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Saturday, September 27, 2014

                                                                    Rated XXX

Hello everyone, it's you favorite blogger Bretony!  Today I will be talking about the oversexualization of pretty much every freakin thing in the world today!

Where to begin, where to begin.... I think I will begin with maybe the Nikki Minaj Anaconda video
First off I wanna say that I did actually kinda like it...only because I also like porn, and that's what that basically was, soft porn.  I'm with it!  THEN, there was the Jlo video which I saw shortly after entitled (rather appropriately) "Booty".  I guess Jlo just said, let's cut out all the middle man innuendos and euphemisms and just call it what it is! I appreciate that as well.

In addition to the videos, the songs, all that jazz, the outfits that people wear nowadays also leave little to nothing to the imagination.  The dress Rihanna wore to some awards show this year...the sheer one where you literally saw everything...I mean yea, that's cool and all, but when my friend last week told me about to new Rihanna nudes that were going around the internet, I was like ehh.  I looked at them anyway eventually just to see. Nothing special at all! Definitely nothing that I hadn't seen before from her.  What else could she possibly do now to get my attention? Pretty much nothing.  Even Beyonce' (don't kill me stans, I know how yall get, which reminds me I have to make a blog about THAT too)...All of Beyonce's recent songs and allll of her outfits at concerts are so scantily clad nowadays.  Sometimes I just want a taste ya know?

Why does everyone always want to give it all away ALL the time?  Can something be left to the imagination?  Like, something?  Going back to an old 2pac song, I hate sound sleazy but tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy!

And I really don't.  Well, I mean, sometimes I do.  But honestly bro, not all the time.

In saying all of this, I as a woman in today's society feel like I am slowly and surely blending into the blandness as a flower on the wall of life. I guess in a weird way it must be fun to be oversexed and have everyone lust over you in every regard.  I have never been that kinda girl to be as such, but I did have a dream recently where I wore this super slutty type dress number to an award thingy...and I gotta admit, I was feeling pretty good when I woke up.  Maybe there is a sort of confidence factor that it gives you? I remember back in the day when it was risque' to show your belly button, and controversial videos were saved for BET afterdark and not primetime.

All in all, idk.  I really don't know.  I'm a little bit conflicted on this subject, but I'm interested to see what everyone thinks about the Triple Xing of America.  Comment below!

And that's the bit of truth for today!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Movin' on up

Soooo, I get a LOT of inquiries about my super sudden (and very cheap) move to NYC a few years ago.  I am known for my thrifty ways, so I realize moving to NYC on MY budget must be quite surprising to some.  But me being the nice person I am, I have decided to share with you all a step by step guide on exactly how to move to NYC from whatever lame/boring city you currently live in, and revamp your life like you never have before!  Yes,  if I can do it, everyone truly can :)

Step 1: NETWORK!

So you wanna move to NYC huh? Great! Now, who the hell do you know in NYC? Seriously tho, do you know anyone who currently lives there? How well do you know them? Are they family? Everybody knows SOMEbody who lives there.  But if you don't, there's a nice little thing called social networking that you can definitely utilize to your advantage to make new friends in NEW places.  Get to know someone who lives there, but don't just say "Hey what's up" one day, and then the next, "Can I come live with you??" Let it build! Get to know them, their situation, let them know your plans eventually, and THEN ask about coming to stay for a while. Or sometimes they can let you know about rooms available since they do actually live there.  Basically, make GOOD friends with someone living in NYC!

Step 2: Buy a one way plane ticket.

That's right, once you get the confirmation that you can come and stay, buy the plane ticket asap.  Give yourself a little time (maybe a month away), so you can tie up all your lose ends wherever you live, but BUY the ticket so you will definitely not back out.  A one way shouldn't be that expensive, and especially not if it's in advance, so just do it and don't think about it.  Pack only the necessities, you will get new and better stuff once you get to NYC. You don't really need a ton of money if you're going to be staying with someone, so just bring money for food and a metro card (which is $112 damn dollars for a monthly! grrrr). That is pretty much all you will need. Oh! And download the NYC subway map on your phone or ipod.  Study it! Get yourself in a NYC state of mind, and prepare to WORK as SOON as you get out there.

Step 3: Get to NYC and explore

Once you get to NYC, you will be feeling a lot of emotions.  If this is your first time in NYC, you will be feeling more emotions than usual! Have your friend or family member (whoever you know) show you around the city for the first few days, or even first 2 weeks.  Learn the city.  Learn where the dollar pizza spot is on 6th ave and 8th st.  It is your friend while you will be grinding!  Don't go to any ritzy or fancy places just yet.  If you want to have fun, (and you're pretty) there are plenty of nightlife places to go for free, so NEVERRRR pay to go out while you're in your grinding period.

Step 4: GRIND!

Give yourself, and the person you are staying with a firm date on which you will be out of their hair.  For me, it was 3 months.  I'd say anything over 6 months is a fckn freeloader...and you should be ashamed! Anywho, during your grind period, you must find a job, or at least some sort of hustle.  Also, network more and more with the new people you meet.  Find out about rooms to rent, or cheap apartments.  Ask around about the good and bad parts of the city to live in.  It's best to live by a train to easily access everything.  Resist the urge to splurge! Unless you find a sugar daddy, then by all means!  But remember, you are a New New Yorker, and people know you are naive, so be careful of scams, and you should be ok.

Step 5: Flourish or GO HOME!

Last step, move out of your freeloading situation into a space of your own that you are paying rent for.  Hopefully you will have some money saved up at the end of your established deadline.  If you find yourself not finding a job, not networking, not doing much of anything but being blinded by the lights and jaded by the fast pace, I suggest you get back on line and buy a ticket right on back home! NYC isn't really for everyone.  It's a nice place to visit if you want!  But if you do not have the spirit inside you to make it in this city, then you should really just stay home!

Step 6: Get a NY state ID and welcome home!

If you've made it past all of these steps, congrats! The first thing I did was get my state ID so I can stop being considered a tourist! It felt good! You will love it, and you will meet so many interesting new people.  It's like no other place on earth (not like I've been every where else on earth, but you know, just a guess!).

**Side note, you should probably also evaluate why you want to live in this city in the first place.  I have always loved NYC for some reason.  Ever since I was a little girl I always imagined myself here.  I guess for me, it's the fact that there are so many different people places and things all crammed into one city.  It is perfect for my short attention span.  Also, this is truly a place where you can be yourself and truly feel comfortable.

And if you DO move here, be sure to check back with my blog or with me, to find out all the cool places and things I like to do while living here!

Send me your tips and feedback! Also, let me know if you're moving! (and no you can't stay with me, find another friend -____-)

These are some picture from my very first time I ever visited NYC. Exactly 1 year later, I was living here! Pow!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soooooo, I found an old blog of mine (that I had forgotten about), and I realized I use to take a picture of myself everyday in the hallway of my old apartment building (the lighting was amazing though!)  This was a couple of years ago, but gosh it's fun to see my old styles and how they were always different!  Man, I really can't make up my mind about anything huh?

Enjoy young B!

Free 99

Hello everyone, it's me Bretony!

Welcome back to my blog, I'm very appreciative for everyone who reads, watches, listens, everything! (Even if there is only one person reading, I'm glad I could reach just one poor unfortunate soul)

Anywho!  As most of you know, yes I quit my main job a while ago.  I haven't even really had enough free time off to realize it yet though!  the only thing that is absolutely true is that I definitely have way less money.  Now, not that I was like Warren Buffet or anything, but I could afford to take myself out to eat every once in a dang on while!  These days, I can't really do that anymore.  I learned a long time ago to try and never utter the words "I'm broke" because that's basically like speaking it into fruition....but gosh dangit I've been scrapping the bottom of the barrel recently!  When you don't have a consistant source of substantial income anymore, you find yourself in certain situations just so that you can maintain life as you know it.  I sometimes now go on random "dates" with people who I know will pay for everything.  I use Uber alot (the black car service).  If you keep referring people, they will keep giving you free rides!  It's really an amazing app, and I haven't paid for one cab ride since (p.s. if you don't have Uber DOWNLOAD IT NOW! and make SURE you use my code! bretonym )

But yea seriously download Uber so I can keep getting free rides.

I've also started renting out my living room space on airbnb.  It's really awesome as well.  Even if people cancel I still get half of the money which is super awesome.  I've done some calculations, and if I were to rent out the space everyday of the month, rent for me would be free!  However, I like to be alone sometimes, so I'd rather be in here singing to the top of my lungs and having conversations with my cat than being judged by some Euro boy. 

All in all, life with lesser money isn't so bad.  The way this city is set up, you practically CAN live for free!  Which is one of my many new goals: to live a completly sponsored life.  I want to live for free, eat for free, drink for free, travel for free... why the heck not??  I know there is a silly quote that people like to say, there is no such thing as a free lunch....well guess what, BILL ME LATER!  I think it can totally be done.  I know people who get free stuff just based off of being a popular instagrammer or youtuber.  My friend Ashleigh the flight attendant gets to travel anywhere for FREE.  Working in a restaurant sometimes I get food for FREE (never as much as I want though, blah)

Money is so stupid.  It makes people act different, think different, feel different, steal, KILL.  It's just nuts, and if I had it my way, money would never pass through my hands in any form.  But alas, that is the world we live in.  But you can't blame a gal for trying!

That's all my truth for today, and if you don't know, you better ask somebody!

p.s. I've started working on a new documentary about the crazy a** rent prices in Nyc and what, if anything, could be done about lowering them so that everyone in the city can have a fair chance at affordable housing.  So if you have any input of would like to help, email me!

p.p.s. sign up for Uber dammit! promo code: bretonym


Monday, September 08, 2014