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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Cruel World!!

Hello everyone! It's your favorite person ever again, Bretony! woop!

So many changes! If you follow my twitter or facebook, you may know... I quit my office job!
(p.s. I hate the word quit. I don't just "give up", I move ON!)
I didn't even know I was gonna quit that job when I went into work that day either. Things just kinda...happened! I was sitting at my desk on minute, and the next thing you know, my boss is yellin at me for something I "did wrong", which I don't think I really did all that wrong, so I simply siad I would fix it, and he said it was more serious than that...

Like wtf do you want me to do tho?? All I can do is say I'll fix it, and you can either take that or LEAVE that, ya know? But naaaw, at the end of the work day, he called me into his office for a "meetin" where he told me that my attitude has been blah since a few months ago (when he had ANOTHER meeting with me about making youtube videos on "office time"... blah). He kept saying how my attention hasn't been fully on working in the office, and my mind was else wear, and that he didn't care what else had going on in life. Hold up! I did NOT move all the way to NYC just to be an officer manager. Nope! If i'm not focused, it's because I'm not freakin focusing on making "the man" rich. I want to fulfill MY destiny! I came here to be great and do great things. And that's when I quit! Best. Decision. EVARRR!

I don't even want another job. Now is the time for me to really focus on what I came here to do, wholeheartedly. I got way too comfortable in the job. And compliance isn't good! It was way too safe, way too easy for me to be lazy in other aspects of my life. Now I have no excuses but to excel.

When I quit my job on Wednesday, I was flipping thru channels that night and realized, I was on the episode of Law and Order they were showing! That Monday, TWO checks came in the mail for me. And today, Tuesday, I had 2 amazing castings for a great designer, and a fashion show in Miami! ANDDD tomorrow, I'm gonna be shooting a promo for a new MTV show! Like wtf??? Why didn't I quit sooner!??

I know this may seem like a rash decision to everyone else, but I feel great about it! I have only the best feelings about what is to come for me SOON. It will be great. It will be televised! It will live on!

OK peeps, I'm off to be more productive! Stay tuned for more truth!

Better ask somebody!


p.s. Watch me again on Law and Order Svu this Wednesday!! Holla!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Does everything happen for a reason?

I have been back and forth with wether or not I should believe this is true. It's like... you wanna think that everything you are doing, everything that everyone else is doing, and everything in this life has a meaning and purpose.... but does it? Has everything for us been pre-determined to the point that every action, even little ones, are all planned out for us? I sometimes believe this is true, but other times, it just doesn't make sense. And here is the main reason why:

From what I have come to know, as far as God is concerned, is that he created the world and all of existence one day because he was bored and lonely all by himself in the universe. He made the galaxy, animals and stuff, and then finally images in his form. Now it is said that God is all knowing, but it is also said that he made man with "free will". We are free to either serve him, or to not serve him... it's up to us. But what gets me is, if he is all knowing...why knowingly create beings that would even HAVE the "free will" NOT to serve God? Is it really up to us?? And if it in fact is, why would God create, knowing that some would be eternally damned for NOT serving? It's semi, kinda, not our fault if you actually think about it.

Also, why create a world in which you already know that outcome of everything already? Is it like watching a favorite movie of yours? In where you already know the ending, how everything is gonna play out, and you even know it word for word, but you still enjoy watching? Maybe that's it. It's all very mysterious to me.

Maybe all of us have specific tasks in our lives... "goals" rather... that we will all achieve in our lifetime. Maybe the route specifically is all up to us. Maybe there is an easy, lucky, fun way... and maybe there is a hard, depressing, violent way.

Are our lives really already planned out for us in every single step? Or is there still a chance to be.... unpredictable?

What do you guys think?

p.s. I know we shouldn't really be questioning God like this, but I am really kinda confused on this subject. It's not like someone shot my friend and I'm all like "WHY GOD, WHYYYY!???" It's a legitimate question!

Friday, September 02, 2011


I want you all to try something. It's kinda weird, but my mind goes on tangents sometimes. Really weird ones. So I was randomly thinking about life, and how mine came to be what it is, and all the things that have happened. And then... I started backtracking.

Now let me explain backtracking: You take something small or big in your life, anything. My example will be meeting someone special. So you look at the event, and look back at the events that led up to that particular thing, and go back as far as you can. So let me do my example for you:
Met someone special :)

- Met them at a birthday party for my friend
- Met that friend at a model hosting event which my OTHER friend invited me to
- Met THAT friend at a modeling job I got near times square
- Got the modeling job because I was randomly walking down the street
with this bouncer from a strip club, and someone suggested I be a model for them.
- I met the bouncer when I auditioned for the strip club! (cocktail waitress position of course!)

So then I look at all of this, and I'm like wow, what if I never would have went into that strip club to apply for a job? Would I have still met that someone? Would it have been the wrong place, wrong time? It's so crazy.

You can also do it the opposite way, starting with a small event too, or maybe a bad event which could have sparked something great. I'll give an example!

If I never would have met my crazed ex-bf...

I would have never learned about this one social media website....

I would have never met my friend on the east coast....

I would have never gotten such good friends.....

They would have never said yes to me staying with them on the east coast....

I would have never lived in NYC!*

*Well, I'm suuuure I would have lived in NYC eventually, but ya know!

Any who, I think you all should try it. It makes you more of a believer in "everything happens for a reason" in a way... or something like that. I just think that the most random events, could actually be the most life changing.

Let me know what you guys come up with! :)