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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Think about what it is you REALLY want out of life...

Sometimes I feel like I know what I wanna do with my life...

But then other times I'm unsure.  I just need to probably evaluate all of the things I love to do, all of the things that are important to me, and all the things that I don't like.  Then maybe I can start focussing on how to do what I want while avoiding what I don't.  Then will my life feel more complete?  Will I feel like I'm moving in some sort of particualr direction?

The facts:

I like learning new things and gaining new knowledge.
I like sharing the knowledge I've learned.
I like to argue and debate.
I like to be in front of the camera, as well as the center of attention.
I like to be cute and stylish.
I like to entertain.
I like to create.
I like to inspire, motivate, and spread happiness and optimism.
I like peace.
I like relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature and life.
I like music.
I love food!

With all of these things that I live to do, I need to somehow merge or fuse them all in to something that I want to accomplish.  Maybe several things that I want to accomplish.  Also, on what scale I would like to accomplish them.  I've come to learn that dreams of fame and fortune are...well...kinda stupid.  People often say they want to be famous.  But why? What is getting you to this point of fame?  What do you LOVE to do that is getting you there? People focus on the end result as oppose to what it actually is that they want.  They lose focus and begin to do whatever it is they can just to get to this outcome, even if it means doing something you may NOT love.  It becomes a gimmick of sorts.

I'm no longer concerned with ridiculous levels of fame.  It would be nice to have as many people as possible listening to the words I say or watching all of the art I put into the universe, but the fact is, I reach some people.  I reach people all the time, and in reaching those people, they reach others, and they others, and so on and so on.  I just want to keep doing the things that I love everyday, then everything that is supposed to come along with it, will.  Happiness is the key.  Keep yourself happy, and will go very far!

(This isn't even really for you guys, it's mainly for myself.  Typing it out really helps my mind visualize all of the things that I'm trying to peace together.)

Peace and chicken grease!