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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach life realizations

Hello again everyone! Hope everyone is living there best life ever. Exactly how you all should be! As you all know I do try to improve myself everyday.  Recently I discovered something about myself that I don't quite like all too well.  I've realized that I'm sort of a bitch! As much as I try to deny it, I sort of am.  And that's never a good thing to be.  So I'm going to try to be atleast less of one, if not, not one at all! It's hard sometimes because a lot of things annoy me about people, and I do an absolutely terrible job of hiding my emotions. Mainly, my negative emotions. ( I do a pretty darn good job at hiding my goos emotions)

I would love to start being nicer to people, and in turn, people may in turn be nicer to me and eventually stop annoying the living daylights outta me. Everything has to start somewhere, so the best thing to do is start immediately when you have an idea in your head. Don't put it off until the next day.  That's the main mistake that one can make.

I have hence started being nicer to people exactly today.  I even, get this, reached out to my younger sister today! Texted her just to... talk! Something I've never really done. EVER! I also inadvertently discovered, well, atleast I think I've discovered, that she's dating this guy I use to semi date waaaaay back in the day. Which is a little bit hilarious if you DO ask me.  Maybe I will ask her about it later, but ya know... baby steps! We've never really had a friendly relationship between the two of us.  It's terrible really because a sister is supposed to be someone you can talk to no matter what.  She's supposed to be your first friend, when actually she was my first enemy. Terrible I know. Anywho, no time like the present to start rebuilding things in your life.  I need a better relationship with my family hands down.  How the hell do I think I'm supposed to get along with anyone else in this world if I can't get along with my own flesh and blood? If I can't get along with...Me? It all begins with falling in love with myself.  Falling head over hills (or heels? idk)... in love! Then all other love should come just that much easier.

Start today everyone. Start today!

Island life is almost over.  The relationships I've built with the people who have stayed here with me are all very interesting to say the least.  It will be even more interesting to see where we will all end up after this summer....

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Wow you guys totally suck! Nobody reminded me to do a blog in so dang long!

Well actually, internet access has been a rare commodity these past few months. Oh where do I begin...

My life is so freaking random I swur!  I am now living on an island. Still in New York, but like 2 and a half hours from NYC.

I had to move out of my oh so beautiful apartment in Washington Heights, and I will begin to tell you the very short and sweet story exactly right now:

So living there, I originally had roommates. One moved out, sublet her apartment. That person moved out as well, sublet again. A second roommate moved out and sublet her room, HOWEVER, her parents were the ones whose names (grammar?) were on the lease. Following so far? The last roommate who was not me, also sublet her apartment.  When time came around to renew the lease, roommate number 2's parents, whose names (stupid grammar) were on the lease decided that since their daughter was no longer living there, they didn't want to resign the lease. In turn, making the 4 current occupants of the apartment vacate IMMEDGIATELY!  Not the fairest of situations if you ask lil ole me. But nobody really asked lil ole me! I had to put all my crap in a storage unit and basically just float around for a month in apartment limbo. Trying to rent an apartment in NYC is like basically searching for a golden needle in an expensive ass haystack of overpriced brokers.  

I found an opportunity very extremely randomly thru the place where I worked (the hotel).  They had a remote location hotel on this random island way out east Long Island.  Housing provided, and on an island! And i'd kinda already have a job, so I said sign me on up! So this is where I am now, on this very remote island that you have to take a boat to get to haha. NO, but seriously -___-. I mean, it's kinda of cool tho don't get me wrong.  My hostess stand is right by the freaking beach.  I literally take my breaks there, ya know. The island is pretty small.  Not many people.  Not many options. For anything. If ya know what I mean! Do you know what I mean??  I'm not that much of a people person, so there is a limited selection of people that I must learn to co-exist with.  Most are pretty cool, can't lie.  But I don't have a best friend out here to turn to.  I need to probably atleast have a best friend.  Because since I don't the only person I have to turn to is… me. Me, my writing, my videos, my music, my art.  Which I try to make time for whenever I can.  Whenever I am able.

NO internet where I live, and also my phone number I was using just got turned off. Magical. I'm going to be living out here for one more month, and then it's back to my beautiful lover NYC.  I'm going to get the best apartment EVER! And another goal of mine is to not have another job...ever again! I freakin hate jobs! Not to sure what I will be doing to survive? But I will figure all of that out a little bit later.  I just feel like when I have an apartment, all will be right with the world. Which I'm sure it will :)

I will probably make another post about my life on the island the next time I have internet access. So stayed tuned for that!

P.s. I said I wanted to live on an island anyway.... gosh I always get what I ask for!