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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whenever something that someone else is doing begins to irritate me, I think to myself, am I guilty of this thing that is irritating me? If so, why do I do it? What is the point? What is the purpose? I really do try to figure out the reasons why people do the things they do. Maybe its a lost cause however, due to the fact that people are vastly differant. In saying that lol, I'm gonna talk about my subject of this blog: defense, subliminals, and unnecesary beef

But first! I moved into my own place! (Sorta) well, I'm payin rent atleast. I rented out a room for an indian guy. Its him and a white lady there. The white lady is kinda crazy, but thank goodness she stays in her room. But the indian guy is super nice and cooks all the time. Super spicy. The room is ok, atleast its a space of my own for now. So as you can see people! I finally am getting somewhere with my life! I think... I remember when up and moving to jersey was just a simple thiught in my head...and blog lol. Now it is a reality. Believe in yourself people! This blog is proof that you can get what you want out of life. And when I get really famous, I'll look back and read all my super broke blogs. How fun!

So on to the topic! First things first, as u all may very well know, I am addicted to arguing with people, I love it.that junk is fun to me. But it seems like sometimes people go out of there way to start stuff. I was reading a blog of mine where this one girl was bashin me and callin me stupid cuz of something I said. It was so ugh. Irritating. If you don't even know someone like that, how can u even comment on such a multi fascited thing as intelligence? It was OBVIOUS that person hadn't read any of my other blogs. Another thing that annoyed me. They kept saying my facts weren't straight and I needed to "do my research". Now this phrase really irritates me, let me tell ya why. First of all, in the actual sense, research consists of hands on trail, error, evidence collection, lots of things. People mainly say "do your research and don't just believe everything you hear". Negro, it aint like you out there collectin actual hands on facts yo own dang on self... Newsflash: research on the internet IS believing something you hear. You don't absolutly know that stuff is true either so wtf? Most things come from what other people say to you, so chill with all that "do your research" b.s.

But even tho that kinda stuff gets on my nerves, what gets on my nerves more? Subliminals! there are many of them out there. you may not even know about em really, cuz the whole point of a subliminal is to be just that...sublime. its basically when someone has somethig to say to you specifically, but they act like its just something general that they are saying. instead of telling YOU about it, they just talk about it as if they arent talking about anyone in particular (eh, that sounded kinda redundant, but i dont feel like proofreadin all up and through this mug).
some subliminals are ok, cuz everybody just cant be knowing every single little thing. but it gets annoying when you just KNOOOOW they are talking about you and they swear its general. as much as i love mariah, her song obsessed is straight up bout eminem. stop lyin sweetie. im not one to go through a whole bunch of people to tell a person what i gots to say. ....then again, i find myself using subliminals sometimes...
on to pointless beef. there is puerto rican guy at my job. he is hella funny, but one day, he was mad at this one guy who kept putting boxes on his side because he would get finished super fast. he got mad at the guy for that and just started doin ALLLLL this complainin. i finally had to turn to him and be like, dog! stop complaining to yourself about it, the guy you are mad at is right there! work it out with him and stop yappin in my ear! (he kept yappin)
but i just though it was the most pointless beef ever. dont get me wrong, some beef is funny and highly entertaining, but the pointless beef? why? just why? some people also only want to talk to you when its to argue about something. and its like, dude, out of all the things you could be talking to me about, THIS is the thing you feel most passionatly about?
blog oh tell yall the honest to goodness truth tho, i forgot a lot of the things i was gonna say lol. im kinda half sleep, and im never around the internet when the ideas be poppin...but that was basically a general layout! if yall got questions, comments, concerns, critisicms, holla at me and maybe it mill jog my memory! :)
anywho tho, the next blog is my 100th blog entry wahooo!! i might have a celebration up in this mug! let me know what yall want me to talk about in that one.
aight love yall (sometimes)
peaaaacee (sleep time)