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Sunday, April 26, 2009

boys, boys, boys....and girls too

its come to my attention, that there are many people in this world... many boys, many girls, many men, many women. lil wayne (who i hate!) has this song called "every girl", talkin bout how he wishes he could smash every girl in the world...which first of all, ew...every girl? come on lil wayne, have some standards er somethin. but secondly, that really is how these guys think. you can never have too many girls. their goal in life is to get with as many as possible, no matter what. now boys have the advantage over us girls in the fact that they have no emotions. they can do it to everybody they want and just keep on pushin. suuuuure they may SAY they have a main girl, but blah. boys dont usually give a crap about all that. now girls on the other hand, some have these things called "emotions" in which they feel more attracted to a particular guy over the other. with girls its about quality rather than quantity. with boys its the opposite.

now this is usually the norm for boths sexes, however, when a girl crosses over into acting as a guy does when it comes to this situation, she is looked at strangely or "hoeish". and if a guy does the opposite and crosses into the ways of girls, he is looked at lol.

girls are supposed to be the ones that get attached. guys arent. who made these silly rules. which brings me to another thing. relationships...marriage....commitment. whats it all about huh? how are people supposed to pick just ONE whole person out of litterlay billions? and once we are in a relationship, we're stuck right? until someone messes up that is. why cant people just live life?

actually, some people do live life. some people dont. i guess if you want to be a live lifer, you have to find other live lifer's and leave the conservatives alone.

in case you havent noticed by now, im a STRONG liberal. i just get frustrated from time to time by all the rules of life...the world...all these people with their judgements. i say, if it aint harmin nobody, whats the harm? so yea, thats my advice for eeryone out there....roll with your own kind. rolling with an opposite, trying to mesh your views together...will be very messy and painfull. yea...thats some pretty good advice if i do say so myself. just know what you're getting into. if you know you are a certain way, dont try to fool people into thinking you are another way. be you! be happy! do what you want in life, just make sure everyone is on the same page lol...

thats the problem with the world today... no communication!

liberals stand up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

something really quick to everyone out there...

i KNOW that one day everything I am trying to accomplish will be acheived. Its not even a question to me...but i just wanna say, I will remember all of the ones who have been there from the beginning. I will not forget you. and all the little scrimpy ones who will try to slide in saying that they have been there from day one, knowing GOOD AND WELL they never gave me the time of day, ignored me, didnt want to support me, or all kind of other stuff, i will remember you all dont even try it!

if you dont like me now, keep not liking me, just dont be fake about it when you find out i could help you one day.


(thanks Dell!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

new york will be my new home...soon

so like, yea. seriously, it will be. i just got back from there last weekend, but seriously tho, i dont even wanna acknowledge that im back in umm...where i am right now, because ya know what! im going back to new york so soon that it wont even matter!

i had so much fun there! i went with my sister and her husband...they wanted to do a whole lotta touristy stuff lol, but i wanted to act like i was a native. when somebody asked where i was from, i said brooklyn! and then he threw me off when he said what i said, the bronx! then he started laughin and said oh okay... and then somebody said i sounded country! i dont sound no country! anywho, i still had such a blast either way. i've decided that i need to live in the east village because its just so freakin TIGHT! everybody says how expensive ny is and all, but actually...its really not. its all in our minds. its all fake! money is not real! if you want something, the best thing to do is just go and do it and stop waitng around for everythign to fall into will fall into place when you get there!

see. my thing is, once i get kinda semi sorta famous...doing whatever, everything else will fall into place... if your a celebrity, all you have to do is slap your name on something and you will make money. and then if i am one, this blog will get much MUCH more traffic, and then i can make more money from adsense...and then my youtube will blow up, and then i will be on a tv show! and all my fantasy fairy tale dreams will come true and everyone will be super jelous and hate me for life :)

lol, just kidding. but for real tho, everything is gonna work out for me i just know it.

p.s. the casino is not the way to riches!!! NOT!!

p.p.s. here are some pics!

Friday, April 03, 2009

new things, new pic, new kinda half way sorta unfinished rough draft blog, and other things....

hey erbody! im going to new york saturday! wa hoo! but let me tell yall ninjas somethin i just found out tho! tell me why these fools charge 15 freakin dollas to check ONE freakin bag!! no good at all...
when i flew southwest, it was free and i checked 2 bags! never flyin n*ggas wit attitude again, smh


i kinda sorta made a rough draft for a blog me and whit are tryna do....let me know what yall think about it. i know its wack! but eh, i tried lol. im still workin on it doe!

here are a couple of pictures that i took recently....

(thats me when i drew some freckles on my face hehehehe)

anywho! thats it from me! hopefully my next blog will be filled, stuffed, and jam packed with new yorkocity!

if ya dont know, now ya know....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

hello all

it has come to my attention, that blog blog looks so freakin boring!!! its all black and plain, and wack! i was blog serchin a couple days ago, and i seen some real cute ones...all pimped out and stuff. im no technical genious, nor do i really wanna be, but dang can it be some tutorials on this mug?!! cant they make it a little simpler than just "learn html, or shut up"? why are they tryna make me pay for stuff when they know good and well my behind is broke??

they should really make things simpler on here so this blog/website can look extra super cool and people will wanna watch it and stuff. that would be totally sweet if i could put videos on here and links and make it just instead of

ugh! so frustrating. i actually get frustrated very easily. idk why that is... i deal tho. i deal. my homie shardonay got me addicted to these wack BET reality shows now tho: harlem heights, baldwin hills, and college hill

what the heck is it about reality tv that hooks people??? i mean sheesh, i know they are bad to watch and they are killing the art of actual actors getting jobs on actual television shows and all...but i just love them all! i really need to stop watchin them tho, they get on my nerves.

this blog is pretty random, but oh well.

my top 3 websites for this week tho are: twitter, yahoo, and wikipedia

twitter is addictive as crap, yet annoying ant the same time, so i dont know what to do about it just yet, so im on there.

yahoo has it all, email, messenger, adn yahoo answers, the most infomtative thing is better than google to me. google is lame, yahoo is hype.

wikipedia is addictive for one mainn reason....the hyperlinks! lets say you wanna look up like...michael jackson or somethin, on the page, it may have a biography about him, and in the bopgraphy will be the name of some other celebrity you knida dont know, so you can just click on their name and go to their page...before you know it you be on like 50 million pages...just gettin all sucked in! its crazy, but highly informative.

another thing i must say really quick is, the freakin digital transition is a freakin joke! just get cable, seriously. me and my roomates have one....the picture quality is NOT better, it digitalizes all the time. the sound is NOT better, its choppy and sometimes its off. some channels i dont even egt anymore without using an antenna as well as the box, which is lame and redundant. smooth transition my a**!

obama is still on the cover of everything.

my ipod is broke, but lady ga ga is the ISH!!!

bye yawl!!!