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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Pardon my language, I really try not to use swear, I really do! But sometimes I am straight up provoked! And I can't think of any other word to describe you fake ass e-gangsta wannabe hard core thugs...than ass-holes!

The provocation of this particular blog stems from what I just witnessed via twitter...tha grammy awards. (That's right people, I didn't even watch the freakin thing, but twitter kept me in the know of every single play by play. Crazy right!?) Anywho...everything was pretty funny until the very end when apparently taylor swift won the award of album of the year over beyonce and lady gaga..amoung others. Everybody on my timeline just started goin HAM! "F*** taylor this...I hate taylor that...that b**** is lucky...why is she always so surprized?!!" Just so much hate! It was really sad to witness. I mean yea, even I personally wanted gaga to win, but I'm not bout to sit up here and completly BASH this poor young girl who OBVIOUSLY on for some reason. And to all those who say kanye had something to do with it...FIRST of all, nominee's aren't even judged on chart, sales, or any of that other stuff, stricktly talent. And no, regular people don't judge it, just the recording academt members, so gtfoh with all that. And everybody who talks about her "acting" surprized...I mean shoot! We're yall ninjas not surprized??? Why does it have to be fake that she is too?? I mean got dang! She know she got all yall mutha f****s hatin on here so its not like a "duh, I'm gonna win" type of thing. Back...thee....f***....up. Damn!

This particular instance tho, lead me to realize that people on the internet are just ass-holes in general! I mean, ur always talking about someone, bashing someone, making fun of...its like sheesh is thatall you all do is be mean? Type mean things? To preserve your hard core ass-hole image? Like why, ya know? Why does everybody strive for that ass-hole persona? It is NOT cool! Why not strive to be a nicer person, a better person maybe?? What, u think ur gonna get made fun of or something?
What the eff is wrong with being a NON ass-hole??? This world is effed up yo.

My point in life is definatly not to bash people. I can understand if you are irritated, if you are making jokes and what not...but all the damn time? Chill!!!
Even the most ass-holeish people of them all have that moment of clarity when they realize like dang...why am I like this? (*cough* kanye *cough*)

Even someone I know very personally...the biggest ass-hole I've ever known in my LIFE has recently had a breakthrough. its not all its cracked up to be people.its really freakin not. There is nothing wrong with being nice...kind. Why give off so much negative energy by being a bitch? An ass-hole?
I have met a couple people from online in person, and I must admit, I like everyone better in person...100%. And those who ask about the people I've met are sometimes like "ugh, I don't wanna met them cuz of the way they are online..." And I'm like noooo! They're much better in person! Why not be the same everywhere?? Eh, I guess some things get lost in translation via text and computer as oppose to voice and a lucid actuality of being present.but I'm just sayin!

PLEASE people, do not strive for this. I wish you all wellm I hope my next blog can be more upbeat, but I just had to let yall ninjas KNOW up in here...

Anywho, back to watching pulp fiction. Night!!

And if ya don't know, now ya know! :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

SMILES, SIGHS, and MCDONALDs APPLE PIES (2 for a dollar baby)

Hello all who read, all who follow, first time readers...everyone! Happy friggin new year! And my what a year it has been. Not only is this my first blog of the year, but its also my 100th blog post mofoski's!! (Yea I'm sweet like that, ask about me!)

Anywho, last year was full of...excitement to say the least. The beginning being TOTALLY and unexpectedly differant from the ending lol...and ya know? 09 was kinda bangin!! Even tho I laughed and cried throughout the whole thang. I'm such a baby. This was truly a pivotal year tho, I'm out here on the east coast all on my own. And boy is it ALONE. I spent christmas all by myself. Well actually I worked and had subway for christmas dinner. Yum right? I DID go back to detroit for thanksgiving tho, cuz I got a modeling job in october that paid me freakin awesomely!! BUTTT I ended up being back in debt again thanks to the WORST month of'n november! Gosh I hated that month with a passion! Can't even tell yall why tho, smh. Alexis knows all the details tho. Shout out to alexis! ( cuz she likes it when I say her blogs!)

Also shout out to Pierre mutha freakin Fontenelle! My kneegrow for LIFE! I would still be back in lame Detroit doing lame things if it weren't for him.

...Uh, whoa, this is not about shout outs B!
Lady gaga was my free b*tch of the year. I BEEN up on her since the beginning of the year. Thought she was my little secret! Nope, yall stole her! Hmmm....what else. Oh idk man, I just missed bloggin! Yay blog!
I've been out here officially 6 months now, I think I'm pretty comfortable here. Atleast I didn't go crawling back because I couldn't make it. I'm determined. And this year, everything else will now fall beautifully into place.

This year wasn't all peaches and herb tho (ahhh!)...lots of sad, depressing, struggling times. I'm actually low key kinda strugglin right now...thanks to stupid November! I swear that month had me ALL effed up. I have a new job now tho, just got it a couple weeks ago. Blah @ jobs, but whatevvvvaaa.

Twitter has taken over my life. Its kinda sorta like blogging I guess, but in a differant way. So if u follow me on there, you know what's been up! If ya don't follow me...

Why df you aint followin me!!?? :)

Annnyywhoooo. As far as relationship status...sigh. Idk yall. I left my heart in michigan, but he didn't follow me. He doesn't want to either so eh, I've been exploring lots of other things...LOTS of other things...TOO many dang things!! Smh!!! But its all been fun tho, I wouldn't have changed anything. I still miss my heart, but idk what I'm gonna do about that. I claim that I don't need to be with anybody right now...but it just gets so loonnleeeyy :(
I do not like being alone. Not one bit. Not at all! I do not like them sam I am!

Oh, oops.

But yea guys. Hope your year has been great. Hope this next one will be even better. I know for me it will be! Just wait and see! I'll try to blog more often and keep ya updated since I know some people care... (Ha haaa yall caaare! Yall are gayy!)

And get some apple pies from mcdonalds cuz that sh*t is poppin. But not from manhattan, go to the hood where its still 2 for a dolla.

Mwah everyone! Holla at meeee!!