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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

everyday I sit and try to unlock all of the secrets in my life. Why am I was made the way I am. WHy I do the things I do. Why why why. Just why everything! Why not, how come, when did this...why did they.... so many inquisitions, and so little answers ever come. Everything in my life is so.... unanswered. Why aren't things more simple? Why must everything be so complex? Why do some questions go unanswered? Why is my life such a dam mess sometimes? Why am I so dam bipolar? Will I ever find love? Am I just unlovable?

I feel like I need a drink. But then again, I feel like none of that stuff helps anything. It's like sweeping dirt under a rug. Looks nice, but it doesn't solve much of anything in the long run... AND in the end, you'll have hella dirt!

Anywho, I wish that others could see life the way I see it. See the world through my eyes.