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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hello everyone.

How are you all doing? Life is...


I always think about life all the time. Every aspect of it...the beginning, the middle, the end, the choices, the predispositions, the factors, the luck, the sadness, the coincidences, everything. Its all freakin weird, and I wonder why things are the way they are. I've been REALLL contemplative lately, and I just don't know why. Well actually, I kinda do. But I wont go into that right now.

My boss found my secret youtube channel, so my series "When my bosses go to lunch" had to be cancelled. Which freakin sucks! My boss called me in for a meeting about it saying something about stealing company time, and not being serious about work. U

mmmm, hello! Those videos were averaging about 5 minutes each, NOT even everyday. Who df were they hurting? I need an outlet for my passions! I understand a SMIDGE, but not really... let me live!

I just wish I could do what it was I wanted to do in life without all the drama. Sometimes I feel like it would be better back in the olden days (like the 50s or 60s) when everyone didn't think they knew everything about everything, and we were all learning together... and they took a chance more on people.
Nowadays, there are so many politics involved with everything people wanna do. There is such a process for everything. Back then, when pe

ople applied for a job or something, they just walked right into a place, talked to a manager, they decided right then and there if they wanted you (or at least I think it went mostly like that). Now, you have to apply online, wait like a million years for someone to call you back, THEN go on a second interview, with like 30 other suck up a** people, then wait another million years... and then like 30 more thing
s. All for a dumb stupid wack job that requires NO skills! Like... really? wtf?!

And let's talk about how everything requires experience... How do you get experience if the people you're trying to get experience WITH want you to have... experience? The system is all wrong I tell you. Who made these rules? Who told the people on top that they were the final voice in everything? Just because they were the first doesn't mean they get to make it more difficult for everyone else to make their way up.

That's why I dont really like doing things the systematic way. I have a weird way of getting everything done. People may shun it in the begi
nning, but if you aren't doing things differently, then you'll just end up lost in the imperfect system, stuck forever in a "process".

Break free people! Fight the system...fight the power...fight the man.

and all that jazz.

and if you don't know... you better ask somebody!! Someone commented that they missed me saying that, I miss it too! :)

* Also!! if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need advice about anything, feel free to leave a comment! I will definitly get back to you guys. or you can email me woop!

**Allllsooo, my other favorite blogger/person in the whole wide world did a photo shoot with me! Go visit her blog to see pics! And if you're in the nyc area, she is doing photo shoots all week, so go book!