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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in case yall forgot how i looked..... Late night blogging! woop! Should be sleeping, but oh wells. Your mind is a powerfull thing. A POWERFULL THING DO YOU HEAR ME! It's the key to everybody's everything really. If you use it wrong, your life is nothing, if you use it right, your life is everything. It seems like such a small thing. A small part of us. It only takes up so much space in our bodies, yet it controls every function, physically and mentally. I think way too much. Over analyze everything! If only I could learn how to utilize the capacity of my brain for the greater good of my life, instead of constantly dwelling on irrelevant and unchangeable things, I would be sooooo the bomb son! All these ideas floating around in my brain. All these ideas that have the ability to formulate. All of these everythings that are waiting to be done! It's all right here in my head!! It's inside of all of your heads too. Why don't we use it the way we should be using it? Let's start using our heads people. Our braings. Our minds.! (but really,