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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

4 exotic places you could be living for the same price as NYC

Another blog post?? I know right!

But this subject has been on my mind for quite sometime! Living in New York City is absolutely fabulous. I love it, I really do.  All of the wonderful people and cultures.  All of the opportunity.  All of the food! All of the different neighborhoods that remind me of places in the world.  But there are a few things I can think of that would make people think twice before moving here.  One major thing?


Ugh, and since it's the first (and I have to pay stupid rent today), I decided to naturally look for other places to live.  It's actually a favorite pastime of mine, fantasy apartment hunting.  I loveeee looking at different places I could be living. In my search, I've come to the conclusion that for the price me and everyone else pays just to live in this darn city, we could be living it UP in other parts of the world!
With the help of, I looked up a few places in different parts of the world that would be significantly cheaper than the place I rent now in Brooklyn.  And since these places are on Airbnb (mostly a vacation rental site), I KNOW there is even CHEAPER and nicer stuff, but this is just a little taste....

Greece - 1 Bedroom $875USD/ month

Beautiful place in Greece with views on the Aegean sea from the freakin patio!  I just love how stuff in Greece is all white and pretty.  And gotta love that view!

Bangkok - Condo $873USD/ Month

This place looks super new and cute.  The views from that window look pretty amazing.  It also has a pool in the building.  I love pools!  Not sure what the weather in Thailand is like really, but I'm sure it's nice enough to swim most of the year.  And I really love thai food, so that wouldn't be a problem.

Costa Rica - 1 Bedroom $672USD/ month

This place looks really beachy and hippie.  And those are 2 things that basically describe me in a nutshell.  And yes it is right by that beach ( I believe it's in the back yard?).  Very nice hammock to sit and write my blogs away from it all.

Egypt - 2 Bedroom home $560/ month

The cheapest and biggest place on the list.  What's going on over there Egypt?  This place is quite nice.  The other pictures were very beautiful as well.  It has a lot of old texture to the interior, which is different for me, but I do enjoy the brick.  Another difference is that hugh mountain in the background.  Never been to Egypt, but I'm sure traveling to that mountain and seeing the desert will be on my top list of things to do.

My search for the perfect anti- American place to live continues! And to all my New Yorkers who are tired of paying all of this astronomical rent, I'm sure I wouldn't mind an international roommate :)