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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some people are just...


Monday, March 23, 2009

whats bangin peeps

anywho, another blog another dollar (litterally, it could be another dollar if google adsense would just pay me my dang money from all these ads runnin on my site!).

something that i want to talk about today is the "recession". now, ok, people are talkin about this is the worst it has been since the great depression, and nobody has a job and all of that stuff, but come on now. Does everyone really have to always keep talking about it? why cant we just sit here and suffer in ignorance of the hardships of everyone else? must we know how pittifully hopeless it is all the time to be living in the country where people are cutting back on the costs of living just to survive?
i think this is partly the news' fault for always talking about it. if they keep talkin about it, people will keep thinking about it, which will keep them depressed, which will keep them hopeless...which will ultimatly keep them broke! if the news was a little more happier and talked about stuff that made people happy, they wouldnt be so depressed, they would get out more, they would feel more motivated to do what they want to do....america would be running at full steam again. yay america!

but does anybody listen to bretony? nope, they dont. and thats exactly the problem. i always be havin the master plan up in here, but noooobdy listens. thats cool tho. imma practice my method on myself and then you will all see that it works.

another slight suggestion that i have for america, is instead of giving out all these loans to big corperations and banks, and automakers and crap, the government should just give everyone over 18 a cool million dollars.
now hear me out! giving every eligable american a million dollars, it will immediatly increase the economy in that everyone will be buyin stuff! and if that doesnt get the ball rollin, well shoot...i dont know what will.
ofcourse there is the argument that money will loose its value. but in actuality, money is whatever we make it out to be. we are the ones who created the whole monitary system in the first place. money is just little pieces of paper that we say is worth something. and ANOTHER thing, the government givin out billions of dollars to these other companies who are loosing it at alarming rates of like a million a day? where is all this money goin anyway? cuz i sure aint seein it....AMERICA sure aint seein it. WHERE THE CRAP IS IT??? i just think that we need a better game plan. maybe america just needs to start from scratch or somethin. maybe we need to go back to a barter system. maybe we need to implament communism er somethin! shoot idk, but what i DO know is, this lil thang america got goin on right now aint workin.

i swear obama need to appoint me as a financial advisor. bretony for president!

p.s. please comment so i can know that people read this! i be feelin lonley :(

...even if its a bad comment...i like those the best anyway


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

deal or no deal....of life!!!

hey erbody...its me again....bretony. since im usually home during the day. like ALL day, and sometimes i dont even wake up until the tyra banks show comes on at like noon (eh, i work late!), im going to talk about the tv shows i watch, and the impact they have on me.

first show up, and the most important i think, is the show DEAL OR NO DEAL! now this show is a TAD annoying at times, however, i think it is the most direct comparrison to life as i know it to be. now follow me on this, the show is basically a chance show...a person picks a case out of like 30 or somethin, and then they keep picking cases to see if there is more money in their case or in another case. (as you can probably tell, im not good at explaining things, but look it up online!)
ANYWHO, through out the show, the person has to make choices as wether or not to trade in the case they have for money...but the thing is, they dont know what they have in their case. which is just like life!! at the beginning of our lives, we are given things...we dont knkow how those things are gonna shape our life, but we still have choices to make throughout life to either trade in what we were given for something else which could either be better...or worse. but whos to know what is better and what is worse? we cannot see that far down the road of life. choices are the main component of life as we know it, but the sad part about those choices is that we have absolutly no idea if we are making the right choice. ofcourse there may be signs and stuff, but whos to REALLy say that if you take that promotion you will be successfull? who is to say that marrying your high school sweetheart will end in everlasting romance? nothing! we are not fortune tellers! that game show is completly and utterly unfair. just like life is. and most of us waste our time complaining about how it isnt fair, when we actually just need to accept that as a fact. life isnt fair people. but that doesnt mean we cant work with what we are given...because we absolutly can. people on the show usually go home with a couple thousand dollars once they realize the fact that the game isnt fair and they just need to take what they can get out of it lol.


i also want to talk breifly about a couple other shows that i watch... americas next top model!!
the new season started up last week, and no im not on it! curses! but anywho, every season they do them makeover things...and it kills me EVERYTIME there is one poor girl who has to get her hair cut...even if its like long down her back. and there may be a little resistance...but what really kills me is tyra banks KNOWWWW good and WELLL that she need that weave to survive! if somebody told her she had to cut HER hair? it would be soooo a wrap. and then she got the nerve to tell people that they dont really wanna be a model cuz they dont wanna cut their hair. come on now ty! and another crazy thing, this crazy lady announced that ONLY short models will be on next season...


she is obviously confused about things in her life. if anything, i think they should lower the AGE, not HEIGHT. is she nuts? now i cant even try out no more ;(
skip them tho!

the last show i wanna talk bout is dumb, but ray j of love!! i dont know wtf it is about all these stupid vh1 reality shows, but i absolutly have to watch them! they probably put a spell on each episode. like for real. but ray j know his playa a** dont wanna find no dang love. none of them do. does anybody ever find love?? even on the non crazy ghetto fight club shows like the they find love? finding love on tv is like finding a hay in a haystack. but still tho, i like people trying to act like they like each other. idk. eh! guilty pleasure.

bretony updates: i will be in new york city april 4th through 9th!! yay me! i have a modeling job out there but if you wanna hang in ny, let a pimp know!
life is still good, still lovin it

still tryna get by!

but aight. thanks erbody! and ttyl!


Monday, March 02, 2009


omg to alot of things you guys...

i cant belive im saying this and meaning it, but i love my life right now. YOP! i actually do! everything has really been comming along quite nicely for me these past 2 weeks. so many good things have happened for me, and i dont know where its comming from. but i thank every person and spirit involved.

(p.s. i cant really type and think too well, im listening to my ipod right now, but i cant stop! she got a donk!)

but seriously yall, i have been doing more and more photoshoots, which i love. i got another JOB as a reasturant hostes, which is SWEET. another agency wants to meet with me tomorrow, which is the BOMB. but i think the most bestest thing of all is....

i got a freakin laptop in the mail today! thats right peeps, someone just straight up sent lil ole me a laptop cuz they knew i was in need! yes i know, they are insane, but now me not having a laptop wont be such a freakin hinderance on my life (which is now fabulous!)

im tellin you guys, you may not see it right away, but good things do happen to good people sometimes, and there really is a plan for your life. it will all work out if you just try to stay positive and keep focoused. things may get overwhelming, but that is inevitable. it is ok to feel how you feel, you dont need to tell everyone your buisness like i do, but maybe you can just tell one person.

which brings me to something, alot of people really, REALLY like talking to me about things for some odd reason. i really dont know what it is, but people on the internet are always asking me for advice and tips and telling me these random things. mainly on myspace i get messages ranging from my mothers boyfriend abuses me, to i am 100 pounds but i want to be skinnier, to i have suicidal thoughts, everything in my life is falling apart, and i dont know what to do with my life anymore....please help.

yes, that is a tad bit heavy for ya gurl b somedays, but i dont just not answer these people. everyone who asks me to listen, asks me for advice, i give them the best feedback that i can, using things that i have personally went through as well as things i have witnessed people i know go through. i just hope that they dont keep it all in. because that is truly the worst thing you can do peeps.

(ouch typers crap)

one thing tho, if people do come to you for you to just that, listen. actually listen. they will appreciate it. im tellin you they will.

now here is something i RARELY do, but im bout to give a couple shout outs:

alexis have been there from the beginning of the bretony era, you were lovin it, you even started your own to reach out to the people yourself. i know im not really good at keeping up with alot of things, but i still keep up when i can! i dont do that for everybody. i belive that you will accomplish everything you want. keep hope alive gurl!

fern!...umm, yeah. you just started gettin on the bretony train (not like that you freaks!), but im glad you finally decided to get on! you now know alot of things about me, and you are a person who listens. you have a good heart. you are living your life. and thats all that anybody could ever dream of. keep doin what you doin playa! (not playa, but you know!)

whitney and blair.... i know yall ninjas dont read this! but whitney is my best friend, and blair is her sister...they are like my sisters...and they are my roomates lol. blair took me and poor whitney into her own personal space to let us stay when we didnt have anywhere to go at ALL. i really dont even know where i would be if she hadnt let us live with her. i know you had to give up like....all your privacy, but we all have fun dont we?! dont we???? (we do yall, i cant live in no boring house). whitney has been there for literally EVERYTHING. like seriously. we are really both in this together...if one of us sinks, we both sink, if one of us swims, we both do. if one of us only has a dollar left to our name, we will buy a double cheese burger from mcdonalds and split it. my dog, my sister. love yall both. :)

(ugh this is gettin gay...and long)

internet homies....T1, sunshyne, notiq, mr. tate!, all are like the most frequent commenters (besides annonymous, whoever the crap THAT is). i really appreciate how you take time out of your day to see what i gots ta say about life and how crazy it is. you all are really what keep me going. i keep writing this because i know you all read it faithfully. thank you so much!!

you all are so great, but i gotta get outta here now. peices!!!


.....i cut my hair.....