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Friday, October 28, 2011

Welp you guys!

It's been about a month since I've quit my job... and about a month since I've looked at my bank account! But I am very happy with how my life is developing post-employment. For one, I've been in Miami practically the whole month of October! I freakin love Miami! The first time I went was with my main bishes Shatara, Mickey, and Milly. It was suchhhhhh a needed vacation! Like you don't even understand how much I needed that. We laughed, we cried, we got drunk (we actually STAYED drunk like the whole time...) It was just magical! The second time I went, was get this, for a modeling job! Yup! They flew my lil a** out there, paid for my accommodations, and on top of that, paid me a NICE salary :)
It was for a hair coloring event, and it went really well. Since I've been back, I go on a lot of castings and have photo shoots every now and then. Still want to mainly get on television... this however seems to be extremely tricky. Getting your foot in the door is so weird! And networking is even weirder. it's like I meet a lot of people, but how do I just come out and say "help me acheive my goals mofo!" You can't! you have to be way more subtle. I swear they need to teach a class.

Anywho, modeling seems to be pretty apparent in the meantime, so that's good since I do like to do that :) But I am still working on my main destiny. Sharing myself with the world!

It will come people...

and if you don't know...

betta ask some dang body!