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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Do you ever feel STUCK??/ roommates!

Sometimes I feel like I just don't know what exactly to do when I wake up in the morning and there is nothing SPECIFICALLY for me to do.  How do we decided what are the next steps we should take in our lives?  Is this it?  is this all?  My life has become waaaay to methodical ever since I quit that other job I had.  The job gave me specific tasks on specific days... now that I have so much more free time, EYE have to be the one to decided what I will do, when I will do it and how.  It's stressful and overwhelming, so I usually don't do much at all... but sit and contemplate doing things.  How do I get out of this vicious and ferocious cycle of being....STUCK? It's like I have writers block on my life!  Something needs to change.  I hate when things are the same for too long, it gets very boring.
  So what is my next big change?  Maybe I need another job, a more fulfilling one, maybe an internship??  I was also planning on moving in with my bff Ashleigh.  Maybe that could be a change I need.  Living alone...I  think of all the friends I've known - Celine Dion.  Haha! No but seriously (I love Celine Dion, she's awesome), living alone is tough sometimes.  Of course it may seem glamorous and all, and somewhat of an accomplishment, but do you really wanna be alone ALL the time with just you and your cat??  (even though I love my beautiful cat, she's awesome too)

I don't have nearly as many guests over here as you would think, more often than not, it's just me up in here.  And don't get me wrong, I love my alone time,  but I also like being around SOME living creatures SOMETIMES.  It's like the SHU on Orange is the new black.  They cut you off from everyone all day for such a long time that you go insane.  Maybe I'm insane.  Eh, oh well.  Hopefully by the end of this month, something in my life will change, so that I can sprawl out of my web of despair.

Speaking of roommates though, I know NYC is the city of roommates, and there is one situation that I am very strongly against when it comes to this.  Living with your significant other (unless you are married) is the WORST thing you can ever do!  I know that it is a perfect way to save on rent (since you 2 can obviously share even the smallest studio and split the rent right down the middle), which is why most people end up falling into the trap...but no!  Never do this under these circumstances.  Speaking from experience (on multiple/ terrible occasions), living with someone brings out every single aspect of their life.  Brings it right on up to the surface!  There is no hiding who you are when you live so closely with someone.  You are bound to see something you do not like.  When you get into arguments...where is there for you to go?  Nowhere!  When you come to the messy, bitter end, and you have to divide all of your things, there is ALWAYS drama about who gets what.  I have had many things taken from me and never replaced or compensated.  You have no place to recharge your battery!  Often if you feel as if it's not working out relationship-wise, you will end up staying together just because of the place you have, which is NEVER good.  All in all, worst possible thing to do ever.  Living with a friend is the easier route.  Sure they will get on your damn nerves sometimes, but atleast you won't have to sleep in the same bed! And parting ways will be MUCH easier if it ever comes to that.  Roommates are a very touchy subject.  The line between love and hate of them is very thin.  I've had great roommates (Milly!) and I've had many terrible roommates (you know who you are dammit!).  The bottom line is, you have to live with these people.  IN your search for cheap accommodations, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  Moving in with someone who already has an apartment, they may have a ton of stupid rules and regulations that you may not be able to get jiggy with.  My best piece of advice is total and extreme communication.  No passive aggression does not count!  DIRECT communication is really the only way that works.  People don't know things unless you tell them.  For the really crazy people that you deal with, you may have to come with some prepared evidence, which will ultimately make and fool see the light.

If you need to know how to deal with any roommate situations, please feel free to email me!  I will give you the best advice that I possibly can.  Other than that, I hope everyone is comfortable in the place where you live...It's really the only thing that matters at the end of the day (because at the end of the day, we gotta sleep!)

Peace out yall!


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