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Monday, June 22, 2009


i swear i had a premonition today about a subway accident. who knew that exactly today, there was a subway accident. it wasnt in nyc tho, it was in d.c. but still! its wierd man! I am always having werid premonitions like that, and weird dreams and just all kind of crazy sightinhg and visions. its kinda crazy.

i still havent found a job yet. but i will dont worry! im gettin like 4 jobs so i guess i need this time to rest up brefore becoming a work-a-holic. my peeps back in detroit are still strugglin tho. i told them we should just all move out here togther but no one ever listens to me. we could have all just shared one big 2 bedroom in like queens or somethin. woulda been straight.

anywho. i still need to see a psychologist. i think my brain is messed up. i think it needs to be re-wired or something. i keep wishing for impossible things then get super depressed when i dont get them... but they are impossibe, how can i get them? right??
its al very weird to me. i just need to talk to someone about it. but who? im tired of talking to myself because i give myself the same crappy feedback and it doesnt work.
in addition to this blog, i now have a journal. i tell my journal more persoal stuff (i know right, how does it get more personal than this?) oh but it does my friends, oh but it does. so when you all get a chance, after im dead and stuff, you can feel free to ask one of my friends or famlily members to publish it and read it.
it has also come to my knowledge that i havent taken any pictures of myself lately. i think its because i be lookin crazy to myself all the time. but as SOON as i feel cute again. its a photoshoot!

bretony's suggested reading book club kinda sorta thinga ma jig:
"the rapture of cannan" by sheri reynolds

"best book ever!!!"
- bretony mcgee

anywho, bye!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

me up in yo area

hey yall, just checkin up on my blog to say that yes i still love it here, its the bomb. still aint got no job, but oh well...hopefully i will have either one or two by next week and all that jazz.

there is one thing tho. i am extremly LONLEY!! i never thought i would be like this, but i miss all my friends so much! i wish they were out here with me to take the subway and junk with me and sight see and hang out and be bums and go to the mall and the beach and just....hang!

right now its just me :( i dont know hardly anyone. oh well, hopefully i will get some people im cool with and start hangin with them and get rid of this dead give away midweastern accent!

Friday, June 12, 2009

hey bums!

guess what?


well, actually, i am technically in jersey city new jersey...but its like 10 minutes away! anywho, YES!!! i finally did it peeps. what did i tell yall huh??? what! i said i do everything i set my mind to do. it may take a while, but i DO eventually get it done. first stop stop, THE WORLD!

muaaa ah ah ah!!

lol, i just really am so happy you guys. i've only been here for a day, but i went out looking for jobs today. i applied to alot of places in union square. however, if someone with some kind of hook up is reading this...hook a sista up wit a job! i aint got one yet!

i got my metro card, my ...i forgot the name of that other card..oh yea, smart link just all freakin set. and so excited :)

i will definatly keep yall updated on my trials and tibulations.
for the most up to the minute stuff tho, you can add my twitter...cuz im addicted and i twit all the time.

anywho! off to be a new yorker bay beeee~ holler!!!

:))))) x a million

p.s. pics and video to come...maybe

Sunday, June 07, 2009

one thing i love....reading my old writings! i use to keep a diary when i was very young, still in middle school i think , maybe even elementary. everything was in that book! then one day when i was in high school, my mom wanted to talk to me about something. i sat down at the kitchen table and there it was, my diary. locked pryed open. she skimmed through the pages as i saw highlighted areas of...."bad things" i had done. my evil b word sisters had stolen my diary and highlighted all of the parts that they thought would be of intrest to my mom! wtf! what kind of bull?? after that pretty much, i realized it was a lost cause to keep a diary around my evil sisters and i just stopped writing. i have never seen the diary since. i know it has to be somewhere over my parents house, but just like me, they move so much that it isnt even funny anymore. my diary is probably gone forever. but i really do hope one day i find it. and if i do, this blog will be the first to know about it!

since the great diary fiasco of 2003 however, i have since written in many other notebooks and junk. i just love notebooks and blank paper. it turns me on for some strange reason. i love going back to read what was on my mind at particular times. its interesting to see if my views are still the same and the words i use to describe things. right now, im gonna transcribe an excerpt from the pages of one of my notebooks. the book im writting actually, called "life as bre know it', where i pick a subject and write about my views on it and stuff. here is the chapter that i called "Bre on hoes, hoochies, and sluts"...its kinda funny, but also long, so if you dont read it all i understand, but still tho, here it is, an excerpt! oh! this excerpt is rated r.

Bre on hoes, hoochies, and sluts
Where the hell do i even begin with these low down, scum of the earth ass bitches? First off, every girls has a little hoe in them, yes even me. Also, every girl has the potential to be a bitch. And not just girls, but boys too, even though its way more offensive to call a girl the b word... i guess... because well... i dont really know. Its probably for the same reason it more offensive for a white person to call a black person the n word reather than vice versa. Anywho! Bitches. Wether they come in male or female form. Bithces are the main topic for the other categories (all other names are just euphamisms). I will start with the hoes. Hoes can be harmless. CAN BE! Don't get confused tho, they can easily turn into sluts. Hoes are the ones who you probably don't know. they are more of the groupie type. Any guy they see that is trying to do something with their life, or is decent looking, they will jump on the case to flirt, wether he is single or not. Hoes are gold diggers. They want a man's money. They do hoeish things even if they arent single. Flirting or "hoeing around" if you will, is a main thing for hoes to do. They may want your man, but they probably arent gonna get him...most of the time, hoes are busted anyway.
Hoochies, or "hoochie mamas", are the next form of bitches. Hoochie mamas are fine as heck...maybe even finer than you! Im talkin bout body, face, total package (as far as looks are concerned that is). hoochie mamas can also be hoes, but hoes cannot be hoochie mamas. a hoochie may not be trying to turn anyone on necessarily, but they do! Every guy in the place wants the hoochie, and the hoochie knows this. They play on their strong point, weather it be t(itts) or a(ss). At a club, they will dance and be the center of attention. They may let men feel on them, let them get a sample of all they have to offer. Out in public, they are usually with someone less fine than they are, to make them look even better. Their clothing is short, revealing, and leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Very scantily clad. Your man will definatly want the hoochie, but that desnt mean the hoochie will want your man. But beware, in the uncommon event a hoochie does in fact want your man, chances are, the hoochie will become a slut, a f(uck) your man. Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, the sluts are the worst bitches of all.
Sluts you may know, sluts you may know very well. Sluts will GET to know you very well. Because they want your man. They want to have sex with him. And if your man is not a good man, the slut WILL have sex with him. Sluts dont care. their main goal in life is to have SEX,even if they do have a boyfriend, they want to have sex with other peoples boyfriends. Oh, and they're freaks too. They are willing to do practically anything with anybody. They are always down for whatever, whenever (i wont go into detail but use your imagination). They will smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place, backstabbers...Backstabbers! Dont really know a sluts motivation, but it could be any female at any moment. That is why its very hard to have female friends these days...because anyone of them could be a slut, and you just never know. You never know about each new female you meet, because they could be tryna screw yo man! you can't be nice to anyone, you can't assume anything when itcomes to sluts. It is pretty easy to determine a female slut after a while, but male sluts are totally differant. They are way harder to determine, because frankly, all men a sluts! Well, all the ones that I have met are. Even though they may seem to be in a monogomous relationship, they are constantly lusting. Sexually lusting for that of the opposite sex, and whenever they get the slightest hint, I can gaurantee you that they will almost always adheed to the temptations set before them.
As the old saying goes, "cant turn no hoe into no housewife", when actually, yea you can. Even sluts can be turned back to their origional wholesomeness. The onlyway though, is through the power of love. Love is just that powerfull to do just that, make a person forget about everyone else and just concentrate on the one they love...both boys and girls. But love my friend is very complex, and is seemingly just a myth, so who knows. Until thre is true love though, there will be no end to a person's hoeisness, slutiness, or being a hoochie mama. But what is love anyway. That will be discussed in the next chapter!
hmm... that was interesting. i guess you could really tell what my a** was goin through at the time! lol! i may have to do some revisions on this chapter, but of well...until next time peeps...