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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Suuuuure this may seem fun. Sure this may seem like that thing everybody is doing and talking about. And I mean hey, it might be tons of fun, don't get me wrong. And I know that practically everyone I know has an active sex life, or has atleast had it before. But the tone of this blog is not going to be a happy one. Its going to be a blog filled with FACTS about Std that everyone should know!

See the problem with health class and psa's and pamplets and stuff like that,is that even tho they may be informative, they sugar coat! they dont give you the whole truth. thats why people arent as paranoid as they should be! get paranoid people! paranoia saves lives! (well, actually im not too sure about that in particular), but my point is, not enough young people are serious about being safe. when they very well should be if you want to live past 30!

Now lets talk about stds... there are many many many of them, and many differant kinds. YES you can have more than one at the same time. YES the same std can come back again, even if you have "cured" it. There is no one test that can check for all std, so if you go get tested, they may have to do a number of things. Some stds, as well as HIV, may not even show up as positive on a test when you first contract the disease. HIV, for one, can take MONTHS to even show up in your system. So you can have it for awhile before even it to whoever else you have sex with. This is also the same for herpes, many people have no symptoms for YEARSSSS, that is why it is so widely spread. Oh yea, and there is no cure for herpes of HIV...once you have that ish, you stuck with it....forever!

Some testing places dont even ask which tests you want, they just test you fot the most common ones. You have to specifically ask to get tested for things like herpes and HIV. It is best to ask as many questions as you can to know exactly what you are getting and when. "i dont know" and "i dont wanna know"...those arent answers people!! wtf??! you better get all the testing you can while you're ALIVE nah mean?? and why would anyone willingly want to spread a virus? especially to people they (may or may not, but should!) love?! it bafels me!

And if you THINK you practice safe're probably sadly mistaken. even WITH the use of condoms, many diseases can be contracted, all they need is skin to skin contact. that includes, oral sex, as well as anal. having sex with a person who has herpes, even when wearing a condom, there is an 80% chance you will contract the disease.

but lets not worry about the little diseases right now, those are the least of your problems:

HIV is like the worst one ever that you could have. First of all, as i said earlier, it can take a while for it to even show up as positive on a test. so even if you do have it, and get tested, it can say negative. WRONG! Once you have hiv in your blood, there is no way of getting it out. ever. its just a part of you. there is lots of suffering that goes on with the disease. it literally breaks your body down from the inside out, slowly over the course of a couple years. There are a wide range of symptoms you can have, one is being sick all of the time because it deteriorates your immune system. you can get all kind of skin sores, candisis, brain tumors...just all kinds of crap! after you have hiv for awhile, you'll probably get aids. and oh DEFINATLY dont want aids.

now, most updated websites may say "life expectancy with aids can vary on a lot of differant things, blah blah BLAH! On average, once you contract full on aids, your life expectacy is about a year. yeap thats right...alive on new years, DEAD by christmas. its a sad truth people. we do not want this diesease spreading all around. ew! God bless the people who do have it, but i mean, its nothing they can really do about it now but pray...and stop spreading it! and inform others.

Now i dont really want to scare you guys to death...realistically, you probably dont have hiv, so dont go runnin around thinking you are about to die. In america, about 1.4 million are said to have the disease (1 in 4 dont know tho). Almost half of those who have it are black. Its most common in gay males. but this does not mean you are immune to it, more women are becoming diagnosed with the disease everyday. Some even passing it along to their children thru birth...doomed before they even have a chance at life. would you wanna do that to a helpless life?

point of all this. please immedialty go and get yourself checked out, stop bein so slutty and promiscuous and sexin who knows who from what knows what, and be SAFE. OR, my personal favorite, abstinence! i mean hey, go buy a dildo or someting, those are 100% std/hiv free (if not shared that is...ew @ that anyway). be informes, dont be blissfully ignorant. dont be ashamed to tell people to get tested or go get tested yourself. dont be afraid to ask questions. dont be afraid to speak up! you have a voice, God gave it to you for a reason. spread the freakin word!!

and thats some REAL truth for that a**!

once again, thanks for listening to me!!



Tuesday, April 06, 2010


what in the high hail just happend man??!!

i swear yall, i really, like literally have a week of extreme good luck followed by a week of extreme bad luck ALL THE TIME! i dont know when it started. maybe it started on like a really small scale, with just one bad thing this week, then one good thing the next. whatever, all i know is that now, my life is on a strict schedule of good week/bad week. let me begin by telling the good that happend last week:

first of all, i was begining to hang out with some cool peeps...a girl i went to high school with and a couple of her friends. also, my friend who i did a modeling job with last year told me about another hosting type job that paid 25 dollars an hour just to stand around, mingle, drink all night, and look pretty! it was really fun! and there, i met lots more friends. Even a girl who was on antm! i also met aj who use to be on 106 and park. and he gave me the digits! i was feelin bomb. On top of all of THIS, my job gave me a %20 raise! im tellin you, i was on top of the world. but i had knew by then about my good week/bad week system of life, so i knew something was gonna be goin down the following week. i tried not to think about it.

on the the bad week.

amoung being paranoid all week about a health scare, and my boo telling me inadvertantly that he thinks im tainted and he worries about me tarnishing his image later on in life, this week was pretty blah. firstly, friday night everybody and they MOMMA was textin me, bbmin me, callin me about wanting to go out this weekend. i was like cool, let me go to the mall and get something to wear. as soon as i get to the city and askin everybody where they are...NO body can come out anymore...

what in the sam hill was up with that??? i was all extra cute too, smh. i did hang out with one of my friends tho, but she had to leave early because she was gettin yea, some of that. (aint mad at ya!). then, bank of america sends me some punk letter about my balance only being 13 dollars overdrawn, which i though cool, i can just pay that and have my bank account back. WRONG! i went in and they told me that was for my savings account, and my checking had been completly closed and sent to collections. great. and to top it allllll off. i got yet another letter in the mail today saying that the irs has "applied all or part of my federal refund to a debt i owe" and when they say all or part...they meant mutha fckin all!! thats right people, i have zero money back from taxes. aint that about a bitch and a half?

so as you can see people, this is one example. this stuff really does happen like this to me! super crazy. im not too sad tho. yea i wanted to buy things with that money, but oh well. what can i really do about it. idk if i told u guys this before, but my rule for life is, if its something i CAN change, then change it. if its something i CANT change, i just have to forget about it. stressing over it helps what? not me! cuz you break out from stress, and i cant have that!

annnnyyyywhoooo, idk you guys. im still gonna try to move to manhattan. im going to look at some rooms to rent out tomorrow. wish me "luck"! ha!!

p.s. i wish i could just get an apartment with a roomMATE instead of just looking for a room. its wack cuz i dont know these ninjas!

p.p.s i REALLY wish i just had a boyfriend i could move in with. but ehhhh, doesnt look like thats happening anytime soon.

p.p.p.s girlfrined?? (lol...)

peace and love!