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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I DONT GIVE A F%&#@!!!

ladies and gentlemen on the i would like to talk about censorship. Mainly online, and some in real life. I can be a very opinionated person when I wanna be. I can also be very explanative when it comes to certain things in my life. But...I am soooo freak censored online! I don't talk about NEARLLLYYY as much stuff as I really want to say. That goes for cursing, adult content, pictures, videos. Now don't get me wrong, I push the limits all the time. Example being the picture above hahaha! That was one of the first (professionalish) pictures I've ever taken actually. But let me tell yall this one thing...I mean hey! Im a girl, girls look at themselves. We wanna know what we workin with ya know? So we sometimes want to take pictures that may or may not be explicit, lol...I'm not sayin any names, but ya know!

I really don't know tho, because when I loo around the internet on all the social networking sites I'm on, it seems like most of you all have no type of censorship whatsoever! You just say what you want, when you want and how you want...its just all out there. And I'm like, do you alls parents read this stuff??? Cuz I tell ya, that's one of the main reasons I don't really go as far as i could with certain family! They allll are my facebook friends, they allll basically follow me on twitter, they allllll watch all the youtubes I make, its like sheesh! I just don't know people. me any my family never really had all that openess goin on. Everytime anybody asks me about something unorthodox, I pleed the 5th like there is no tomorrow. I don't even tell them about boyfriends. I dont tell them anything!

And also, I know that once something is on the internet, its like a permanant documented archive of whatever you said or showed. and people can just use that againt you whenever they feel! And idk about yall, but I'm tryna be something with my life. But hey, I guess the things I go through are a part of my life, and maybe sharing them will inspire others to...idk.

As far as real life goes, I also have aloooooot alot of things that I want to say to people at certain times, but i just feel like...i shouldn't say them for some reason. I dont wanna seem like an a-hole or a biotch, but there are just sometimes when I really want to say things to people or share things with them, and I just don't. I am actually a semi-shy person in real life...sometimes. I need to grow a pair and just tell everyone exactly how I feel. I think the truth in every situation is always best.

I have so much built up inside of me that I just don't know how to outlet it. I also don't really know how I feel about sprawling everything out there on the internet like that. My blog is a place for me to be real. And for the most part, I am! But I do keep aloooooot alot alot of all my crazy stuff in. lol...

oh goodnes...

Maybe for the next couple blogs, I will just be completly uninhibited and just say what ever the f*&% I feel!

hmmm, what do you guys think?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welp, I know I yack and yack about my self coonciesness alot, but whatever man, that's just how I am I suppose..Im a girl! But anywho, I wanted to talk about a sort of taboo-ish subject. Cosmetic Surgery. Even tho LOTSSSSS of people get it and spend so much on it, nobody wanst to admit it! Only a few people do, and those people get critizied for it. So yea, I think it's taboo.
I recently saw a clip of the Tyra show online (LOOOVED that show btw, too bad its off air now *tear**!) about black market cosmetic surgery. These girls were on there talking about how they got some kind of procedure done and that it ruined their life. This one girl went in for eye color change surgery, and ended up with a torn eyeball! Now she says her vision is all blurry, she's sensitive to sunlight, her periphrial vision is all outta wack, and the doctor said she may even go blind! And this other lady went in for butt injections, and they ended up having to scoop out all the substance they used for the injections because it was like....some kinda crazy substance you can find at a hardware store. bottom line is, people will do many crazy things to look as close to perfect as they can imagine. And yes, there are many crazy horror stories about all of this nonsense, but ya know...
I actually don't think some of the procedures are that bad, and I actually want some done.
NOWWW, before you all start coming at me with this "you don't need anything done!" "you're fine the way you are" stuff, lemme just say that I only would seriously consider getting minimal stuff:
1.) juvederm injections in the nasal flabiods and upper lip
(if yall don't know what that is, I really do need those things done, nothing over the top, but just to a normal level)
2.) laser scar removal
(for these wack marks on my face that never go away)
and 3.) laser hair removal
(i get razor burn like a mug! ouch!)
I'm not gonna lie, I thought about getting more, but I'd better just keep my list down to these few things. I believe that anything in the wrong amounts can be bad, same with plastic surgery. A few things here and there are ok to me, it's just when people start going over board is what makes them look all crazy and then everyone starts saying that plastic surgery is wrong and yadda yadda yadda. In moderation , I beleive its perfectly fine. I know however that some people out there get addicte to plastic surgery. but hey, people also get addicted to food, which makes them fat and unhealty.
Bottom line, if a person has really weighed all of their options, and goes about it the safe way, then we as society should not judge them. Because I mean hey, if we think they're ugly we will judge them, if we see them trying to change their apperance to be "pretty" we will judge them. They might as well do what makes them happy.
As far as being "fake", like many people like to call nikki minaj. Let me tell all yall something...a lot of things are fake! NEWSFLASH! Girls wear make up, girls wear weave, girls wear spanx, girls wear push up bras, some wear color contacts, some girls dye their hair...and yes, some girls do none of that stuff...but really...think about it...who????! and is that really the type of girl all the guys are going after? lets be honest. We only have ourselves to blame.
peace out yall!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

sup home slices??

I really do like blogging, but my lfe is just so ahhhhhh!!!!!! all the time, ya know? But I have a lot of topics recently float into my head, so hopefully I will blog about those things. And also, don't be shy! If you have a topic you want my opinion about, just let me know and I will definatly make a blog about it. Work with me people!

In Bretony update news, I will be going to an orientation at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network next week about the broadcasting classes I will be taking there. YAY! after I'm finished with the classes, they will let me use their equipment and facilities to help make my show ready to be on TV...and then guess what? IT'S GONNA BE ON TV!! IN MANHATTAN! I just can't wait for it all to come together so I can get this show on the road, ya know? Work is still kickin my a word every week. I really do think I work too much. Is all this money worth it?? IS it?? well, atleast I like where I work. Some really funny stuff goes on there. I hope my bosses let me film there!

I also have an obsession with David Guetta and rock band on my itouch right seriously, everybody needs those things in their life.
I've been saying alot that I'm going thru a 1/4th life crisis on twitter and stuff. I'm not too sure you all wanna hear the boring details of my life crisis concerns.

but if ya do! let me know, and I will tell in my next blog alllllll about it.

aight yall, if have to get back to doing nothing on this very boring Saturday. HOLLERRRR!

p.s. hotter than stolen tvs at a pawn shop here in nyc! what is this, summer of sam in this mofo??
comon son!