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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I just wanna scream sometimes. Just go somewhere, and just fkcn scream. But then I think how my throat will hurt after that. So instead of scream, I'm gonna vent all of my feelings out to this blog as I usually do.

I'm depressed. I'm bi-polar as hell, yes I know, I know. But just bear with me! :)

Anywho, I'm depressed. Like, where in the FKC is my life going? What is my life right now? It is nothing! Sometimes I feel like Im not really good at anything. Sometimes I feel like I have no real talent, no real skills. Why do I feel like this at times? Is there something wrong with my brain? I know that we are all our toughest critics, but this is just OD. Will I ever snap out of this fkcn trance I;m in of hopelessness? I just want to be successfull (no trey songz). Why can't I fkcn just be already??!! It's not that I'm lazy, I just don't fkcn know what to do anymore. This life is a fkcn big a** brain puzzle, and I'm fkcn stuck. I'm lost in the world (no kanye).

All I do is talk, talk, talk about this shyt. and write about it. And talk about it with others. But what the fkc is there to DO??? What is there for me to do to reach my life goals? I know I always ask this, but shit!! Sometimes the frustrartion consumes me and I must vent.

Sometimes I feel like I should just fkcn go back to wack ass college, get a stupid fkn degree in some shit that I could give a FKC about, marry some shmuck, have some regular ass kids, have a regular ass job, a fuckin boring ass life, and just fuckin wait till the end of the world to come and fuckin take me away to my eternity.

I know everybody thinks like this sometimes. It's really hard to say out loud, AND type, but I feel like it must be done. I must share my thoughts. If I don't do atleast that, then that would really be sad. To be trapped alone in my mind with all of these terribly depressing thoughts. Eh, not for me.

Some people's purpose is just right there in their fucking faces. It's obvious as fuck, and their path is pretty visable. But me? ahhhhhhhh! ughghhhghghghgh!!! ajkdfhkajhd;flakh;dlkfh;!!!!!

Sorry for these ramblings, I really am. I really really do hate when I have depressing blogs, but they must be written!

But alright, I suppose I'm done for the moment.

Back to doing nothing....