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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello fellow citizens of the world! It is I, Bretony, the one and only.  I sit down behind the screen of my laptop, and I begin typing, still not knowing where to begin or end this blog.  Not sure of a subject, or topic, I just know that something needs to be typed!  A perfect metaphor for life if you will... Most times, you will not know where to begin.  All you know is that you have an idea of something that you want to do.  Something that you want to share with the world.  The hardest part of anything is starting.  The middle is the absolute easiest because it can go on and on... actually forever!  Another hard part though, the bitter end.  How do you end things?  Are endings always bad?  Always sad?  Always miserable? Is an ending to anything ever good?  Of course it can be!  I guess a better way to phrase "ending" would be finishing.  As in finishing a race.

Perfect example:

This past week, I did so many things for the first time.  Which is surprising in my increasing old age that I can still find things to do for the first time... it's awesome!  One of the things I did was ride a bike all the way from the west village of Manhattan to Bedstuy Brooklyn.  Now don't get me wrong, I know how to ride a dang bike, it's just that I've never ridden a bike to get any specific place, or travel a certain distance (excluding the time I spent on the island in the Hamptons last summer... I use to ride to work, which was about 15 minutes, no big deal).  Anywho, the initial decision to ride, was infact a little tough.  You have to think about everything that the trip will entail, all of your strength, all of your weakness, your knowledge of the roads... lots to think about! It's stressful! But alas, the decision was made, me and my friend were going to ride all the way back to her house on bikes.  Fiiiine. The trip began actually quite lovely.  The wind blowing through my frizzy hair, breezing by pedestrians on sidewalks and passing by motorists forced to stop at red lights.  It was pretty cool, even though my little legs had been growing increasingly more and more weary.  Then came time for... IT.  The muther freakin Williamsburg Bridge.  The peak of the trip.  Literally! Getting up that dam incline over the bridge was probably the most enduring part of the entire trip... and my entire life.  I was out of breath, clinging to every ounce of remaining energy in my fingers, toes, legs, feet.  Screaming out curses to the builders of a bridge that wasn't a complete flat surface.  Screaming period.  Out of breath and out of my mind, we finally made it to the plateau.  We looked around at all the beauty of the city and the wonderful almost full moon as the subway trains, cars, and East river flowed beneath us.  I was just glad the hard part was over, and I wouldn't have to pedal the whole way down :)))

Finally in Brooklyn, it wasn't much longer until we reached our final destination.  Home sweet sweet home!! It felt like an eternity, but after finally making it (and almost throwing up and passing out in the middle of the street) I felt so good about myself.  That I had actually accomplished something.  My friend promised that it get's better the more often you ride. Blah.  All I know is, I made it once, and that was enough motivation for me.

Even though you may start something, not knowing where it may end, the important thing is that you keep going! It may take forever, but there is an end in sight if you stay focused and don't pass out or throw up in the middle of the street. Remember, easy part is the middle.  However, the middle may throw you off a little bit due to the dam bridges.  But once you get over those, you don't have to pedal anymore!

Anywhoooo, enough for today.  I'm actually really busy today.  My last day off from work before my birthday on Memorial day! Everybody come to my party! (Which I haven't really planned yet)

Another year older = another year wiser + wrinkles - being carded all the time