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Monday, August 17, 2009

i have a new video everybody!

yay, go check it out. its nothing too spectacular, just a video resume soo i can get a real job up in here!

Friday, August 07, 2009


i hate sales. like really. i do. i just realized this because...aalll these freakin customer service jobs i apply for and interview for, they all talkin bout goals and ish, quotas and what not. it was all a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me. ofcourse i fake it like i love it..."oh i just love customer service! its the bomb!" (lies. clearly. anyone who reads my BLOG knows that i hate freakin custo servo)

but its like, 90 percent of stuff is about sellin stuff! first of freakin all, ninjas aint got jobs! thats why people still in this stupid recession! sellars keep sellin, people keep buyin like they got it...knowin they dont...then they gotta get a second job to sell to more broke ninjas...the cycle continues.

i hate people trying to sell me stuff every 5 minutes everywhere i go. yet i feel bad becuase i know its just them tryna make a living. i hate when people pressure me and pressure me, and force stuff upon me. i hate when people have quotas. its like sheesh, you cant MAKE people buy stuff. if they want it, they'll get it! aint nothin special to it. aint no technique...aint nothin! if you build it, they wil come. not if you build it, shoce it down their throat with phony smiles and fake concern. ugh. just be real. why can people just be real? why is being real such a freakin deal breaker? why must you have to be a bublly, ditzy, falsley concerned, irritating sales person? i respect honesty. so i mean hey, thats just me. maybe other people are differant.

and dont even get me started in the upper level management sales people who are so serious about their job. thats all they talk about. thats all they think about. i mean come on, if you dont seel 300 items a day, is your life really going to be over? newsflash: its not!
lol @ me being so annoyed with this whole world, but really, arent we all a little annoyed and too concerned with other things to say so? i get annoyed by a lot of things ya know, but seriously...come on sales people. just let me come into the store, get what i want, and get out. if i need help, i'll ask. and people who hire people for customer service jobs, dont be so uptight. im not gonna b*tch slap customers. but im not gonna be all fake and crap. i'll sell stuff, but im not gonna beg ninjas. sheesh., im really not meant for sales i guess...

oh well! plan b!

hasta luego mamis y papis (darn spanish speakin sweat shop)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

a bunch if pics for you chicks....and fellas!

man i be lookin so differant all the time!...
imma take more pics of the city when i get a chance. holla back!