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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the path of a tear rolling down the side of your face is weird.

it doesnt go straight down, it curves.

and if you're laying down it curves even more.

and it tastes really salty if it goes in your mouth.

and its never just one by itself, never.

well maybe with others, but not with me.

it eventually stops.

but sometimes not for awhile.

i look at it as cleansing. impurities leaking from your body.

like sweat.

its just an overall crazy process if u ask me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello everyone!

dont know what to blog about, just feel like typin.

this wont be too long tho, cuz i think im about to get on ustream or skype.

it doesn t matter how much talent you have. lots of people have talent. its about oppertunity...or better yet, oppertunities you make for yourself.

its not about what you know, its about how you use what you DO know.

being a happy person will get you further in life than being an evil person.

random: why do they always pick people who can ALREADY DANCE to go on dancing with the stars?!!! it aint fair!

well, thats about it, lol. the next blog will be about something real, promise!