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Friday, May 06, 2011


What is crazy? what is "weird"? These days, I think its like... the new hot thing to call yourself maybe? People like being labeled as crazy and weird I'm starting to believe. But why? Is it just because its something different to be? Why would anyone intentionally wanna be weird and crazy? I mean I guess... I dont really think im that crazy or weird actually. I'd like to be crazy tho. Being crazy seems really fun actually. You get to do whatever you wanna do and people just chalk it up to you being mental. My family actually has a history mental illness, so hey, who knows! Schizophrenia seems like a cool thing to have maybe. I just wouldn't wanna have the violent kind that they lock you up for. I'd wanna be a functional schizoid. I think i'd have hella fun in my day to day life. And i could make a show about it! Shoooot, I know I'd watch.

Being weird is another thing. People like to say, "oh im weird because i do this, or dont do this, or like this, or dont like this..." ok?? That's just different. not necessarily weird per say. Im always a little leery of people who self describe themselves as things anyway. Like people who say, "I'm funny". I listen to everything they say after that like...ok... when is umm... the funny stuff gonna be said?? Just let your actions describe you! Thats the best way i think. Thats why it sometimes gets on my nerves when people want you to describe yourself. You're gonna be perceived differently by everyone. And how are you supposed to know how other perceive you? All you know is how you perceive yourself. Which could be TOTALLY different from how others see you.

now back to being crazy for a minute. i like crazy people. Their mind is so interesting to me. Im HUGE on the mind. As you people should know if you're an avid reader of my bog :)

ANYWHOOOO, im at work, so i guess I should get back to that!


Oh yea, I have a second job now. Retail baybee! -___-

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