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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free at last!!

Free at last... thank GOD almighty, I'm free at last!

Meaning, I finally have my very own apartment in New York Freakin City biotch! I'm officially a Brooklyn resident, and I must say you all, wow, just wow, what a long and intense journey to get to this point.  I have been in a complete catatonic limbo sort of state since I got basically kicked out of my apartment in April. I've been floating the heck around! My stuff all in storage, me here and there, but really nowhere.  My mind, lost. My sanity in and out.  This past month of October has been the worst of all. October 1st I flew back from my lovely trip to California because I THOUGHT I'd be signing a lease to the 2 bedroom me and my friend were applying for. Everything was looking fairly decent, despite the fact that my credit is lower than the standards of single women in their 30s, and on paper I'm actually pretty broke... but ya know, my personality was supposed to win over the landlord! Fail!  We ended up not getting approved, which left me with absolutely nowhere to stay.  I had a storage unit which I went to whenever I could to get new things to wear, take a break from the world, try to catch a few z's, cry, ya know, whatever I needed to do.  When I wasn't there, I was out roaming the streets of NYC trying to indirectly ask friends, friends of friends, enemies, strangers I met that I got good vibes from,  if I could stay with them for the night, just so I could have a safe place to sleep.  I can honestly say that I probably slept in a different place every single night of the month. Anywhere from NYC to Jersey, even DC! Along the way I wrote a detailed account of each day in my journal.  Pretty interesting stuff looking back on it! Oh so stressful at times, but as I said in a previous blog post, what is art without suffering? I got some great material out of it!

Through all of the rain, came the sunshine tho! I'm not quite sure how I managed to pull it off, but here I am... sitting in the bedroom of my own apartment.  Which is almost unheard of in NYC even for people who DO have it all together! If you live here, you know that this is defiantly the city of roommates.  I blog about this time and time again, but I can't stress it enough...if you want something, really REALLY want something, it WILL come to you.  It's all in the power of your mind.  The most powerful thing that we have yet to fully understand.  Unlocking even the smallest part of your brain can lead to simply magical results.  Trust me! It works for me every. single. time! No matter how impossible something may seem.  I try to live my life in such a way that I can be a living example to others who would like to achieve the same things.  That's why when I write, I try to be as natural, real, and honest in everything I say, not to be allusive, and to not hold back.  Laying out all of my transgressions and grief is hard sometimes, and reading back on somethings, I feel like a pathetic hussy! But, when the good things come from it like this, it gives everyone else hope in a way. Or atleast I'd like to think so!

Now that I FINALLY have all of my things in one beautifully large and gorgeous space, I can finally focus on other goals... like taking over the world!! (otherwise known as making more videos for everyone!) And I'm going to start with a music video tour of my place, so stay tuned. I hope everyone out there is living your best life ever! Please give me feedback, as is always much appreciated.  I will be sure to keep you updated and inspired!

Peace in the middle east... and worldwide :)