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Monday, April 06, 2015

A Yearning for Learning

     Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Spring is finally here... I think? I hope. Isn't it crazy how when people have nothing to talk about with each other, they always start talking about the weather? "So... This weather is crazy right?"  I suppose it's something that everyone can relate to without getting to in depth into an argument.  But I love arguments!
   Anywho, enough about nonsensical atmosphere talk, I've recently started working on my new website, and it is drop dead awesome! I don't know what took me so long to finally just break down and get serious about it.  Well actually I do know, web design is expensive! I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to design it myself.  Yes, I know I'm not a highly trained professional, but do u really have to be? I'm just taking it very slowly, one step at a time, and finding out how to create the look I want each step of the way.  It's not rocket science ( and come to think of it, rocket science is probably not all that hard either). I remember a long time ago, I tried to pretend I was a genius and started learning how to code HTML.  It was actually kinda fun! HTML is kinda like learning a language. I also think learning languages is kinda fun! Perhaps I just think learning in general is fun.
     This world has so much information so why limit how much there is to learn?  Usually in life we are forced to learn things against our will (elementary school, middle school, high school), and then told me MUST learn certain things in order to succeed in life (college). When we grow up and realize we can learn whatever interests us, that's when it can actually become something to enjoy. 

     With all the technology available these days, it's hard NOT to learn things.  One time I learned how to open a can without a can opener from youtube! Actually youtube has taught me many great things; how to cook, do my makeup, jailbreak an iPhone.  (Not that I'm gonna try, but) I feel like I could learn how to perform open heart surgery from there! Wikipedia, even though it may have it's informational faults from time to time, can really teach you a lot about everything too.  A link based, online encyclopedia?? Come one! Best website ever! Basically, almost anything you want to learn is online, right at your finger tips.
     Maybe that's what's wrong with me though, the more I learn, the more things I want to start doing.  This in turn creates a huge list of things for me to start trying to do each day, to the point where I get semi overwhelmed with it all.  Is there a word for people who see something being done (dancing, sports, acrobatics, speaking Arabic) and automatically think, "Ooooh I wanna do that!" And proceed to learn how to do it? Welp, that's me. So far in my life, I've wanted to be an architect, artist, cosmetologist, DJ, taste tester, pastry chef, lawyer, psychologist, marriage counselor, tennis player, classical pianist, TV show host, clothing designer, housewife, interior designer, and I'm SURE I'm missing a few. I'm also one of those people who want to just do everything myself because I don't trust people, eh! 

     Which finally brings me to my website! I have heard before from people that I lack focus.  Well frankly, I do! I wanna do, learn, and experience everything I can in life! I don't really wanna limit myself or narrow it down. Not one bit! But I think I did finally find a way to do it in a pseudo-sane way...

     I have decided that I am a life reviewer (maybe I'll think of a classier way to put that).  Let me explain... Since I love doing a bunch of different things and I don't want to focus on one in particular, I WILL do everything, and report on my experiences.  Which is what I do anyway for the most part right? I'm going to live my life the best way I know how, singing, dancing, creating, eating, traveling, and trying to be happy.  The new website will hopefully be a place where I can do all of that.  

     It really is cute! I can't wait to share it with everyone.  Remember though, you really can learn just about anything you want, trust me, it's a lot easier than you think.  The hardest part is always starting.  The second hardest part is finishing.  The middle is fun!

Stay tuned peeps! 

p.s.  Ugh, now I really AM curious about open heart surgery.

p.p.s. Check out the SUPER testing phase of my website here
(It really is super minimal right now, but just focus on the layout and design...all by me!)


KVinci said...

You would make one sexy ass librarian. things I related 2 in dis blog post 2day, like wanting 2 b a interior designer, artist (I cant even draw lol) and other stuff. would be a awesome name, it won't cost to much to purchase the name b4 its gone.

U made so much growth in your writing n minset on things....round of applause shawty make dat.......I digress.


KVinci said...

.just noticed there was a link 2 ya new site! Its nice btw...."wayward child"

Ps. I noticed u got a Mercedes in ya life.....where the benz (me) at????


Adam Crumpler said...

I feel you completely, i was just talking about this yesterday, because i dont want to be limited and i want to learn as much as i can.

But a wise person told me, better know what the most important thing ya want to accomplish is (even if it was only 1 thing this year). Because it usually takes 10 times the effort to accomplish anything than first thought.

i know i didnt like to hear it, but at the same time I'm best when i can focus on 1 thing at a time. its not as fun but... shit gets done.

T1 said...

I can't wait to see your finished site.