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Monday, January 26, 2015

Falling in love Pt. 2

How is everyone doing this bright and beautiful evening! What a lovely day to be alive.  Positivity is pretty much the best motivation I can give at this time of the year.  Hang in there everyone, the year is just beginning.  So, in trying to maintain my continuity, I will pick up from sort of where my last blog has left off....

So after the crush phase, the fictitious romance you’ve created in your head will either flourish into a mutual crush, or fizzle into unrecognized oblivion until you get over it.  If it’s fizzling like a soda pop, I mean, what can I say, crushes come and go.  My PERSONAL motto on the matter is pretty much, I don’t want anybody who doesn’t want me (because I mean honestly…hello?? I’m amazing!)  but then again I can also understand the wanting what you seemingly can’t have aspect.  Anywho! I suppose I will go into what happens next if you find out that the feeling is in fact mutual:  Relationships!  Ahh, wonderful, gut wrenching, terribly misconstruable, but sometimes plain beautiful…relationships! Actually scratch that, there is dating first I suppose.  The reason why I almost completely glossed over it is because some people actually completely gloss over it!  That’s right, one huge problem that relationships have is the fact that it can happen too dang fast! People will rush into something because they want some erroneous title for whatever the heck it is that they are doing with another individual.  We as people are SOOO much more comfortable with labels and grouping one another.  We go crazy without classifications!  (Which is actually a whole ‘nother blog….coming very soon).

But for the love of Kanye, don’t rush!  Get to actually know a person beyond the crush phase…because more often than not, people are a big fat facade of what you actually think they will be like (that can be a good OR a bad thing).  Once you are actually in said relationship, it will be much harder for everyone to just get up and walk away.  I suppose dating is kind of like that 30 day time frame you have to return stuff to the store.  Try that mutha f*cka out!  It looked nice and shiny in the store, but is it really a practical purchase?  After those 30 days, it’s MUCH harder to get a return.  And even if you do, it’ll probably be store credit or something lame like that.  

If you do decide finally, that yes, you want to keep your new item, good for you!  But now comes the hard part, staying happy with the item you now have.  Cherishing that item.  Making sure you don’t just throw the item away in a month or 2.  (Sometimes I really get carried away with these metaphors, why doesn’t anybody ever stop me?)

Making relationships work is probably one of the hardest things we as humans have to do in life.  Everyone is so darn different!  I know I have been in bad relationships before when I was younger, so I guess we all have to go through some sort of trial period...but my gosh! After a while we have to realize that some things just do not work.  I suppose the best way to give advice is from experience?  I NEVER ever try to talk about my relationships on any sort of media (except when I'm indirectly ranting of course, ha!) I suppose this is also a good tip to keeping things between the two people that matter the most in relationships...the people in it of course!  The more people who know about your business, the more they will have to say about it, and try to influence you on matters that don't really concern them.  Perhaps instead of taking every single thing to the public, we can use that same energy and let's say... talk to the person we are with?  I swear people, the main "advice" (if you wanna call it that) I have is complete communication!  In every regard.  Most people fail because they lie to each other about who they really are.  Don't worry people, there is someone for everyone!  We don't have to lie to fit with someone who isn't compatible.  Be open and honest always.  If so, you will have no troubles.  If you do find that you aren't really compatible when you are yourselves, end that crap quick!  Why prolong?   Too many people stick around because they don't know how or are afraid of the aftermath or blah, blah, blah.  It's like ripping a knife out a wound... just do it!  The blood will gush out a bit, but cover it with gauze and it'll be fine in a few weeks.  And you will have fresh new skin!  Maybe still a nasty scar, but you can put Mederma on it.  Here I go with these metaphors again! Seriously people, why do you allow it!

All in all, falling in love is supposed to be fun more than anything.  Have fun!  Don’t take it too seriously, shouldn’t be anything you need to cry over if you make sure you keep the communication lines open.  We all deserve to be happy.  We all deserve to be with someone we are compatible with.  Don’t settle for anything less.  Because you’re are worth it! L’oreal!  

p.s.  More topics are always appreciated!  (Since I do this every week, I feel like I may run out of things to say!)

p.p.s There is supposedly some major snow storm coming on the east coast tonight and tomorrow….Glad I’m on the west coast!  Stay tuned for my video :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Falling in love.... better hope somebody catches you! Pt. 1

Hello good and faithful readers of my beautiful faithful blog!  Thank you for joining me again on another beautiful Monday morning/afternoon/evening/night (eh, who the heck and I kidding... this DARN sure will NEVER come out in the morning EVER).

For this week's blog topic I've taken to Facebook to get some fresh new ideas.  To my dismay, the only people who responded to my status were the same people who always respond! I would like to give a huge thanks to Danielle and Christian for keeping up and helping me with the input and suggestions.  Thank you guys!  The rest of you guys can suck it.  Because what good is having all these "Friends", "follower", "subscribers", if nobody gives a darn enough to even watch or read!  I've been thinking of ways to expand the views of my blog and overall internet persona, and I've decided that, probably the most immediately effective, yet eminently tedious, thing to do is to individually ask/TELL people.  I know, I know, I don't really like forcing people to read my stuff.  I also really hate spamming.  But gosh darn-it, this world has made it so hard for anything by anyone to be seen by anyone else.  With all of the articles, videos, vines, all this crap that just links to more and more crap, how the hell is anyone supposed to find anything worth anything??  I need to bring in people directly, keep getting emails for my email lists, and eventually, people will start telling other on their own, and so forth and so forth, until finally that one SUPER important person will see it and influence all of THEIR followers to read...then I'll finally be in business right?  It's all about the personal time we invest in people that will keep them coming back for more.  At the end of the day, people are kinda selfish.  We really are!  If someone isn't doing anything for us, we feel like, why the heck should we do anything for them? Here is where the tedious part comes in... I'm gonna have to start being more involved in all of MY online friend's endeavors too.  So that way, we will all help each other out! We will all WANT to help each other out! We can scratch each others back so that we will all be able to accomplish our goals.   The people won't engage unless we first engage.

It's kinda like close encounters of the 3rd kind up in here! Nobody want's to extend the first olive branch, but once we do... it all works out! (Actually I've never seen the movie, but based on deductive reasoning, I'm pretty sure that it more than likely maybe sorta went that way?)

It's just all about the relationships we build people.  And speaking of relationships, my readers have suggested I talk about relationships and crushes! (How'd you like that segue, huh?)
Basically crushes are a fun little thing we have to get us through the day.  I usually have them at work! The great thing about crushes vs. actual relationships is that you can have so many hassle free crushes and it's all good.  You can crush on whoever you like!  Most of the time, the other person doesn't even have to know (and my crushes usually never do).  It's fun because you can flirt all you want with no let down.  It really does make a work day go by so much faster when you have something nice to look at and imagine caressing.  The thing is though, what happens when the crush starts to consume your thoughts and impede your daydreams?  THEN we have a problem!  You have to decided if you are actually gonna do something about it and begin the downward spiral know as "a relationship", or will you keep it light and imaginative?  I read a random quote on the internet a while ago that said "any crush that lasts longer than 3 or 4 months is considered to be love"... that always tickled me.  So I suppose wait 4 months to decide what you wanna do about it.  But remember!  If you reveal your crush, it COULD be all downhill from there.  But then again, this is life! We are supposed to have fun with it and try new things, and people! If one crush doesn't work out, there are 7 billion damn people in this world!

Part 2 next week, I will talk about what happens AFTER the crush, and reveal my relationship status! So stay tuned!!

p.s.  One thing I have a question about... when is the right time to let a seemingly into you friend know that you are infact already in a relationship?? I mean, you don't wanna be so quick to think that everyone is always into you, but then again, duh, most of the time they are! And if it never comes up in casual conversation, what do you do? Just plain ole say "Hey, you know I'm dating someone right?" Just seems presumptuous!

p.p.s Man, anything relationship related is always a super long blog post!

p.p.s. If you have something good you are working on or doing, let me know! Duh, I can spread the word in my weekly email!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Compromising Situations + Sacrificing Limitations 

This year is moving by at light speed...light speed I tell ya!  I feel like just yesterday was New Years Eve!  I hope everyone is sticking to the goals they've set for themselves.   In addition to the not working for anybody thing, I also told myself I was going to write every single day in a journal with 365 pages.  So far I suppose I've been writing "every day" (meaning, when I miss a day, I go back to write what happened... so still technically not missing any days).  Anywho, I'm just glad I didn't make any goals like "work out everyday" or "eat healthier"... hahahaha! Imagine me working out and eating healthy!  Crap, now I sound super unhealthy and out of shape. Blah, maybe I'll integrate that a little I suppose.

But I'm getting off topic!  Back to the topic at hand.  Compromise!  Everybody hates that darn word...I know I sure do.  I never wanna compromise anything.  I just want my way! But in order to get the things you want in life, there will have to be some of another word you probably hate.


Ugh!  Why can't we just have our cake and eat it too?  What the hell good is cake that you just sit there and stare at?  I wanna eat! I'm sure we can all relate to a current situation in our life in which we have to compromise something.  It's always hard.  The situation I am faced with right now is the fact that, well, I no longer have a steady source of income.  I no longer get a paycheck every week (no matter how minuscule my paychecks were, I knew I could count on them consistently).  I still think it's darn crazy that I just quit with absolutely no sort of backup.  Some may even say I should have just stayed at the job, but worked less... as a compromise.  Me leaving has obviously proven that is one thing I do NOT like to do at all.

But alas fellow readers, how will I make money now?  It's not just gonna fall from the sky!  I suppose I have to compromise a LITTLE.  But ugh! I figure that all of the more popular blogs in the world are mostly about fashion and celebrity gossip.  Which is not at ALL what my blog is about.  But those are the kinds of blogs that make money.  Also, the kinds of videos that make money are all freakin gimmicky and crap.  One thing I am not willing to budge on at all is my content.  My content is amazing!  I just don't want to end up being a sell out in order to get my amazing content out there ya know?  I wonder if I join the illuminati.... eh, never mind.

This blog kinda reminds me of another blog I had recently about "if you can't beat em, join em...then defeat em".  But joining them and beating them is a temporary thing.  I don't wanna get sucked into the black hole of being a typical popular money making blog!  I have to figure out some way where I can do what I want and still be lucrative somehow.  I just have to figure out what I want to sacrifice to actually get to where I wanna be.  Sleep maybe?  I suppose I could try to wake up a bit earlier.  But I've been through this struggle before!  Buuuut, I know if I really put my mind to it, I could get up during the day and get so much more accomplished.

Blah.  I guess we all have to sacrifice something every now and then.  It sucks, but hopefully what you give up won't even matter when everything you desire aligns in pure perfection.

Think of what you need to sacrifice to achieve your goals.  Compromise so you won't have to give up EVERYthing, but make it work for you.  Nobody like it, but do it! It'll be worth it.

p.s. Go watch my new youtube video as well! It's all coming together people...slowly...SLOW AS FFF... but surely.

p.p.s. keep those emails coming!  I always need new blog topics, and I LOVE reading stuff that isn't spam. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

Disney Princess New Years Iphone Watergate

Hello everyone! Happy freakin New Year!  I hope the year has been good to you all so far.  Cherish these first few days, because the darn years seem to go by faster and faster!  My New Year was kind of eh....  I don't know who the heck goes out to party hard a day BEFORE New Years Eve, but that's exactly what my crazy self did.  I ended up dropping my iphone in a toilet full of water... and pee :(

So yeap, before my NYE was even finalized, I had no way of formulating any type of plans with anyone.  Also, I don't wanna sound so into myself, but I probably missed a bunch of happy new years texts too! (or who knows, maybe I didn't.... hardly anybody wished me a merry christmas :/ )
On top of all this, I was feeling absolutely hungover all day!  I even threw up, which I never ever do.  Gosh it was pretty terrible.  I'm sure I will look back at all this and laugh one the far far future...

So yea, I have been without a phone since NYE.  It's actually not THAT bad.  To tell you the truth, sometimes I wanna throw my phone in the toilet anyway.  But WILLINGLY ya know? It was just a bit ill timed.  Being without a phone is very liberating to a degree.  I actually suggest it for a week.  See how it goes and let me know!

New Year's Day was a bit better I suppose.  Some major detox was involved.  Also a trip to the movies!  I went to go see the movie "Into the Woods", which I had no idea of what it was about, only that my boo Meryl Streep was the leading lady.  I didn't even know it was a musical....I LOVE musicals!  I also didn't know that it was produced by Disney.  Overall, I liked the movie.  However, as the story unfolded, one thing became eerily apparent.  Nobody in the movie had a mother!  They all freakin' died!  Like seriously, every single one of the mothers in the story were either already dead, dying, or died during the movie.  What's up with that!?

I have actually heard of the whole motherless Disney princess thing.  Apparently Disney's mother died in some freak gas leak after he bought her a new house.  After the death, I suppose he was never the same.  HOWEVER, Walt has been long dead before some of these movies even came out!  Perhaps they wanted to keep his sadness alive? Who the heck knows. The movie just made me think a little bit...

As some of you may know, I lost my mom in 2011 on Father's Day.  I don't really ever talk about it.  Even some people who DO know me don't know.  Obviously it has affected me. But, I'm still not sure I've actually ever really dealt with it completely.  Every time I'm faced with like blatant mother loss in the media or anything, it always makes me think about it a bit.  It's only been like 3 and a half years, which I suppose is still pretty recent.  I mean, in compared to my whole life, her being gone only 3 years is practically like yesterday.  So why is it that I haven't really dealt with it?  Is it because I don't talk about it?  Is it because I still don't believe it's real?  I mean, before she died, I hadn't seen her for almost 2 years because I live in NYC and I didn't visit for holidays because I had no money.  Her physical presence wasn't really fresh in my mind.  Also I suppose I could always just think she's not here so she's just back in Michigan and not gone forever.  It's overall just a weird concept.  And the thing is, it wasn't like she was even really sick, it was an all of a sudden type of thing.  It threw me off, and probably helped contribute to the fact that it's a bit unbelievable even still.

In a lot of ways I am like my mom.  She even had her own show too!  It was called "New Generation" and it was on public access.  That is where I got my first taste of the limelight.  Dad, if you are reading this, can you hurry up and upload some New Generation episodes to youtube?  I know you have nothing else to do!  She also was in a singing group called "New Love" with my dad and oldest sister (upload that too dad).  In addition to all of that, she wrote all the time.  She published a poem book called "Each New Day".  She was a teacher for a bunch of different subjects (most hilariously Spanish...seeing that she wasn't a native Spanish speaker, nor was she fluent...but she managed to teach it somehow!)  On top of all of this, she believed in me a lot.  I still have a birthday card she gave me the year that she died.  She drew a picture of me behind a desk that said "Bretony Movie Studios". (It's actually Bretony Productions Inc. mom)

I know she would want me to fulfill that legacy.  And I know now more than ever, I finally am beginning to make it all happen.  After the death of Disney's mom, of course he was depressed, and it reflected in his work, but he also became totally super successful in spite of it all.

There is still always a happy ending for the motherless Disney princess....

P.s. If any of my readers has lost a parent, please share with me options of opening up more or dealing with the loss.  I need some help! Psychologists are too expensive and they can't prescribe the good drugs : /

P.p.s While typing this blog, I simultaneously unlocked an old AT&T phone I had lying around.  So yay I have a phone again! Send me those belated Happy New Years texts people!