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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hello world!

So the world must love me in some sort of freaky way…I get so many wonderful opportunities to see this beautiful world.  Hopefully I will soon be getting many many more.  In saying all of that, I just got back from Peru!  I and my pal Ashleigh flew there last Monday for my birthday trip.  Peru is officially the farthest I’ve ever been away from anything ever!   Just a few months prior I got my very first passport stamp in the Caribbean Island of St. Marten.  Traveling just makes me realize that I need to travel so much more! The world is so large and vast.  I haven’t even seen 10% of it all perhaps (that figure is hypothetical, but it sounds right yea?) 
Lima, Peru was extremely awesome.  It almost didn’t happen actually.  The night before I went out to go dancing and drinking with my coworker….probably not the greatest idea ever.   So, my flight left at 12:20 right?  I woke UP in my Brooklyn apartment at 11:06….to many disgruntled voicemail messages from Ashleigh mind you.  I had a brief overwhelming feeling of sadness.  I felt so irresponsible for not waking up on time! I felt so defeated! So miserable for missing the only flight out until the next day!  I quickly had to snap out of it, and I was determined to make that dam flight! I quickly threw a bunch of random crap in a bag, slapped myself out of drunkenness, and tried to smooth out my hair. TRIED.  I then ran outside in a mad dash to hail the first cab I saw.  I told him I’d give him 50 dollars if he got me to the airport in 10 minutes.  That fool actually got me there! It was truly a miracle of all miracles.  We finally arrived in Miraflores (the nice/ boughie part of Lima) in the middle of the night.  Everyone spoke Spanish mostly the whole time, but it was ok.  We knew a few choice words that were decent for getting around.  We exchanged 50 American dollars each for Sols, so we felt extra rich (came out to roughly 130 sols. Ballin!) Our apartment that we rented out was super awesome! We rented it off of, and I must say that that website is pure genius.  We had a view of the Pacific Ocean from my bedroom and the living room.  Doorman building, but the doorman didn’t speak a lick of English.  We listened to him anyway.  He seemed nice!  Everyone there seemed nice actually, even the people who worked at the Lima airport.  They were happy about their jobs. Unlike stupid American customs, who I almost got detained by.  Blah.   Anywho, the weather in Lima, I believe it was winter, but still felt really good.  Very overcast, but it was still beautiful.  We walked down to the Ocean from our apartment, down the side of a cliff.  It was awesome!  Ashleigh wanted to go paragliding, but she was kinda sick from drinking so I didn’t want her to spread her remnants all over the land.  The food in Peru had to be my absolute favorite part.  The food!!! Was!!! Amazing!!! Ugh, like seriously.  For real.  Everything I had while I was there was just so mouth watering.  My favorite dish was probably the Aja de gallijo (spelling?).  The ceviche was also exquisite.  I also felt a slight earthquake while I was there.  Very mild, but a bunch of people around me ran away.  It was pretty funny to me, but I’m glad it wasn’t worse.  Peru was truly amazing.  I still can’t believe I made it there! My sights are now set on somewhere even FURTHER! I have to keep going further and further away until I’ve been everywhere.  People often ask me how I do it.  I honestly don’t know.  But what I DO know is that where there is a will, there is a way.  I can’t reiterate this enough; in every blog is an example of how it works wonders for me.  Take heed everyone.  Take heed!  And let me know if anyone wants’ to travel with me J