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Monday, June 07, 2010

UPDTAES in this mofo!

(I'm trying this new thing where I'm checking my spelling and grammer for blogs now. BLAAAHHH, but I figure, I may as well...try? Eh.)

Hey everyone! It's about 2:05AM. I have to go to work at 10:30 tomorrow morning, but I'm up for some reason. I'm sitting on an air mattress in my new Manhattan bichesss!! Yes that's right, I am finally ACTUALLY in Manhattan! My room is pretty darn cool too (minus the whole practically sleeping on the floor thing). My roomates are cool as well, I hope we don't start hating each other and getting on each others last nerves tho. But I'm a pretty easy going, low maintence mami, so there should be no worries. I have stopped using twitter completly (for now). I don't know man, twitter just got really freakin irritating for some reason! Too much bragging, boasting, fake a** friends, wack a**/cliche' "advice", know-it-all, posers, hoes, and just all kinda bleeehhh stuff. I'm not making any promise that I'll stay off for good tho lol, cuz I mean...that stuff is addictive son!

Anywho, my life is pretty good. My job is great, my bosses are even greater. I'm not broke at ALL anymore (well maybe still a little). I party all the time, and go out and meet really fun, cool peeps. It's lovely.


What's next? I came out here for a reason yall. I need to be successfull in what I'm trying to achieve. What exactly is it that I'm trying to acheive? It seems so vauge everytime I try to explain it. When people ask me what I'm doing, how I'm doing it...a lot of "um's" and "you knows" are involved. I would like to start giving these people a solid answer. I would REALLY just like to not even have to say anything, and let what I'm doing speak for itself. I need to figure out how to get to that point. I need to figure out what it is exactly, goal wise, I am trying to obtain so that I can speak it into existence.

In case you guys haven't noticed by now in reading my blog, my ways may seem extremly unorthodox, but I accomplish every. single. effin. thing I put my mind to. Really I do tho! Go back and read my old stuff! It's kind of amazing. I know that since I am finally in Manhattan, I need another specifc goal to work towards and obtain.

Sometimes I feel like I have lost my...sparkle? Eh, I don't know you guys. I know what I want in my heart, but communicating it with the rest of the world is the hard part. I have to get my mojo back. Someone help. God?


I live with actresses now! So maybe that will help motivate me to do ish! I also favorited a website with a list of the top 100 entreprenuers who succeeded without a college degree (which is something I DEFINATLY do not yall know how much I owe Wayne State/ the government????). Basically, I need my creative juices to start flowing again. I feel like those tiny little angry beavers from the nickelodeon show have built a dam on the river of my creative juices, and stopped the flow. How do you get rid of dams?


Lots of things have been irritating me lately, my mind needs a sedative. Or maybe, a hot summer romance. Yeah, the second one.


It totally sucks that I've stopped tweeting, cuz i be having stuff to say! Whenever I think about it, I jot down tweets on my blackberry. Lame, I know, but here are a few:

-Its crazy when I see white people who are more tan than me :/

- Lmao @ "Brooklyn we go hard" shirts and the people who wear them

- I have NO idea why i try to do mad stuff RIGHT after I paint my nails. grrr

bye bye yawl!!