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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I wanna be famous....

I know everyone seems to be on the search for internaitonal fame and stardom these days...wether it be for rapping, singing, acting, modeling, or some other form of entertainment... but why?

What are the motives behind everyones strive for fame?

For me? It's not about the money, or the glamor. It really all comes down to one main reason.

I want what I have to say, to be heard. Think about it. I write this blog when I can, I tweet, facebook, post pictures, make videos.  Some may think that's a lot, but in reality, it doesn't reach nearly an audience of even half of an entire city of people! Not one city, in one state, in one country, in one continent, on this planet! There are som many more people out there who have absolutely zero idea who I even am, or anything I have to say!  I believe that what I say is the truth as best of my knowledge. It is self discovery and honesty as far as I am concerned, a midst a world full of people who just simply aren't honest with themselves. In enlightening myself through different daily revelations and epiphanies, I hope to also inspire everyone else in doing just the same thing. But how can I do this on such a small scale? When my seemingly insignificant voice doesn't reach even a fraction of the people I would like it to? Many celebrities and famous people these days use their fame in such a stupid way that it makes me mad! You have millions and billions of people listening and watching every single move you make...and you chose THAT to say? THAT to show the world? You have the power for so much more but do you use it for good? NO! But people continue to listen intently as ever to the mindless banter that these people make over social networks as well as in the public eye.

The famous people who DO actually say inspiring stuff, and use their outlets in such a way as to make GOOD use of their words, we hardly ever hear about!  I wish to use my voice, and power, when it is given to me, for the better of the world.  I always think that this is maybe why I haven't gotten famous yet.  I am being molded and shaped, so that when I do infact get into the eye of everyone, I will know exactly the things to share with I continue to grow within myself of course.

A secondary reason, is that I really love to perform and entertain on every level. Some people love to sing, or act, or dance, or play music. I like to do everything! Some of it may not be the best, but I believe with the right help and development, lol, I could be very entertaining and captivating to people :)

And lastly, I have huge self confidence issues at times, as you ALLL may know.  But I feel, if I were in more of a public eye, people could help build my confidence by maybe making me more into a glamourous/fashionable type of person that people look up to in a beauty iconic type of way maybe? I may not look like super alot these days, but hey! I'm almost certain if people like Rihanna, Beyonce and all a dem were not famous, they'd just be regular cute girls that SOME people like, instead of international sex symbols and proclaimed most beautiful people alive and crap...idk, confidence booster I suppose.

The last thing on my mind when it comes to fame is money.  I mean, I'm sure it comes with the territory and all, but i don't put money on a pedestal like that. I just really like to eat good foods, travel, and make sure all the people I love and care about (and TRULY love and care about me) are well taken care of. Also, that people in the world better themselves so we wil have less poverty, hunger, homelessness and other sorts of money related issues.  I'm really just trying to make this world a better place for everyone. Not just for me.  I want my voice to be heard people. And unless you have important things to say, you shouldn't add to the pointless banter of the "celebrity world" that has been so tainted and pedestalized (which probably isn't a word, but you know).


In other news! This super great book called 'Fifty shades of Grey' is REALLY helping me out through my dry spell! It's so awesome! Makes me wanna find a bew who actually TRULY, GENUINELY LIKES me for once and not just pretends -_____-

Also, I'm gonna try to work on my fashion blog more (maybe). And I'm working on doing LOTS and lots of traveling this summer (hopefully I'll save enough from my new job as a hostess).

Wish me luck guys, still on my journey! *Don't stop, beliiiieviiiiin*