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Sunday, November 10, 2013

the complexity of life...

Is probably not what I was originally gonna blog about until about 2 minutes ago.  My original topic was gonna be motivation for laziness... then about 15 minutes later, I was gonna do a breakdown of my daily routine.... about 5 minutes ago, I was gonna talk about the Jackson family and how I didn't know they had an older sister (did yall know that???). In doing my research on that, I ended up watching a bunch of Paris Jackson videos on youtube (she's pretty darn gorgeous, I love blue eyes!). Thinking about Paris Jackson and what her life must be like for a few more minutes (is this timeline even adding up?)...This in turn led me to watch one quick Rihanna interview with Oprah, which then turned into a Beyonce interview with Oprah. Freakin youtube with these suggested videos on the right hand side, don't you just hate em!??

The last video I watched was an interview with Beyonce's first boyfriend and how he cheated on her, haha. It was pretty funny actually, but I suppose I saw his point about feeling inadequate after a certain point in her career. So now I am here at this blog, and I... sorta... don't know where it is quite headed anymore! Isn't the complexity of life so crazy? So mysterious?  Or is it just my mind that is so unfocused on one particular subject at a time?  Is this why I can never get anything accomplished?  Do I need an Adder-al prescription??  I've said this to a few friends before, but at any particular moment, actually most moments, I'm constantly, and I actually mean simultaneously, thinking about atleast 7 different things at ONE time.  How this is possible, I'm not throughly sure, but I do know that it is absolutely accurate.  When I spend time alone with myself (in my very own 1 bedroom apartment!), I bounce around from activity to activity, hardly ever completing anything. Do I get bored that easily?  Am I just trying to do too much at once?  In order to have any sort of structure in this overly complicated life of mine, I'm going to have to do some analyzations.


Hmmm. Being alone perhaps, being locked in a confined space, forced to face yourself head on, is probably one of the best things to do.  Everything I've ever wanted has come to me. What is it that I want next? What the hell is it?? It scares me just a tad, because I know as soon as it visualizes in my mind, I will have it.  I must prepare. Be prepared!! (Scar - The Lion King)

Anywho, I went back to work last weekend, I actually like going to work.  Just hate that I have to be there at a certain time.  Why can't I just go when I feel like it? I'm only working 2 days a week average, because I don't wanted to get
roped into corporate submission.  I want the least amount of  responsibility I can have.  Just come, have fun, let things run smoothly, get my mediocre check, and work on what I'm ACTUALLY gonna be doing with the rest of my life.  Always climb upward, never climb backward... if that's even possible, wait huh? Idk, I'm confusing myself slightly, so here's a picture of the beautiful Mercedes! I'm baby kitty sitting for my friend while she is in Cali.  What an absolutely adorable creature :)

More blogs to come soon. Hopefully blogs of substance, I know right? Peaceeee

P.s. Who the Frosted Flakes cheats on Beyonce tho??? There is zero hope for humanity...

p.p.s Actually, I think Jay cheats all the dang time, but he's Jay!