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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letters to a young Bretony (Vol. 1)...

(I'm in blue, Krista in pink)

Dear young Bretony,

Hello! This is your older self! There is soooo much I wish I would have known when I was your age. I don't really know where to begin. I will start off by saying, the first few years of your life, you were discovering who you are. You loved the camera even then when mom and dad use to film you and krista and cortney. You were ALWAYS the one who stole the spotlight. Life for you was bliss those first few years. But going to kindergarten is a whole new thing for you. Going to public schools you will encounter so many differant things than what you were use to in the sheltered home you knew during the first years. You will not be like any of the other kids at school. they will try to tease you for this, and make you feel like you are weird because you don't look, talk, or act like any of them. But this is not true young Bretony. They will try to tell you that being taller, skinnier, and paler than everyone in class is ugly, when really they are jelouse of your beauty. You have long gorgeous hair that you always keep up in ponytails. Do not hide your hair from these kids at your school. Long hair is not a bad thing! I know you will try to hide behind your glasses all the time, but let your beauty shine thru! And please ask mom and dad to get you some more cute glasses pleaseeee, and not the same ones that your grandma wears! You will be very smart. Extremely so. Do not dumb yourself down just to make friends. I know it may seem cool at the time to have bad grades on your report card, but thats really quite dumb. Embrace your 4.0's girl. Also at such a young age, I suggest you leave all the boys alone because they are all gross... and have cooties and stuff. On another side of things, I know you are a very creative girl who writes a lot...a WHOLE lot. Do not stop writing. You will be glad when you have something to look back on. And keep your writings with you, mom will try to throw them away. Know that it is never to early to develop your talent, and that the younger you start, the better. Whatever it is in your heart that you want to do, you should do it. i know mom and dad don't have all of the money that everyone else has. And I know that you and your sisters don't have everything you want, or somethings that you need, but you should be greatfull for what you do have while you have it. Your health for example. Your mind. Your blemish free, wrinkle free, beautiful poreless face. Also, I do not suggest cutting your hair. And don't go to any crazy hairstylists that might try to damage it. Just do it yourself, you do a pretty good job.
As far as your family goes, I know your dad my seem distant at times, but you should still try your best to include him in your life. Your mom only tries to help you, so be greatfull for that. Your sisters will grow up to be crazy, but cherish them now for what they are. Try not to hold grudges. You shold try to reach out more to your big sister Holly. She feels bad that you all grew up without her.
I know, young Bretony, that you can be VERY VERY soft spoken at times, which will come off as shy. Me and you both know that its because you are more of an observer, but you should really try to voice more of your opinions and speak your mind. Be more assertive. Life is not going to be perfect, or easy. It will be hard and full of complicated choices that you will have to make. I say be focused on what it is you want out of life. Appreciate. Cherish. Set the foundation for the rest of your life. it is never too early...but it CAN be too late.

-- Bretony