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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friendship is just another word for foreplay

So I've recently stumbled upon the show "The L Word" (which has so much sex in it by the sheesh, is that all they do??), and (SPOILER ALERT) besides the fact that by the end of season 2, they kill off my favorite character -___-.... it's a pretty good show!  As most of you know, I'm a total sucker for quotes, and in one episode Alice said something that really made me think:

"Friendship is just another word for foreplay"

And if you think about it, it really freakin is!

So on the show, Alice does this thing called "The Chart" in which she connects all the people in her friend group who have slept with each other and how everyone is connected.  It turns into like this mass web of everyone being connected to everyone.  It got me to thinking, in the lesbian community, what is the difference between them being friends and f*** buddies?  Like, what about a person stops you from pursuing a sexual encounter if you are attracted to their personality and looks?  The answer is nothing!  Being someones friend of the gender you are attracted to is nothing but a mere game of timing and preparedness.  If you are both available at the time, what is to stop you both from hooking up?  I know there is that whole ordeal about not crossing the line of friendship, and some often never do... but I'll tell you one thing, the idea has crossed your mind, no?

Now everyone, I know there are exceptions to this rule, as there are every rule.  I also know that in some cases, there is a such thing as a platonic relationship.  BUT, what I WILL say is that if you've made a friend with someone of the opposite sex (or same sex if you are attracted to them) anytime after your post pubescent hormones started kicking in, either you or the other person has wanted to bang.

And yes I read that statement over about 10 times to make sure it is what I wanted to say (all the verbiage gets confusing!)

Think about it yall, you know I'm right! If you don't think so, please let me know via comment!


P.s. I will try to put out videos weekly, even if they kinda sorta suck, which I hope they won't.  I was reading some old messages from the youtube channel last night, and people use to send me a lot of supportive emails about how they loved what I did!  I gotta put more stuff out there even if it means it will suck for the first few videos.  But bare with me pleaseeeee. Holla!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hello beautiful blogosphere! It’s me Bretony.  My most resent vacation (I took like 5 this year, my gosh!), was full of true adventure.  It turned into a sort of Beach Tour road trip in which I got to discover parts of the country I’ve never seen before.  I ventured to the beaches of Delaware (which were surprisingly nice), Virginia Beach, the outer banks beaches, all the way down to the beaches of South Beach, and the Florida Keys… ending up in beautiful Key West!  This world is truly huge, and very amazing.  I’m glad I go to go!  I got back to Brooklyn this morning actually.  Then I got to work this afternoon!  I’m here now typing this very blog.  I figure, I my as well put my time to some good use.  I mean heck, I use to film a YouTube series at my last job! Gosh darnit those were the days.  As I grow increasingly more annoyed with the logistics of my day job, I sit here and ponder my business plan to be the next Opronce’.  I STILL have not found a proper mentor despite my efforts (my efforts being a facebook status on my back up facebook account).  I must get my plan together! If I have to make a new list every day, something must get done.  I’ve began trying to film something every day, just to get back in the groove, even if it sucks, I want to film at least something.  Be it in the form of an iphone video, photobooth video, or my canon.  Also I need to write every day.  At least something!
As far as a more solid business plan, my wayward Gemini soul needs help.  I can never focus on one thing! Like, are there exercises I can do?  Prescriptions I can take?  Classes I can enroll in?  I need to focus! Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  As is every day I suppose.  Weird quote.  I suppose it all stems from possibly the simplest realization that we have to just DO it.  Nike!  Seriously though, if a person wants to be a musician, just make music! If you want to be an actress, spend all of your time acting out things! If I wanna do whatever it is I wanna do, I should really just do it.  Even if it sucks.  Through practice, everything gets better right?  I should stop worrying about everything being perfect and just DO it.
Another thing I need to do (that I actually kinda hate), is network.  Much more networking is what I need to do.  I actually became a hostess so I could get more comfortable talking with people.  It has worked wonders don’t get me wrong, but now is the time to put everything into real life practice.  I eed to begin recruiting people that can help me do the things in life I want to achieve.  I can also help them. 
Anywho yall, just wanted to update on the crazy ramblings of my mind.  Hope you enjoyed?  Get ready for a video really soon though! It will probably be crappy, but it will be something, a stepping stone for me to grow from.  You can’t just start from the top you know.  You have to start from the bottom… now we here!

Ok, enough Drake overtones.  Back to work for another hour! Holler at ya girl!

P.s. I am a very happy girl J