Friday?  The world may never know.

I just wanna know who I thought I was right here...

p.s. I'm also looking for people who live in NYC to be in videos with me, nothing too intense (at first), perhaps just to interview New Yorkers!  Email me

p.p.s. I always thought Felicia from Friday would've been super cute if she let those braids out!


Chris Jones said...

You should get a helmet

Chris Jones said...

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Nice looking bike