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Monday, August 06, 2012

Introspector Gadget...

Hello guys! It's me, Bretony, duh.

This summer has gone by way too fast! As summers usually do.  What have I been doing with my life you may ask? Many things! That equal up to...nothing too huge I suppose.  Been working at my new hostessing job.  I'm not hating it! I also went to California (as well as Michigan for father's day).  California was freakin awesome. So chill, so relaxed, so everything I needed to get away from the stressful city life I live.  I went to an island called Catalina, which I believe is my new calling in life.  If any of you readers know me at ALL, you know that I absolutely adore islands, and have always wanted to love on one.  Well, that was my first little taste of island life.  It was pretty sweet! Everything is so simple there and carefree! I asked some of my new homies who live there about the daily life, and it basically consists of semi working, the beach, boating, fishing, snorkeling, relaxing, seeing beautiful nature all day, swimming, canoeing, and being one with the sun.  There was this artist guy who lived in his studio basically, his name was Will Richards.  His house basically had no ceiling.  And the entire place was like one huge island art project.  It was my fantasy living accommodations! I could've just stayed there forever in the reclusion of the water and mountains.  One crazy thing tho, everyone there was boo'd up like no tomorrow! Idk what I'd do about finding a mate if I was stuck on an island.  maybe get a bunch of puppies? And a sperm donor.  Oh well!

Back to NYC reality tho, and getting on with my life and what I want to do with the rest of it.  I've figured out that I want to be a motivational entertainer.  Which is a little title I made up for myself.  I've never actually heard of it before, but it consists of spreading new found knowledge of self discovery, and motivation to live the best life that you possibly can, and should, while being entertained in all aspects of entertainment...if that makes any sense?  Idk man, it's a working title!  But I will figure it all out hopefully.  The main thing I lack in my life is structure and guidance.  I know all the things I wanna do, but getting them done in a particular way? I just don't know how!  How do I achieve these things that I've never even really heard of before, and practically just made up in my head??  It all begins with motivation.  One little thing could spark the rest of everything.  Just one little push is all it takes to get the ball rolling right?  I have to do at least SOMETHING rather than nothing right?  And as long as I'm doing SOMETHING, at least it's not nothing. HA! Great philosophy I know right? Sometimes the simplest things said are the most powerfully important. Taking your own advice tho is WAYYYYY easier said than done.  But I know what I CAN do... SOMEthing.  And so can all of you.  Do one thing each day.  Just one. One thing that you absolutely love to do. That releases you, relaxes you, and soothes your soul.  Yet advances you to another level of something you would like to achieve in your life.  Even if it's as simple as figuring out what it is you want to achieve in life!  Perhaps that is what I need to do.  Figure it out, visualize, and follow through! I will update you guys! As alwaysssss...keep on truckin! 

p.s. I really need a freakin new video camera, but in the mean time, I'll work with what I have I suppose?

p.p.s I'm also trying to stop being so gosh awful lazy, and get up and do some sort of physical activity that reqires me actually getting out of the bed (as oppose to doing my exercises IN the bed).

peace in the middle east yall!