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Friday, February 27, 2009

bretony be all on the cover of magazines and ish :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hello everyone, happy fat day!

well well well, long time no write, i know right! ugh! not having a laptop completly and utterly sucks popsickles! im working on gettin another one tho, so dont worry!

this post today will be about reflections. First and foremost I HAVEEEE to give the biggest shout out in the world to Pierre. LOVE YOU PIERRE!

Let me tell yall what this crazy person did....he actually went back and read every single blog I ever wrote on here. yeap, all 70 of them. (i know right! 70? what the heck do i even be talkin about?!) anywho, him reading them made me curious as to what the heck i was talkin about way back when in 2006. so i read a couple of past blogs myself, and i've changed alot! Its crazy all the stuff I went through these past couple of years. I have really grown as a person in a lot of differant aspects. i came across one blog in which i was talking about gettin over cheating....but low and behold, that young naive bretony had never actually been cheated on to the extent that she was yet to have been cheated on. now i have a completly differant view on the matter. there was a blog when i was single and lonley....there were blogs when i ranted about my horrible i rant about how i need one lol. my how the times have changed!

reading my old blogs also lead me to another conclusion. my most controversial ex. i actually messaged him and told him that i was soooo over him it wasnt even funny...just to make things perfectly clear between us ofcourse... we ended up, not so much talking as we did arguing, but our conversation was very enlightening. since i was over him, i decided to ask about his new he proceded to tell. eh, she aint all that...but i guess he was tellin me how all his friends and family like her better than people actually really didnt even like me at all. fake. how people thought i was concieted because i like to take pictures (mainly of my chest). eh! its whatever, but i really dont like the fact that them hoes was fake to me about it. if its one thing i can not STAND, its when people have something to say about me, but tell other people...and continue to act like my friend! heffa you dont even know me, okay?

ugh! irritation. i guess im back on facebook lol, eh. i really wanna get off, but i like looking through my photo albums (not in a concieted way!)

but back to the ex tho.... in talking to him, it seems apparent that this fool likes rubbing things in my face. which is all fine and dandy with me, cuz guess what chico, im not bout to rub a thing in your face...not even lotion...nothin. imma just live my life quietly and do what the heck i gotta do. and if i do this right, i wont even HAVE to say nothin. the best revenge (not that im seeking any tho), is succeding. remeber that everyone. next time somebody is tryna tell you something about yourself, you dont have to say a thing, cuz actions speak WAY louder than words....and im bout to be straight yellin at his a**!

yeap! so i guess thats pretty much it, continue to pray for me, as i pray for you.

P.S. my new addiction is twitter!!! a million bazillion times better than facebook....twitter is crunk! (yea im bringin crunk back)

resses peices!!! (that means bye)

Monday, February 16, 2009

chuckle chuckle...

lol @ me not even mentioning it was valenties day last post. oh well, i guess by the non mention of it you can kinda figure v day isnt exactly my FAVORITE holiday. ANYWHO! i kind of mentioned it a little bit in the last post, but i am writng a book... i am also reading a lot of books. i bought about 10 books in the last 2 weeks. all helping to enlighten my mind on this never ending quest to find out exactly who i am, where im going, and where i will end up.

i think im doing a pretty good job! well, as far as the soul searching goes...however, soul serching is expensive...and i still only work one day a week! i really need to do somethin to get money! any ideas? eh, i know the economy is bad and all, but i still have a few rules: no fast food, no happiness jobs, and nothing too far from where i live. i know that doing any of those things will make me unhappy and nothing will ever get accomplished. but seriously tho, ideas??

(christina augilera - fighter...just found it kinda ironic how this was the next random song that played in my ipod)

signs. that is one thing that has been pretty clear in my quest. there are signs all around us. i dont know if i mentioned this in any of y previous blogs, but i believe that i am part psychic. i wont go into detail right now but just trust me on this. i have very strong premonitions and VERY strong de ja'vu ish type feelings. i can also predict what people are gonna say sometimes and sometimes even what is about to happen. on a small scale ofcourse, but i think if i "excersise my brain" if you will, i will be able to really be in tune with more of my mind power.

if you all didnt know, humans only use a very small portion of thier brain. god gave us all of it, so why dont we practice using more of it instead of the part that we always use for the same stuff. think outside the box, color outside the lines, question authority! all that cliche ish.

but seriously tho, i need some dang money. so if you DO infact have any suggestions, feel FREE to holla at a pimp! also if you want advice on anything, my door is always open, just let me know!

mkay yawl, i think that is enough for me! ttyl!

p.s. i am STILL topless....LAPtopless that is (lol!). sad but true.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

everyone, no one, and a few other folk....

i am such a poet. my writing skills are like...sweet. i wrote a song last night called "forever is a long time". it was simply the bomb. im currently writing my book called life as bre know it, as most of you may (lol!) anywho.... i am not on my own computer. sad isnt it. the donations arent exactly pouring in for my new laptop as i had hoped.... eh! i'll get it myself. anywho. im kinda in a rushed im just gonna leave it at.... follow me on twitter home skillz!!

(cuz i can update that from my phone)

aight peaces!

Monday, February 09, 2009


like seriously tho?? come on now... my laptop CANT be broken. oh but it is. it broke about 2 weeks ago actually. or i think it was the date of my last post. but anywho. that mug is broke! it wont even cut on! its really a mess. that laptop was my life line. i would have rather my phone been broken then my laptop. i dont even like talkin to people on the phone! but oh well, God has a plan of action.

what does this mean for the internet tho? hmm. well, it means i cant do ish until i get a new laptop! and my job doesnt really pay ":stacks on deck" persay. speaking of stacks on deck tho lol, I got to see souljah bwah tellem at my job lol. LOL! i know right. but eh, i like that she got a donk song so it was cool. besides the fact that my laptop broke, I have been pretty happy. my life is slowly but surely getting together. and it really starts from the inside out. i have started eatingf better, reading more, doing prayer and meditation. getting all forms of reationships either fixed up, or cut off. it is truly a very cleansing process that i highly recomend for all.

im at ghetto wayne state university's computer lab right now, so i cant really type a whole lot. but maybe i will come back another day this week to finish talkin and ish. hmm, what else.

OH! the chris brown rhianna thing....smh..... i dont know all the details, as no one does yet, but im still gonna speculate anyway (like everyone does lol) I HEARD that rhianna gave chris herpes and then he started whoppin her a**! then she called 911 and junk, then chris turned himself in. now...that may not ALL be true, but they have already started takin chris's endorsements off tv! wtf! i loved that doublement commercial! i think they should take rhianna's dumb a** covergirl commercial off tv too! you know, just until everything is cleared up and stuff. but eh! who am i to judge.

this earthy livin is aight yall, but i mean sheesh, imma need to get SOME kinda technology back in my life dang! i can check the blog from my phone, but i cant write blogs from my phone, so i guess until next time, holla @ playa! and gimme some feedback!

thank ya!