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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello world! Hello beautiful blog! Hello beautiful people!

How is everyone doing on this glorious day?  Me?  I'm doing pretty good!
Yes, that's right.  My life is actually pretty darn good!  I like it! I've got a nice apartment, a job that I don't cringe at ALL the time, lovely beautiful friends... I'm getting myself together slowly, both inside and out.
And as of last week, I HAVE INTERNET! Yay!
(I have been debating it for a while, wondering if I could afford that on top of rent and all my other bills.  But I realized, when have I ever NOT done something I really wanted because of stupid money?  Things always work out!)

Now what?

Now that I have finally gotten some things together with my life, what is it that I'm going to do now? Everything is good, but that doesn't mean that it should just stay good.  It has to get better right?  I have to constantly improve, and grow.  I can't just be complacent and keep living this day to day week to week of the same thing (even though it's good).  I never wanna get too comfortable.  I have to shake things up.  I have to do something different!  I also have been thinking that I need to now find a balance for my life.  Working at my job, I often don't get many days off.  Maybe one or two a week.  If I'm super lucky, 3.  I also don't usually get off work until the wee hours of the morning, which I don't mind at all, but it makes me wanna just sleep until the wee hours of the afternoon! Often later : /
And then I miss all the sunshine outside and end up doing nothing for myself.  I talk to some of my co-workers, and these bitches get up at the crack of dawn even AFTER working all night! HOw the hell do people do that? I'm always sleepy! I enjoy my days off tremendously so, to the point where I do absolutely nothing with my free time but relax.
 (which leads me to a quote I just made up the other day)
"Sometimes relaxation is an accomplishment in itself"

But I've convinced myself of that far too long.  I try to rationalize all of my relaxing in saying that I work a lot so I deserve it.  But I need to start having that balance so I can actually start to do all of the other things I want to do with my life.  MAINLY getting my show back on it's feet.

That's right people, I haven't forgotten about Gettin' By! I've though long and hard about the next moves for my show.  I feel like in this day and age, I should be giving nothing less than semi-perfection (if that makes sense?) I just don't wanna put out a bunch of crap! I want it to be well put together.  I want it to make sense.  I want the aesthetics to be on point. The music, the art, the locations, the story lines... me! I want it to be amazing and not just any ole thing.  That's why it's taking me years and years to get it all together again maybe.

Sigh* I really need a dang on life coach or something.
Oh well, I will find my balance!  Maybe I should start doing some hard core yoga at like 6am to jumpstart my day.  I've also been thinking of running everyday or working out.  I also want to start taking some classes.  Dance classes mainly.  I just have to start shaping up in every way so I can be tip top!  I gotta start somewhere right?

BUT FIRST! I have to catch up on watching Dexter.  (I'm almost done with the series thanks to Netflix)  It also is good because the days are getting longer and the temperature is FINALLY starting to get a bit warmer.  Stay tuned everyone! I will NOT put out anything crappy, so be patient.  When you finally do see something from me, it will be very worth the wait.


Love, peace, and Souuuul!
(dang now I wanna go watch soul train dance videos on youtube)
(yay internet!)

p.s. Not sure if you guys know this or not, but I haven't gotten a tax refund in years because the stupid dumb government always takes it to apply to unpaid student loans, yadda yadda.  This last year I started to pay them off right?  So I'm like, sweet I'll finally get a refund this year!  Theeeeeese mutha fckas man... sent me a letter talking about "We are holding your refund because you didn't file taxes in 2008 or 2001. Once you file both of those years AND they are processed THEN we can release your refund"


Any excuse not to give me my dam money! I hate the way this government works.  I wanna move back to island life.  Open your eyes people! Go off the grid!  More to come on that tho...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Are you boughie or ratchet?

Hello everyone! It’s me Bretony, as per usual.  I had the idea for this blog post while scrolling instagram late last night trying to go to sleep. Originally, this was going to be 2 posts, but I decided to combine it into one.  I know we’ve probably all heard of the terms boughie (which is really hard to spell! But I think this is how you spell it for the most part), and ratchet.  This blog is not even saying that we as people are either one or the other per say, but I just feel as if they are complementary descriptions of certain peoples personalities.  In saying that! I will now describe the 2, and you can see which category you fit into!

So I looked up this term on Google, and it says simply: “Acting high class or rich”.  I believe there is a bit more too it however.  Being boughie could mean you act rich, but I also think its people who think they are above certain things.  These are a few examples of a boughie person:
                 -  Having a long list of foods and or drinks that you “don’t eat”.  Drinking lots of Starbucks.
(All these people eating only organic foods, not eating any glutton, dairy, sodium, calories.  Also, going to the club or a bar and only drinking champagne, wine or beer.  Have a dam real drink!)

-             -Only wanting to live in a certain part of town, even if it’s out of your budget.
(This is specifically so for people who live in New York.  I know soooo many people, who work the same wage jobs as I do, who want to live nowhere but Manhattan below 96th street, or the boughie part of Brooklyn, otherwise known as Williamsburg or Bushwick, which can be just as expensive if not MORE than Manhattan! Even if it means struggling to pay rent each month, AND living with a million roommates, a boughie person will make sure they have the satisfaction of saying they live in these areas)

-                -Not associating with certain people because of their status in society. ( Just because someone doesn’t share the same social circle as a boughie person, they will not be caught dead associating with them.)
-          Having a rigorous upkeep routine. (Not so much working out all the time, but certain things like mani/pedis every week, waxing, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair done all the time. Boughie!)
            -  Having a boughie instagram/facebook. (The signs of a boughie instagram/facebook are often similar to a self centered instagram/facebook, but not totally one in the same.  A boughie instagram will have endless selfies, probably with the same background, lighting and angle.  Lots of pictures of places and things that this person does not have.  Also, lots of multiple picture pictures (picstitch I think it’s called?) A boughie facebook will have lots of statuses about things that annoy this person: lots of rants, raves, and tangents)

Probably a few more things that makes a person boughie, but these are the main ones I believe. 

Ratchet is actually a pretty fun term.  Some people use it as an insult; others just use it as a term for a really good time.  There are 2 aspects of the term, and I will explore both with a few examples of being ratchet:
      -Drinking any type of alcohol at any time of the day and anywhere. (A ratchet person will not have any problem whipping out a flask either morning noon or night… this could be the club, work, even church! Everything from wine to gin, to Bourbon! They have no limits!)
-         - Partying any time, with any type of people, anywhere. (Basically having little to no limits when it comes to having a good time.)
-          -Wearing extreme clothing, hairstyles, nails, shoes, and/or opposite season clothing. (A person who wears shorts as SOON as the first 55 degree y hits!)
-         - Having a ratchet instagram/ facebook. ( A ratchet instagram/ facebook is actually entertaining to me.  Lots of party pictures.  Lots of legs in the air, spread open.  Lots of drunkenness.  If a selfie is taken, it’s probably with some sort of duck face pose, or a mirror pic perhaps sitting on the sink of a bathroom.  Ratchet instagrams also have many “memes” which are mostly hilarious, but pretty darn….ratchet!)
      -As far as the insult aspect, a ratchet person can also be looked at as ghetto or “hood” (A ratchet person will probably be the one who gets into the brawl at a particular event, over something very minuscule.  Also, many strippers can get ratchet by posting pictures in very compromising positions in a dirty surrounding… sometimes even with children in the background!)

Ratchet people tend to have very few limitations as to how far they will go.  They can be extremists of sorts, but ALWAYS the life of the party. 
*There is also a really great song about being ratchet, has a video too! It’s called ratchet girl anthem, look it up, it’s hilarious*

SO! Which do you think you are?  I’m definitely more on the ratchet side haha.  I can probably be a bit boughie when it comes to certain things, but for the most part, I like to have fun and not worry too much about pretentiousness or keeping it all together.  Let me know if you have anything to add to the list! Also, my next post may expand upon this subject a little by doing an entire blog post on types of instagrams (I’m obviously a huge instagram enthusiast these days huh?)

Anywho, love, peace and souuuuulll  

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I had a dream

No Martin, but yes I did have a really interesting dream last night.  I dreamt that somebody bought me a ticket to go on a commercial space ship to fly to the moon!  It was so freakin cool! The flight left at night and it took us about 30 minutes to get up to the moon (not sure why it didn't take longer).  When we got to the moon, the flight attendant lady said we could only bring 2 things off the ship with us, and I was having a hard time deciding.  I absolutely LOVE my dreams for the most part (the ones that aren't nightmares of course, but I rarely have nightmares.  Unless I sleep with my feet uncovered. Superstition! ahhh!) I wish that I could record them and play them back for all my friends because my memory get's so horribly if I don't write them down immediately.  And when I wake up, I'm still too sleepy to write anything down. Such is life!

I wonder do these dreams we have ever really mean anything or are they just imagination, subconscious desires, or our creative wheels spinning.  I studied psychology in college to help answer all these unanswered questions in life!  Perhaps I may want to go back?  Ha! The only way I would ever go back to college is if it were free 99!  I simply refuse to be scammed by the government again on such a grandiose scale.  The government can kiss my black... anywho...

I really do love to learn though, that is one of my favorite things to do in life.  It's up there with getting my feet rubbed and eating.  Maybe I can just go sneakily sit in on some lecture classes, take notes, and leave totally unnoticed with my free education.  That's a pretty darn good idea actually.  And the best part about that plan, no failing report card ever!  Because on test day I'll never be there.  :)  I think of all the hustles huh?

What do you all think my spaceship dream means?

Tell me some of your dreams!


Friday, March 07, 2014

Hello world!

So I still don't have internet at my apartment, blah, but luckily, there are plenty of other places that DO have internet for me to use!
Since I have stumbled upon some internet access today, it would be a sin for me to not use it to blog right?  But what to blog about on such a whim?  What uncharted topic do I have to explore upon that I have not yet explored upon?  I wonder if old couples ever run out of things to talk about.  After a while do they just sit there and enjoy each other's silent company?
So I guess there is my topic! Getting old!
Everybody fears getting old it seems.  It also seems that the world is getting younger and younger by the minute.  Approaching my late 20s, I often feel as though I'm an ancient dinosaur waiting for my extinction.  Even though I know I'm not really THAT old in retrospect, I just feel like based on my life accomplishments (or lack thereof), I'm a freakin golden girl!  My high school friends are starting to have babies and get married and have actual real life careers.  Am I supposed to be doing all of that too?  Deep down, I still feel like a kid! And all I wanna do most of the time is dance and eat candy and play outside and roam around free as a bird.  When will I start embracing my oldness? My views on age have changed I suppose (I suppose it has to DO with my age).  I use to think if I didn't accomplish anything major in my life by ATLEAST 25, preferably 21, then I would be forever doomed to the younger generation of new age thinking and creativity.  Nobody would want my octogenarian thoughts.  I now realize there is absolutely nothing you can do about the aging process except wear lots and lots of sunscreen, so we might as well not give up hope no matter WHAT age.  I was reading a new Oprah magazine over my friend's house recently, and there was an article about it never being too late to make your dreams come true.  There was one story about a lady who enjoyed playing the piano as a young child but got discouraged because she didn't think she could make a career out of it all.  She went through life, got a career in mathematics, all that crap, but still had longing to play.  So she decided to start learning the piano again, from scratch.... at like 35! She went on to win this competition  international piano competition, and even played at Carnegie Hall!
That story was just uber (who uses that word anymore? honestly Bretony...) inspiring and made me not feel so ancient as I usually do.

One of my bestest friends just turned 30 last month.  She was feeling kinda bummed as I suppose all new 30 year olds do.  Her seeing all of her friends, like me, married, having babies, having real lives.  But the bummed outness quickly faded when she realized that her life was actually all sorts of amazing, and she still feels and looks great!  Getting older is such a state of mind really.  I've learned to love it.  With age comes so much wisdom.  I was such a stupid naive youngin! I'm actually glad things are beginning to make more sense in life.  Not that EVERYTHING makes sense, but more and more things.  It's never too late to do anything.  Don't let all these fast tailed teens discourage any of you from still pursuing anything you love.  The most important things we can do is take care of our bodies, inside and out, and not let them go all ape sh*t with disease and sun damage (I'm serious about this sunscreen!).  Other than that, we all have different paths, some take longer, some take shorter, but they are ours.  We can't compare them to anyone else really.  Embrace embrace embrace!  Most things get better with age wine!

Anywho, I will write whenever I can!  Hopefully sooner than later.  I will try to do something exciting with my life so that I can tell everyone about it.

ACTUALLY! I have been doing exciting things with my life... I just got back from my very first international trip to St. Marten last month!  It was amayzinggggg! I also just got back from New Orleans this week, also amayzingggg! And also, I'm headed to Peru for my birthday in May! My goal for this year is at least 3 passport stamps, and you know what happens when I set a goal for myself...


Peace and chicken grease!