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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whenever something that someone else is doing begins to irritate me, I think to myself, am I guilty of this thing that is irritating me? If so, why do I do it? What is the point? What is the purpose? I really do try to figure out the reasons why people do the things they do. Maybe its a lost cause however, due to the fact that people are vastly differant. In saying that lol, I'm gonna talk about my subject of this blog: defense, subliminals, and unnecesary beef

But first! I moved into my own place! (Sorta) well, I'm payin rent atleast. I rented out a room for an indian guy. Its him and a white lady there. The white lady is kinda crazy, but thank goodness she stays in her room. But the indian guy is super nice and cooks all the time. Super spicy. The room is ok, atleast its a space of my own for now. So as you can see people! I finally am getting somewhere with my life! I think... I remember when up and moving to jersey was just a simple thiught in my head...and blog lol. Now it is a reality. Believe in yourself people! This blog is proof that you can get what you want out of life. And when I get really famous, I'll look back and read all my super broke blogs. How fun!

So on to the topic! First things first, as u all may very well know, I am addicted to arguing with people, I love it.that junk is fun to me. But it seems like sometimes people go out of there way to start stuff. I was reading a blog of mine where this one girl was bashin me and callin me stupid cuz of something I said. It was so ugh. Irritating. If you don't even know someone like that, how can u even comment on such a multi fascited thing as intelligence? It was OBVIOUS that person hadn't read any of my other blogs. Another thing that annoyed me. They kept saying my facts weren't straight and I needed to "do my research". Now this phrase really irritates me, let me tell ya why. First of all, in the actual sense, research consists of hands on trail, error, evidence collection, lots of things. People mainly say "do your research and don't just believe everything you hear". Negro, it aint like you out there collectin actual hands on facts yo own dang on self... Newsflash: research on the internet IS believing something you hear. You don't absolutly know that stuff is true either so wtf? Most things come from what other people say to you, so chill with all that "do your research" b.s.

But even tho that kinda stuff gets on my nerves, what gets on my nerves more? Subliminals! there are many of them out there. you may not even know about em really, cuz the whole point of a subliminal is to be just that...sublime. its basically when someone has somethig to say to you specifically, but they act like its just something general that they are saying. instead of telling YOU about it, they just talk about it as if they arent talking about anyone in particular (eh, that sounded kinda redundant, but i dont feel like proofreadin all up and through this mug).
some subliminals are ok, cuz everybody just cant be knowing every single little thing. but it gets annoying when you just KNOOOOW they are talking about you and they swear its general. as much as i love mariah, her song obsessed is straight up bout eminem. stop lyin sweetie. im not one to go through a whole bunch of people to tell a person what i gots to say. ....then again, i find myself using subliminals sometimes...
on to pointless beef. there is puerto rican guy at my job. he is hella funny, but one day, he was mad at this one guy who kept putting boxes on his side because he would get finished super fast. he got mad at the guy for that and just started doin ALLLLL this complainin. i finally had to turn to him and be like, dog! stop complaining to yourself about it, the guy you are mad at is right there! work it out with him and stop yappin in my ear! (he kept yappin)
but i just though it was the most pointless beef ever. dont get me wrong, some beef is funny and highly entertaining, but the pointless beef? why? just why? some people also only want to talk to you when its to argue about something. and its like, dude, out of all the things you could be talking to me about, THIS is the thing you feel most passionatly about?
blog oh tell yall the honest to goodness truth tho, i forgot a lot of the things i was gonna say lol. im kinda half sleep, and im never around the internet when the ideas be poppin...but that was basically a general layout! if yall got questions, comments, concerns, critisicms, holla at me and maybe it mill jog my memory! :)
anywho tho, the next blog is my 100th blog entry wahooo!! i might have a celebration up in this mug! let me know what yall want me to talk about in that one.
aight love yall (sometimes)
peaaaacee (sleep time)

Monday, August 17, 2009

i have a new video everybody!

yay, go check it out. its nothing too spectacular, just a video resume soo i can get a real job up in here!

Friday, August 07, 2009


i hate sales. like really. i do. i just realized this because...aalll these freakin customer service jobs i apply for and interview for, they all talkin bout goals and ish, quotas and what not. it was all a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me. ofcourse i fake it like i love it..."oh i just love customer service! its the bomb!" (lies. clearly. anyone who reads my BLOG knows that i hate freakin custo servo)

but its like, 90 percent of stuff is about sellin stuff! first of freakin all, ninjas aint got jobs! thats why people still in this stupid recession! sellars keep sellin, people keep buyin like they got it...knowin they dont...then they gotta get a second job to sell to more broke ninjas...the cycle continues.

i hate people trying to sell me stuff every 5 minutes everywhere i go. yet i feel bad becuase i know its just them tryna make a living. i hate when people pressure me and pressure me, and force stuff upon me. i hate when people have quotas. its like sheesh, you cant MAKE people buy stuff. if they want it, they'll get it! aint nothin special to it. aint no technique...aint nothin! if you build it, they wil come. not if you build it, shoce it down their throat with phony smiles and fake concern. ugh. just be real. why can people just be real? why is being real such a freakin deal breaker? why must you have to be a bublly, ditzy, falsley concerned, irritating sales person? i respect honesty. so i mean hey, thats just me. maybe other people are differant.

and dont even get me started in the upper level management sales people who are so serious about their job. thats all they talk about. thats all they think about. i mean come on, if you dont seel 300 items a day, is your life really going to be over? newsflash: its not!
lol @ me being so annoyed with this whole world, but really, arent we all a little annoyed and too concerned with other things to say so? i get annoyed by a lot of things ya know, but seriously...come on sales people. just let me come into the store, get what i want, and get out. if i need help, i'll ask. and people who hire people for customer service jobs, dont be so uptight. im not gonna b*tch slap customers. but im not gonna be all fake and crap. i'll sell stuff, but im not gonna beg ninjas. sheesh., im really not meant for sales i guess...

oh well! plan b!

hasta luego mamis y papis (darn spanish speakin sweat shop)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

a bunch if pics for you chicks....and fellas!

man i be lookin so differant all the time!...
imma take more pics of the city when i get a chance. holla back!

Friday, July 31, 2009

self awareness...

my name is bretony amber mcgee. everyone miss-pronounces my name.
i am 22. i think im too old.
i am very self-conscious, but i am working on it.
i want to be a high fashion supermodel but im too short, old, and acne ridden.
i love to dance and sing.
i dont like wearig a lot of clothes.
i like attention.
i dont take things too seriously.
i flirt to get what i want.
i do not like mean people.
i cry alot.
im very retrospective, psychological, and inter-personal.
i cant spell.
i lead people on.
i dont have a solid plan for my life.
i would like to live on a deserted island.
i like to people watch.
i dont believe in love right now, maybe it'll change, but right now i dont
i am weak, lazy, and i make excuses.
i complain alot.
im not slutty, but people think i am sometimes. eh, i guess its the way i put myself out there.
i would love to be on tv and have my own show as an outlet for people to listen to the things i have to say.
i would like for people in the world to be more open minded and self aware.
i want to help people as much as i can.
i have little faith.
i doubt God.
i like to write but my hands get tired sometimes.
i love food.
i cant cook.
i try to get over on people.
i'd rather i get hurt than someone else get hurt.
im hypocritical sometimes.
i have many regrets, even though its taboo to have regrets.
i have bad grammer.
i think people do me wrong.
i dont like people who think they are never wrong or have no faults or flaws.
i am addicted to reality tv.
i am not respected.
i really couldn't care less about politics. sorry.
i dont know where my life is headed.
i do a lot of thinking.
i am flawed.

....i am aware of all these things. and the first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge a problem. who is to decide what are the problems we need to fix and which ones are just us being us? no one can decide this but you. i suggest you all make a self awareness list so we can start getting our lives together and stop waisting time. life can be very confusing. sometimes very messy. but we have to start somewhere in the organization process. or else...what are we even doing but furtherly disorganizing?

i am satisfied just knowing people have read this.
i will be sad if you disregard it...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey yall! I'm typing this on my phone! So hype I know, but it may not look right, so eh.

This post is mainly about something that has been on my mind...its very hard being a girl sometimes. I mean, aside from all the other stuff we deal with, most things in the world revolve around men trying to get with us every 5 minutes on a daily basis. It really does get irritating. I mean, I literally can't go NO freakin where without somebody tryna get my number! Like even normal everyday places like the grocery store, a resturant, anywhere...they all want it. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I use it to my advantage to get what I want (which may be wrong on some levels, but eh, I'm no moral oral), but other times I really do just try to normally live my life. It don't work tho.

If I try to be just friends with a guy, that don't work either...its always somethin more they want. They always try to make a move. Why can't we just be normal!! I can't have every guy in the world, nor do I really want to, but why do guys just assume that I'm not even with nobody? Like who are you even to just go ahead and make plans for us like I aint got nothin else to do?

Let me tell yall a for instance... So I went to this temp agency for work right? So they had me fillin out forms and junk, normal right? So blah blah blah, a couple days later, this fool from the temp agency calls me out the blue talkin bout "hey its ***** from the agency. I got your number from one of the forms you filled out..." What the feezey???
"I was calling to see if you wanted to go to a party this weekend..."
Oh LORRDDD! Now what am I suppose to do? This guy is responsible for gettin my a JOB! Its like if I don't flirt back, things are weird, or maybe he won't look as hard, or whatever! Either way, it sucks.
So guys won't help me unless I'm mad flirtin, and women won't help for some odd reason (jealous? Eh, idk). Some women are nice tho...

But anywho, it just gets frustrating sometimes...

And I'm not even the finest girl ever like that, so I wonder how it is for the real fine ones. (I need to stop sellin myself short tho, I'm a bad a** b*, sometimes)

Anywho, that's about it yall. Comment!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i have a job....yay? (also, my skin isnt as horrible as it use to be...woop woop!)

so peeps, long time no blog right!!?? i know! been doing so much! i have also been keepig a daily journal, so i havent completly neglected the documentatino of my life... just put it into differant venues. anywho! yea yall, after much loking and much brokeness, i actually found a sorta kinda job. but let me tell you about it, its a freakin sweat shop!

ok, so, i went thru a temp agency that's like 10 minutes from where i stay, i had to be there at 6 in the freakin morning for who knows what. i stayed there til about 9, then the guy told me that they found me something to go to at about 10. i say cool right? then he told me about the job...

dun dun dun!!!

he said it was a warehouse called hand pack inc. i was gonna be doing some packing or some ish, i was gonna be there till 6, i was gonna be making minimun wage, and i was gonna be the only english speaker there! i was like whoa, what?? but before i knew it, there was a van outside waiting to take everyone there. it was in a city in jersey about 30 minutes away by car. i got there right...i thought atleast the managers were gonna speak english. wrong!! she gave a little speach in spanish...only thing i understood was "chica's"
i was just about to ask her what she said, but then a girl came up to me speaking english, asking did i understand what the lady said. i said no! heck no! i am so greatfull for my translator friend who was there. she was literally the only one who spoke ANY english. the others didnt even speak a LITTLE english. it was horrible. we took a little break. nobody told me i had to bring a lunch so i was just SOL. but luckily the bilingual friend (i think her name is leis), shared some of her food with me. she a kinda bigger girl tho, so all her food was health, diet, sugar free type ish. i was greatfull nonethe less!
after the break, we started working in the cotten fields. i didnt understand what the lady asked me to do to, so she had to just do an example, the i shook my head "yes". what i had to do was unpack boxes full of books and stack them up for the lady to grab then, WHILE collecting empty boxes and stacking them up for another girl to get. the work was non stop, tedious, and boring. and the managers kept yelling at us (in spanish ofcourse) to go faster. im like why we gotta go faster/ do you want us to die?? even if i did say that out loud, it wouldnt have mattered because they didnt understand me anyway. the whole time i was working, i was thinking to myself... this is freakin slavery! how can these people continue to work here! but then i realized its because they dont speak a lick of english, this is probably all they can do. it was really sad. i was really tired. oh AND we had to stay there until 8 because we started a little bit late. it was really horrible, sweat shop, slave labor, and i cant believ it was only for minimum wage. that was the hardest work i had ever done ever. blah. its a job i guess. and its only temporary. thats what my bilingual friend told me. she is really a nice girl, i hope she gets outta there soon. all the other spanish people there were mean tho.

oh well yall, thats my lame new wack job. i have to go back to it on monday. dont know how long i'll last, but eh. we'll see. why cant i just get a nice little 17 dollar an hour secretarial job in manhattan like i really want?! why is the getting a job pocess so loooong, drawn out, and wack! ugh, soon as i get famous, things are gonna change. i have much more stuff to blog about, but im hungry! so i will holla back peeps!

bye bye

Monday, June 22, 2009


i swear i had a premonition today about a subway accident. who knew that exactly today, there was a subway accident. it wasnt in nyc tho, it was in d.c. but still! its wierd man! I am always having werid premonitions like that, and weird dreams and just all kind of crazy sightinhg and visions. its kinda crazy.

i still havent found a job yet. but i will dont worry! im gettin like 4 jobs so i guess i need this time to rest up brefore becoming a work-a-holic. my peeps back in detroit are still strugglin tho. i told them we should just all move out here togther but no one ever listens to me. we could have all just shared one big 2 bedroom in like queens or somethin. woulda been straight.

anywho. i still need to see a psychologist. i think my brain is messed up. i think it needs to be re-wired or something. i keep wishing for impossible things then get super depressed when i dont get them... but they are impossibe, how can i get them? right??
its al very weird to me. i just need to talk to someone about it. but who? im tired of talking to myself because i give myself the same crappy feedback and it doesnt work.
in addition to this blog, i now have a journal. i tell my journal more persoal stuff (i know right, how does it get more personal than this?) oh but it does my friends, oh but it does. so when you all get a chance, after im dead and stuff, you can feel free to ask one of my friends or famlily members to publish it and read it.
it has also come to my knowledge that i havent taken any pictures of myself lately. i think its because i be lookin crazy to myself all the time. but as SOON as i feel cute again. its a photoshoot!

bretony's suggested reading book club kinda sorta thinga ma jig:
"the rapture of cannan" by sheri reynolds

"best book ever!!!"
- bretony mcgee

anywho, bye!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

me up in yo area

hey yall, just checkin up on my blog to say that yes i still love it here, its the bomb. still aint got no job, but oh well...hopefully i will have either one or two by next week and all that jazz.

there is one thing tho. i am extremly LONLEY!! i never thought i would be like this, but i miss all my friends so much! i wish they were out here with me to take the subway and junk with me and sight see and hang out and be bums and go to the mall and the beach and just....hang!

right now its just me :( i dont know hardly anyone. oh well, hopefully i will get some people im cool with and start hangin with them and get rid of this dead give away midweastern accent!

Friday, June 12, 2009

hey bums!

guess what?


well, actually, i am technically in jersey city new jersey...but its like 10 minutes away! anywho, YES!!! i finally did it peeps. what did i tell yall huh??? what! i said i do everything i set my mind to do. it may take a while, but i DO eventually get it done. first stop stop, THE WORLD!

muaaa ah ah ah!!

lol, i just really am so happy you guys. i've only been here for a day, but i went out looking for jobs today. i applied to alot of places in union square. however, if someone with some kind of hook up is reading this...hook a sista up wit a job! i aint got one yet!

i got my metro card, my ...i forgot the name of that other card..oh yea, smart link just all freakin set. and so excited :)

i will definatly keep yall updated on my trials and tibulations.
for the most up to the minute stuff tho, you can add my twitter...cuz im addicted and i twit all the time.

anywho! off to be a new yorker bay beeee~ holler!!!

:))))) x a million

p.s. pics and video to come...maybe

Sunday, June 07, 2009

one thing i love....reading my old writings! i use to keep a diary when i was very young, still in middle school i think , maybe even elementary. everything was in that book! then one day when i was in high school, my mom wanted to talk to me about something. i sat down at the kitchen table and there it was, my diary. locked pryed open. she skimmed through the pages as i saw highlighted areas of...."bad things" i had done. my evil b word sisters had stolen my diary and highlighted all of the parts that they thought would be of intrest to my mom! wtf! what kind of bull?? after that pretty much, i realized it was a lost cause to keep a diary around my evil sisters and i just stopped writing. i have never seen the diary since. i know it has to be somewhere over my parents house, but just like me, they move so much that it isnt even funny anymore. my diary is probably gone forever. but i really do hope one day i find it. and if i do, this blog will be the first to know about it!

since the great diary fiasco of 2003 however, i have since written in many other notebooks and junk. i just love notebooks and blank paper. it turns me on for some strange reason. i love going back to read what was on my mind at particular times. its interesting to see if my views are still the same and the words i use to describe things. right now, im gonna transcribe an excerpt from the pages of one of my notebooks. the book im writting actually, called "life as bre know it', where i pick a subject and write about my views on it and stuff. here is the chapter that i called "Bre on hoes, hoochies, and sluts"...its kinda funny, but also long, so if you dont read it all i understand, but still tho, here it is, an excerpt! oh! this excerpt is rated r.

Bre on hoes, hoochies, and sluts
Where the hell do i even begin with these low down, scum of the earth ass bitches? First off, every girls has a little hoe in them, yes even me. Also, every girl has the potential to be a bitch. And not just girls, but boys too, even though its way more offensive to call a girl the b word... i guess... because well... i dont really know. Its probably for the same reason it more offensive for a white person to call a black person the n word reather than vice versa. Anywho! Bitches. Wether they come in male or female form. Bithces are the main topic for the other categories (all other names are just euphamisms). I will start with the hoes. Hoes can be harmless. CAN BE! Don't get confused tho, they can easily turn into sluts. Hoes are the ones who you probably don't know. they are more of the groupie type. Any guy they see that is trying to do something with their life, or is decent looking, they will jump on the case to flirt, wether he is single or not. Hoes are gold diggers. They want a man's money. They do hoeish things even if they arent single. Flirting or "hoeing around" if you will, is a main thing for hoes to do. They may want your man, but they probably arent gonna get him...most of the time, hoes are busted anyway.
Hoochies, or "hoochie mamas", are the next form of bitches. Hoochie mamas are fine as heck...maybe even finer than you! Im talkin bout body, face, total package (as far as looks are concerned that is). hoochie mamas can also be hoes, but hoes cannot be hoochie mamas. a hoochie may not be trying to turn anyone on necessarily, but they do! Every guy in the place wants the hoochie, and the hoochie knows this. They play on their strong point, weather it be t(itts) or a(ss). At a club, they will dance and be the center of attention. They may let men feel on them, let them get a sample of all they have to offer. Out in public, they are usually with someone less fine than they are, to make them look even better. Their clothing is short, revealing, and leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Very scantily clad. Your man will definatly want the hoochie, but that desnt mean the hoochie will want your man. But beware, in the uncommon event a hoochie does in fact want your man, chances are, the hoochie will become a slut, a f(uck) your man. Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, the sluts are the worst bitches of all.
Sluts you may know, sluts you may know very well. Sluts will GET to know you very well. Because they want your man. They want to have sex with him. And if your man is not a good man, the slut WILL have sex with him. Sluts dont care. their main goal in life is to have SEX,even if they do have a boyfriend, they want to have sex with other peoples boyfriends. Oh, and they're freaks too. They are willing to do practically anything with anybody. They are always down for whatever, whenever (i wont go into detail but use your imagination). They will smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place, backstabbers...Backstabbers! Dont really know a sluts motivation, but it could be any female at any moment. That is why its very hard to have female friends these days...because anyone of them could be a slut, and you just never know. You never know about each new female you meet, because they could be tryna screw yo man! you can't be nice to anyone, you can't assume anything when itcomes to sluts. It is pretty easy to determine a female slut after a while, but male sluts are totally differant. They are way harder to determine, because frankly, all men a sluts! Well, all the ones that I have met are. Even though they may seem to be in a monogomous relationship, they are constantly lusting. Sexually lusting for that of the opposite sex, and whenever they get the slightest hint, I can gaurantee you that they will almost always adheed to the temptations set before them.
As the old saying goes, "cant turn no hoe into no housewife", when actually, yea you can. Even sluts can be turned back to their origional wholesomeness. The onlyway though, is through the power of love. Love is just that powerfull to do just that, make a person forget about everyone else and just concentrate on the one they love...both boys and girls. But love my friend is very complex, and is seemingly just a myth, so who knows. Until thre is true love though, there will be no end to a person's hoeisness, slutiness, or being a hoochie mama. But what is love anyway. That will be discussed in the next chapter!
hmm... that was interesting. i guess you could really tell what my a** was goin through at the time! lol! i may have to do some revisions on this chapter, but of well...until next time peeps...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


i just figured out the key to my life. i think i finally realize God's purpose for me. and im gonna share it with this blog so i can realize it even more...(then im gonna go write a rap to this beat that i cant get outta my head)

so. here it is...yesterday, i was looking in the mirror, like i usually my face. how its ridden with bumps and marks and dryness and oiliness and all that other stuff. i was really getting depressed looking at it. as always. then i got on the phone. i was talking to the person about my problems. i asked, why is it that some people have it so easy? why is it that they are born with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect bodies, and dont have to work for it...its just natural?

as i was venting, i came to a realization about my life. i was not born perfect. i wasnt born with a clean pallate of skin. i wasnt born with long flowing curly hair, nor a vuluptous (sp) body. i wasnt born into a rich, nice family. none of that. i was born me. so if i want my skin to be better, im going to have to work for it. its not just gonna be handed to me on a silver platter. hmmm...then i LIFE isnt gonna be handed to me on a silver platter. im gonna have to work for that ish. I was given this to teach me how to work for what it is that i want. The things I want are not going to come easy. They wont be handed to me. I wasnt born with oppertunity. But what i WAS born with is the determination and drive to do it. i just havent figured that out yet. i guess i just have to start small. once i conquer this one thing, i can learn to trust myself into working for the bigger things that i need. i have all the tools i need, now it is time for me to use them.

this acne was a sign in my life that i am JUST now beginning to realize. people...if you wanna get ahead in life, you HAVE to be aware of the signs that life is giving you! another sign that i've had recently was kinda freaky...

not freaky like that you freaks!

i saw a dead bird on day. just laying on the street. then i saw another like the same day. i was like whoa what the heck? i had never seen anything like that. and i was like ew, why am i seeing this? then i realized it had to be a deeper meening. ofcourse! killing two birds with one stone! moving to new york will help me kill 2 birds with one stone somehow, two things that have been plauging me. but then...i saw ANOTHER dead bird.

what could this mean? it MEANS that i will kill more than 2 birds with this one stone. I will accomplish everything that i need to.

maybe i have figured out the key to my life you guys...


maybe im just crazy.

only time will tell! peices!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i need to find out a way to get more site traffic to this dang stupid ugly freakin blog... (just playin blog, you know i love you)

anywho, seriously tho. everyday i get on the internet...adn i browse and browse and browse, looking for something that is gonna change my life, trying to be in the right place at the right time, internetly speaking ofcourse.

trying to gain some sort of knowledge that i hadnt had before. trying to realize what other people are doing, going through, tlaking about, thinking about, making videos about, writing blogs about.

i try to sign up for things, i try to win things, i just basically try everything i can think of. yet where am i? still in the same spot as i always am. wtf!

the internet is too dang big and full of stuff for me not to know how to use it properly. nobody tells me anything, everything is so intricate and complicated, every page leads to yet another, everything is so darn technical. but once i figure this whole thing out, HA. trust me, its gonna really be on and poppin. and im gonna bring it all back to my wonderful blog and share it with the rest of the world. why you may ask? cuz i aint stingy!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


yay me and all that jazz

...that is all, carry on :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


what is yours? what is mine? does anybody really have one? why do we complain about our lifves? does everything really happen for a reason? why do i ask so many questions i KNOW that i will never factually know the answers to? we all have to read this book called the alchemist, but besides that, whats up with yall?

i've been slowly and surely trying to figure this life thing out. its hard. its complicated. sometimes i cant deciepher up from down, left from right, right from wrong... sometiems i wish i could go back to when i was a baby so i could live my life all over again. i dont think i did it right. but on the other hand, would i even be the same person i am? i hate kanye, but in a song of his he says everything he's not has made him everything he is. its kinda true. eh. everything. every SINGLE thing that we have done in our life has lead up to the point that we are right now. one thing differant and we probably wouldnt be anything like the person we are today.

i keep saying that im old. and i am kinda old in my mind. but alot of people say to me 'bretony, you arent old! shut up!' i be like 'i am old!' then they say 'no you aint!' and then that usually goes on for a while...

and then i think about it like, im kinda NOT that old. i just feel stuck. but when i think about it, i would just be graduating college right now. so ACTUALLY, im kinda not that old. its like i've just been in college all this time. havent really been learning anything educational persay....but i have been learning about real life. and real life can teach you a whole lot. so i've come to terms with the fact that IM NOT THAT OLD! (well actually i am gonna be that old in a week, because im turning 22 on may 26th! ahhhh! old!) i have a lot of life ahead of me tho. that is if i dont die a weird freakish death sometime before then. which is unlikely :)

i've also learned that as far as complaining goes, we need to give ourself a little talk before we start to verbally express certain feelings. we need to take the thing we are about to complain about and put it into either one of two categories: things that i can do something about, and things i cant do anything about. for instance, complaining about how tall you are. you cant change how tall you are! so stop b*tchin about it and just learn to love yourself. complaining about how broke you are...that is fixable, so instead of complaining and regretting and blaming people, think of how you can NOT be broke. duh people. this simple method could help eliminate complaints altogether and just get people motivated to solve their own problems and embrace what they cant change. think about it. you know its the truth.

fact of the matter is, even though people get on my nerves, i try to help everyone be the best person they can be. but i know that starts with me. im not too old. i have nothing to complain about. read the alchemist, its a good book, it'll make you think.

also read goosebump books, they can be scary.

ok peeps. that pretty much it, holla at a pimp!

p.s. and yes i did say my brithday is next week!!

you can give me a birthday present by sending something to my paypal (

cuz im broke! (im not complaining tho !)

k bye!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

hey blog!

whats up. its me here. ya homie. or maybe not ya homie. im checkin in to see how everyone out there is doin. it seems like its always me me me me, but i really do like to hear what everyone else is doing sometimes. so let a sis know.
anywho, in other news. im gonna tell you my "plans" or whatever for the "summer" or whatever...or whatever!

ok so, thing is, i kinda gotta be outta my "apartment" by june 1st, but actually i gotta be out by like next week, but i TECHNICALLY have to be out like this week. its complicated as you can see. i have been going over all of my possible options, which is kinda werid seeing that i have absolutly no money, no assests, and piles of debt. but thats cool. i aint stressin. the most recent plan of many plans that i have like every 5 minutes, was to go on a cross country road trip with my best freind whitney...but turns out, whitney is a huge stick in the mud and does not want to go with me anymore...talkin bout how she has to be in a "specific place" or some other junk.

i just wish there was someone in this world like me. so i can elate to them, so i can tell them all my ideas and they'll just be like ok bretony! lets go! lets do it!. nah. nothin like that over here. all my friends are sticks in one huge pile of mud!

so i was talking to another friend of mine about the situation, and he's like, why dont you just go by yourself? FIRST of all...what the heck i look like cross country travelin with my high yellow self all up in the dark and loneliness of the open freakin road knowin good and well i have no clue where im goin, no money and no nothin. and SECOND of all, my mom is NEVER gonna let me use her car if she thinks its just gonna be me and the dusty trails. hecky naw.

then we talked somemore and he insinuated how it seems like i am too highly dependant on others to do things with me. which eh, i knida am, i'll admit. but its like sheesh, some things you just need other people. but i kinda get where he commin from. kinda. maybe. a little bit. i just need to stop trying to convince others to do things with me and just do that shit my own self.

i need to stop making "esxcuses" and just do things i guess. if i really want it that is.

p.s. i want a lip ring still. i might get one this week. (lol, but seriously tho)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

boys, boys, boys....and girls too

its come to my attention, that there are many people in this world... many boys, many girls, many men, many women. lil wayne (who i hate!) has this song called "every girl", talkin bout how he wishes he could smash every girl in the world...which first of all, ew...every girl? come on lil wayne, have some standards er somethin. but secondly, that really is how these guys think. you can never have too many girls. their goal in life is to get with as many as possible, no matter what. now boys have the advantage over us girls in the fact that they have no emotions. they can do it to everybody they want and just keep on pushin. suuuuure they may SAY they have a main girl, but blah. boys dont usually give a crap about all that. now girls on the other hand, some have these things called "emotions" in which they feel more attracted to a particular guy over the other. with girls its about quality rather than quantity. with boys its the opposite.

now this is usually the norm for boths sexes, however, when a girl crosses over into acting as a guy does when it comes to this situation, she is looked at strangely or "hoeish". and if a guy does the opposite and crosses into the ways of girls, he is looked at lol.

girls are supposed to be the ones that get attached. guys arent. who made these silly rules. which brings me to another thing. relationships...marriage....commitment. whats it all about huh? how are people supposed to pick just ONE whole person out of litterlay billions? and once we are in a relationship, we're stuck right? until someone messes up that is. why cant people just live life?

actually, some people do live life. some people dont. i guess if you want to be a live lifer, you have to find other live lifer's and leave the conservatives alone.

in case you havent noticed by now, im a STRONG liberal. i just get frustrated from time to time by all the rules of life...the world...all these people with their judgements. i say, if it aint harmin nobody, whats the harm? so yea, thats my advice for eeryone out there....roll with your own kind. rolling with an opposite, trying to mesh your views together...will be very messy and painfull. yea...thats some pretty good advice if i do say so myself. just know what you're getting into. if you know you are a certain way, dont try to fool people into thinking you are another way. be you! be happy! do what you want in life, just make sure everyone is on the same page lol...

thats the problem with the world today... no communication!

liberals stand up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

something really quick to everyone out there...

i KNOW that one day everything I am trying to accomplish will be acheived. Its not even a question to me...but i just wanna say, I will remember all of the ones who have been there from the beginning. I will not forget you. and all the little scrimpy ones who will try to slide in saying that they have been there from day one, knowing GOOD AND WELL they never gave me the time of day, ignored me, didnt want to support me, or all kind of other stuff, i will remember you all dont even try it!

if you dont like me now, keep not liking me, just dont be fake about it when you find out i could help you one day.


(thanks Dell!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

new york will be my new home...soon

so like, yea. seriously, it will be. i just got back from there last weekend, but seriously tho, i dont even wanna acknowledge that im back in umm...where i am right now, because ya know what! im going back to new york so soon that it wont even matter!

i had so much fun there! i went with my sister and her husband...they wanted to do a whole lotta touristy stuff lol, but i wanted to act like i was a native. when somebody asked where i was from, i said brooklyn! and then he threw me off when he said what i said, the bronx! then he started laughin and said oh okay... and then somebody said i sounded country! i dont sound no country! anywho, i still had such a blast either way. i've decided that i need to live in the east village because its just so freakin TIGHT! everybody says how expensive ny is and all, but actually...its really not. its all in our minds. its all fake! money is not real! if you want something, the best thing to do is just go and do it and stop waitng around for everythign to fall into will fall into place when you get there!

see. my thing is, once i get kinda semi sorta famous...doing whatever, everything else will fall into place... if your a celebrity, all you have to do is slap your name on something and you will make money. and then if i am one, this blog will get much MUCH more traffic, and then i can make more money from adsense...and then my youtube will blow up, and then i will be on a tv show! and all my fantasy fairy tale dreams will come true and everyone will be super jelous and hate me for life :)

lol, just kidding. but for real tho, everything is gonna work out for me i just know it.

p.s. the casino is not the way to riches!!! NOT!!

p.p.s. here are some pics!

Friday, April 03, 2009

new things, new pic, new kinda half way sorta unfinished rough draft blog, and other things....

hey erbody! im going to new york saturday! wa hoo! but let me tell yall ninjas somethin i just found out tho! tell me why these fools charge 15 freakin dollas to check ONE freakin bag!! no good at all...
when i flew southwest, it was free and i checked 2 bags! never flyin n*ggas wit attitude again, smh


i kinda sorta made a rough draft for a blog me and whit are tryna do....let me know what yall think about it. i know its wack! but eh, i tried lol. im still workin on it doe!

here are a couple of pictures that i took recently....

(thats me when i drew some freckles on my face hehehehe)

anywho! thats it from me! hopefully my next blog will be filled, stuffed, and jam packed with new yorkocity!

if ya dont know, now ya know....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

hello all

it has come to my attention, that blog blog looks so freakin boring!!! its all black and plain, and wack! i was blog serchin a couple days ago, and i seen some real cute ones...all pimped out and stuff. im no technical genious, nor do i really wanna be, but dang can it be some tutorials on this mug?!! cant they make it a little simpler than just "learn html, or shut up"? why are they tryna make me pay for stuff when they know good and well my behind is broke??

they should really make things simpler on here so this blog/website can look extra super cool and people will wanna watch it and stuff. that would be totally sweet if i could put videos on here and links and make it just instead of

ugh! so frustrating. i actually get frustrated very easily. idk why that is... i deal tho. i deal. my homie shardonay got me addicted to these wack BET reality shows now tho: harlem heights, baldwin hills, and college hill

what the heck is it about reality tv that hooks people??? i mean sheesh, i know they are bad to watch and they are killing the art of actual actors getting jobs on actual television shows and all...but i just love them all! i really need to stop watchin them tho, they get on my nerves.

this blog is pretty random, but oh well.

my top 3 websites for this week tho are: twitter, yahoo, and wikipedia

twitter is addictive as crap, yet annoying ant the same time, so i dont know what to do about it just yet, so im on there.

yahoo has it all, email, messenger, adn yahoo answers, the most infomtative thing is better than google to me. google is lame, yahoo is hype.

wikipedia is addictive for one mainn reason....the hyperlinks! lets say you wanna look up like...michael jackson or somethin, on the page, it may have a biography about him, and in the bopgraphy will be the name of some other celebrity you knida dont know, so you can just click on their name and go to their page...before you know it you be on like 50 million pages...just gettin all sucked in! its crazy, but highly informative.

another thing i must say really quick is, the freakin digital transition is a freakin joke! just get cable, seriously. me and my roomates have one....the picture quality is NOT better, it digitalizes all the time. the sound is NOT better, its choppy and sometimes its off. some channels i dont even egt anymore without using an antenna as well as the box, which is lame and redundant. smooth transition my a**!

obama is still on the cover of everything.

my ipod is broke, but lady ga ga is the ISH!!!

bye yawl!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some people are just...


Monday, March 23, 2009

whats bangin peeps

anywho, another blog another dollar (litterally, it could be another dollar if google adsense would just pay me my dang money from all these ads runnin on my site!).

something that i want to talk about today is the "recession". now, ok, people are talkin about this is the worst it has been since the great depression, and nobody has a job and all of that stuff, but come on now. Does everyone really have to always keep talking about it? why cant we just sit here and suffer in ignorance of the hardships of everyone else? must we know how pittifully hopeless it is all the time to be living in the country where people are cutting back on the costs of living just to survive?
i think this is partly the news' fault for always talking about it. if they keep talkin about it, people will keep thinking about it, which will keep them depressed, which will keep them hopeless...which will ultimatly keep them broke! if the news was a little more happier and talked about stuff that made people happy, they wouldnt be so depressed, they would get out more, they would feel more motivated to do what they want to do....america would be running at full steam again. yay america!

but does anybody listen to bretony? nope, they dont. and thats exactly the problem. i always be havin the master plan up in here, but noooobdy listens. thats cool tho. imma practice my method on myself and then you will all see that it works.

another slight suggestion that i have for america, is instead of giving out all these loans to big corperations and banks, and automakers and crap, the government should just give everyone over 18 a cool million dollars.
now hear me out! giving every eligable american a million dollars, it will immediatly increase the economy in that everyone will be buyin stuff! and if that doesnt get the ball rollin, well shoot...i dont know what will.
ofcourse there is the argument that money will loose its value. but in actuality, money is whatever we make it out to be. we are the ones who created the whole monitary system in the first place. money is just little pieces of paper that we say is worth something. and ANOTHER thing, the government givin out billions of dollars to these other companies who are loosing it at alarming rates of like a million a day? where is all this money goin anyway? cuz i sure aint seein it....AMERICA sure aint seein it. WHERE THE CRAP IS IT??? i just think that we need a better game plan. maybe america just needs to start from scratch or somethin. maybe we need to go back to a barter system. maybe we need to implament communism er somethin! shoot idk, but what i DO know is, this lil thang america got goin on right now aint workin.

i swear obama need to appoint me as a financial advisor. bretony for president!

p.s. please comment so i can know that people read this! i be feelin lonley :(

...even if its a bad comment...i like those the best anyway


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

deal or no deal....of life!!!

hey erbody...its me again....bretony. since im usually home during the day. like ALL day, and sometimes i dont even wake up until the tyra banks show comes on at like noon (eh, i work late!), im going to talk about the tv shows i watch, and the impact they have on me.

first show up, and the most important i think, is the show DEAL OR NO DEAL! now this show is a TAD annoying at times, however, i think it is the most direct comparrison to life as i know it to be. now follow me on this, the show is basically a chance show...a person picks a case out of like 30 or somethin, and then they keep picking cases to see if there is more money in their case or in another case. (as you can probably tell, im not good at explaining things, but look it up online!)
ANYWHO, through out the show, the person has to make choices as wether or not to trade in the case they have for money...but the thing is, they dont know what they have in their case. which is just like life!! at the beginning of our lives, we are given things...we dont knkow how those things are gonna shape our life, but we still have choices to make throughout life to either trade in what we were given for something else which could either be better...or worse. but whos to know what is better and what is worse? we cannot see that far down the road of life. choices are the main component of life as we know it, but the sad part about those choices is that we have absolutly no idea if we are making the right choice. ofcourse there may be signs and stuff, but whos to REALLy say that if you take that promotion you will be successfull? who is to say that marrying your high school sweetheart will end in everlasting romance? nothing! we are not fortune tellers! that game show is completly and utterly unfair. just like life is. and most of us waste our time complaining about how it isnt fair, when we actually just need to accept that as a fact. life isnt fair people. but that doesnt mean we cant work with what we are given...because we absolutly can. people on the show usually go home with a couple thousand dollars once they realize the fact that the game isnt fair and they just need to take what they can get out of it lol.


i also want to talk breifly about a couple other shows that i watch... americas next top model!!
the new season started up last week, and no im not on it! curses! but anywho, every season they do them makeover things...and it kills me EVERYTIME there is one poor girl who has to get her hair cut...even if its like long down her back. and there may be a little resistance...but what really kills me is tyra banks KNOWWWW good and WELLL that she need that weave to survive! if somebody told her she had to cut HER hair? it would be soooo a wrap. and then she got the nerve to tell people that they dont really wanna be a model cuz they dont wanna cut their hair. come on now ty! and another crazy thing, this crazy lady announced that ONLY short models will be on next season...


she is obviously confused about things in her life. if anything, i think they should lower the AGE, not HEIGHT. is she nuts? now i cant even try out no more ;(
skip them tho!

the last show i wanna talk bout is dumb, but ray j of love!! i dont know wtf it is about all these stupid vh1 reality shows, but i absolutly have to watch them! they probably put a spell on each episode. like for real. but ray j know his playa a** dont wanna find no dang love. none of them do. does anybody ever find love?? even on the non crazy ghetto fight club shows like the they find love? finding love on tv is like finding a hay in a haystack. but still tho, i like people trying to act like they like each other. idk. eh! guilty pleasure.

bretony updates: i will be in new york city april 4th through 9th!! yay me! i have a modeling job out there but if you wanna hang in ny, let a pimp know!
life is still good, still lovin it

still tryna get by!

but aight. thanks erbody! and ttyl!


Monday, March 02, 2009


omg to alot of things you guys...

i cant belive im saying this and meaning it, but i love my life right now. YOP! i actually do! everything has really been comming along quite nicely for me these past 2 weeks. so many good things have happened for me, and i dont know where its comming from. but i thank every person and spirit involved.

(p.s. i cant really type and think too well, im listening to my ipod right now, but i cant stop! she got a donk!)

but seriously yall, i have been doing more and more photoshoots, which i love. i got another JOB as a reasturant hostes, which is SWEET. another agency wants to meet with me tomorrow, which is the BOMB. but i think the most bestest thing of all is....

i got a freakin laptop in the mail today! thats right peeps, someone just straight up sent lil ole me a laptop cuz they knew i was in need! yes i know, they are insane, but now me not having a laptop wont be such a freakin hinderance on my life (which is now fabulous!)

im tellin you guys, you may not see it right away, but good things do happen to good people sometimes, and there really is a plan for your life. it will all work out if you just try to stay positive and keep focoused. things may get overwhelming, but that is inevitable. it is ok to feel how you feel, you dont need to tell everyone your buisness like i do, but maybe you can just tell one person.

which brings me to something, alot of people really, REALLY like talking to me about things for some odd reason. i really dont know what it is, but people on the internet are always asking me for advice and tips and telling me these random things. mainly on myspace i get messages ranging from my mothers boyfriend abuses me, to i am 100 pounds but i want to be skinnier, to i have suicidal thoughts, everything in my life is falling apart, and i dont know what to do with my life anymore....please help.

yes, that is a tad bit heavy for ya gurl b somedays, but i dont just not answer these people. everyone who asks me to listen, asks me for advice, i give them the best feedback that i can, using things that i have personally went through as well as things i have witnessed people i know go through. i just hope that they dont keep it all in. because that is truly the worst thing you can do peeps.

(ouch typers crap)

one thing tho, if people do come to you for you to just that, listen. actually listen. they will appreciate it. im tellin you they will.

now here is something i RARELY do, but im bout to give a couple shout outs:

alexis have been there from the beginning of the bretony era, you were lovin it, you even started your own to reach out to the people yourself. i know im not really good at keeping up with alot of things, but i still keep up when i can! i dont do that for everybody. i belive that you will accomplish everything you want. keep hope alive gurl!

fern!...umm, yeah. you just started gettin on the bretony train (not like that you freaks!), but im glad you finally decided to get on! you now know alot of things about me, and you are a person who listens. you have a good heart. you are living your life. and thats all that anybody could ever dream of. keep doin what you doin playa! (not playa, but you know!)

whitney and blair.... i know yall ninjas dont read this! but whitney is my best friend, and blair is her sister...they are like my sisters...and they are my roomates lol. blair took me and poor whitney into her own personal space to let us stay when we didnt have anywhere to go at ALL. i really dont even know where i would be if she hadnt let us live with her. i know you had to give up like....all your privacy, but we all have fun dont we?! dont we???? (we do yall, i cant live in no boring house). whitney has been there for literally EVERYTHING. like seriously. we are really both in this together...if one of us sinks, we both sink, if one of us swims, we both do. if one of us only has a dollar left to our name, we will buy a double cheese burger from mcdonalds and split it. my dog, my sister. love yall both. :)

(ugh this is gettin gay...and long)

internet homies....T1, sunshyne, notiq, mr. tate!, all are like the most frequent commenters (besides annonymous, whoever the crap THAT is). i really appreciate how you take time out of your day to see what i gots ta say about life and how crazy it is. you all are really what keep me going. i keep writing this because i know you all read it faithfully. thank you so much!!

you all are so great, but i gotta get outta here now. peices!!!


.....i cut my hair.....


Friday, February 27, 2009

bretony be all on the cover of magazines and ish :)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hello everyone, happy fat day!

well well well, long time no write, i know right! ugh! not having a laptop completly and utterly sucks popsickles! im working on gettin another one tho, so dont worry!

this post today will be about reflections. First and foremost I HAVEEEE to give the biggest shout out in the world to Pierre. LOVE YOU PIERRE!

Let me tell yall what this crazy person did....he actually went back and read every single blog I ever wrote on here. yeap, all 70 of them. (i know right! 70? what the heck do i even be talkin about?!) anywho, him reading them made me curious as to what the heck i was talkin about way back when in 2006. so i read a couple of past blogs myself, and i've changed alot! Its crazy all the stuff I went through these past couple of years. I have really grown as a person in a lot of differant aspects. i came across one blog in which i was talking about gettin over cheating....but low and behold, that young naive bretony had never actually been cheated on to the extent that she was yet to have been cheated on. now i have a completly differant view on the matter. there was a blog when i was single and lonley....there were blogs when i ranted about my horrible i rant about how i need one lol. my how the times have changed!

reading my old blogs also lead me to another conclusion. my most controversial ex. i actually messaged him and told him that i was soooo over him it wasnt even funny...just to make things perfectly clear between us ofcourse... we ended up, not so much talking as we did arguing, but our conversation was very enlightening. since i was over him, i decided to ask about his new he proceded to tell. eh, she aint all that...but i guess he was tellin me how all his friends and family like her better than people actually really didnt even like me at all. fake. how people thought i was concieted because i like to take pictures (mainly of my chest). eh! its whatever, but i really dont like the fact that them hoes was fake to me about it. if its one thing i can not STAND, its when people have something to say about me, but tell other people...and continue to act like my friend! heffa you dont even know me, okay?

ugh! irritation. i guess im back on facebook lol, eh. i really wanna get off, but i like looking through my photo albums (not in a concieted way!)

but back to the ex tho.... in talking to him, it seems apparent that this fool likes rubbing things in my face. which is all fine and dandy with me, cuz guess what chico, im not bout to rub a thing in your face...not even lotion...nothin. imma just live my life quietly and do what the heck i gotta do. and if i do this right, i wont even HAVE to say nothin. the best revenge (not that im seeking any tho), is succeding. remeber that everyone. next time somebody is tryna tell you something about yourself, you dont have to say a thing, cuz actions speak WAY louder than words....and im bout to be straight yellin at his a**!

yeap! so i guess thats pretty much it, continue to pray for me, as i pray for you.

P.S. my new addiction is twitter!!! a million bazillion times better than facebook....twitter is crunk! (yea im bringin crunk back)

resses peices!!! (that means bye)

Monday, February 16, 2009

chuckle chuckle...

lol @ me not even mentioning it was valenties day last post. oh well, i guess by the non mention of it you can kinda figure v day isnt exactly my FAVORITE holiday. ANYWHO! i kind of mentioned it a little bit in the last post, but i am writng a book... i am also reading a lot of books. i bought about 10 books in the last 2 weeks. all helping to enlighten my mind on this never ending quest to find out exactly who i am, where im going, and where i will end up.

i think im doing a pretty good job! well, as far as the soul searching goes...however, soul serching is expensive...and i still only work one day a week! i really need to do somethin to get money! any ideas? eh, i know the economy is bad and all, but i still have a few rules: no fast food, no happiness jobs, and nothing too far from where i live. i know that doing any of those things will make me unhappy and nothing will ever get accomplished. but seriously tho, ideas??

(christina augilera - fighter...just found it kinda ironic how this was the next random song that played in my ipod)

signs. that is one thing that has been pretty clear in my quest. there are signs all around us. i dont know if i mentioned this in any of y previous blogs, but i believe that i am part psychic. i wont go into detail right now but just trust me on this. i have very strong premonitions and VERY strong de ja'vu ish type feelings. i can also predict what people are gonna say sometimes and sometimes even what is about to happen. on a small scale ofcourse, but i think if i "excersise my brain" if you will, i will be able to really be in tune with more of my mind power.

if you all didnt know, humans only use a very small portion of thier brain. god gave us all of it, so why dont we practice using more of it instead of the part that we always use for the same stuff. think outside the box, color outside the lines, question authority! all that cliche ish.

but seriously tho, i need some dang money. so if you DO infact have any suggestions, feel FREE to holla at a pimp! also if you want advice on anything, my door is always open, just let me know!

mkay yawl, i think that is enough for me! ttyl!

p.s. i am STILL topless....LAPtopless that is (lol!). sad but true.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

everyone, no one, and a few other folk....

i am such a poet. my writing skills are like...sweet. i wrote a song last night called "forever is a long time". it was simply the bomb. im currently writing my book called life as bre know it, as most of you may (lol!) anywho.... i am not on my own computer. sad isnt it. the donations arent exactly pouring in for my new laptop as i had hoped.... eh! i'll get it myself. anywho. im kinda in a rushed im just gonna leave it at.... follow me on twitter home skillz!!

(cuz i can update that from my phone)

aight peaces!

Monday, February 09, 2009


like seriously tho?? come on now... my laptop CANT be broken. oh but it is. it broke about 2 weeks ago actually. or i think it was the date of my last post. but anywho. that mug is broke! it wont even cut on! its really a mess. that laptop was my life line. i would have rather my phone been broken then my laptop. i dont even like talkin to people on the phone! but oh well, God has a plan of action.

what does this mean for the internet tho? hmm. well, it means i cant do ish until i get a new laptop! and my job doesnt really pay ":stacks on deck" persay. speaking of stacks on deck tho lol, I got to see souljah bwah tellem at my job lol. LOL! i know right. but eh, i like that she got a donk song so it was cool. besides the fact that my laptop broke, I have been pretty happy. my life is slowly but surely getting together. and it really starts from the inside out. i have started eatingf better, reading more, doing prayer and meditation. getting all forms of reationships either fixed up, or cut off. it is truly a very cleansing process that i highly recomend for all.

im at ghetto wayne state university's computer lab right now, so i cant really type a whole lot. but maybe i will come back another day this week to finish talkin and ish. hmm, what else.

OH! the chris brown rhianna thing....smh..... i dont know all the details, as no one does yet, but im still gonna speculate anyway (like everyone does lol) I HEARD that rhianna gave chris herpes and then he started whoppin her a**! then she called 911 and junk, then chris turned himself in. now...that may not ALL be true, but they have already started takin chris's endorsements off tv! wtf! i loved that doublement commercial! i think they should take rhianna's dumb a** covergirl commercial off tv too! you know, just until everything is cleared up and stuff. but eh! who am i to judge.

this earthy livin is aight yall, but i mean sheesh, imma need to get SOME kinda technology back in my life dang! i can check the blog from my phone, but i cant write blogs from my phone, so i guess until next time, holla @ playa! and gimme some feedback!

thank ya!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buenos! Konnichi wa! What it do!
sup erbody, its me crazy girl...i wanna talk about a couple things today since im up so freakin early!
anywho, i wanna talk about the Tyra banks show lol. i know i know! but yea. her show really REALLY cracks me up sometimes. i dont think i would wake up as early as i do sometimes if it wasnt for her crazy show. tyra is truly insane. like seriously. i respect her and all dont get me wrong, but like....almost everyshow first of all, she finds SOME way to make it about her! she is also so very overly dramatic she seriously be bouncin off the wall. another thing, she be judgin people! like she'll bring somebody on the show, lets say, a prostitute, then she'll get all up in they life and just tell them how wrong everything about them is. im like dang tyra! open ya mind!
i still love her tho lol.
tv has really gone downhill for me anyway. i use to have cable all the time up until i was in my own apartment. no more cable for bre...i only went over people's houses to watch certain stuff. i dont know what it is about those stupid darn reality shows on vh1, but they are so ADDICTIVE!!! ugh! and the thing is, i always talk about how dumb they are, but they keep me hangin every dang episode. i hate them. stop tryna find love! stop mindlessly entertaining me! no but seriously tho, those girls on those shows will love anything to be on tv. i swear if they had a chimpanze lookin for love, them hoes would be on there like "he's my monkey i love hiiiim!"
one show i DO love tho? csi! cold case! law and order! love those shows. i would like to solve crimes sometimes, but i aint tryna be on nobody's list when they get outta jail, so i'll just watch them from home. still fun tho.
so thats enough talk of tv. im gonna start helping to promote other people in this blog because ya know....its not all about me all the time. i wanna let people know about the stuff that i find interesting that other people do. and it wont be just anything, trust me. because besides the occasional trashy reality show, i am a tough critic when it comes to entertainment. and i also have a short attention span. BUT there ARE somethings i find highly entertaining. today...the thing i want to tell everyone about is....hmmm, i dont really have anything right this very moment, but NEXT BLOG its on and poppin.
aight yall! gotta get ready for work! (this ole one day every two weeks a** job)

Monday, January 26, 2009

( first of all, hot fiyahhhhh)


yeah...let me break somethin down to yall real quick. my laptop? BROKE! i can hardly push the buttons anymore! i actually had to copy and paste letters from differant websites just so i could log into my yahoo :(

i also cant edit intricate videos...i can only upload straight from my camera. i cant continue to be a famous internet show host under these condidtions!! argh! also, my internet has been out for a couple of days. which is BEYOND my control. anywho, looking past all that. this past sunday i was watching cbn on was about how people from all over the world need help and junk and how the network gave them free medical care, food, clean water, all kinda cool stuff. but yea, i decided that my life is too short to just be livin it for me. i never really did plan on being a stingy person tho. i always said to myself when i get a whole lot of money, im mainly gonna be using it to help others. but i mean, why cant i start now? i know i dont have a whole LOT of money, but i do have some. and i am a very blessed person regardless of all that goes on in my life. i just look at those things as well....a part of freakin life your GONNA have ups and downs. but some people...they just dont have a chance. i know that i can do something to help them even before i get millions and millions of dollars. so yes. i have decided. i want to help others in whatever way i can.

HOWEVER!!!! bums on the street? eff them cuz they CLEARLY have a chance. im talkin bout people who i know really dont have a chance. i feel very strongly about bums....dont even get me started. but imma just tell you this, i'll be DARNED if somebodt older than me come up to me askin for some money and sh* fool! i may even be broker than you as much as yo beggin a** be on this corner. you probably went to the SAME high school i went to. why you so differant huh? this is America of oppertunity. you just lazy.

that MAY seem a little mean, but think about it. its actually not.

but alright you guys, i have a lot of things to do today. dont know how imma do it all. but EH!
im probably about to be a webcam girl so i can afford my new laptop, then im gonna start makin my show again lol.

but seriously tho.

but aight!! guess thats it for right now.

***i am aware i have a public blog and all, but sheesh if i know you in real life and you read my blog, and you dont tell ME that you do and then you tell other people about the things i said about em in my blog??? *cough* Troy *cough* ummm....just let me know that you read it mmkay? i would like some feedback! :)

******im thinkin about making a video about my ex and putting it on youtube. i usually dont come out publicly with my relationships, but i think it would be good for me to get all my feelings out there to a mass audience :)

talk to ya latra! spread the love. spread the truth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i have come to the conclusion....

that i am not good with sad situations. i really dont be knowin what to AT ALL. today my cousin just had a miscarriage. she was 8 months pregnant. i know this was a very sad thing, but when my mom told me, i didnt know what to say or do. later on today, she was going to the hospital to go see her, and since i was already in the car i kinda had to go see her too. when i got up to the room....i dont know man. it was sad up in there! i dont like sad stuff. im tryna be happy! im tryna be positive! its not like i wanna be selfish and not be there for her when she needs support, but i really dont know what to do. in my family, we've always just looked past sad events. we dont deal with things head on. we dont console each other. yes, i grew up very differant from alot of families, and i really cant help the way i was raised.

anywho. i gave her a hug. and tried to look as somber as everyone else in the room. i mean....sigh...

it was pretty dramatic. but then i got to thinking, what if instead of an unborn baby that died, it was someone closer to me personally? like my mom...or best friend... or sister. how would i react to that? i dont even like crying in front of people, but would i just break down? its werid to think about because it is soooo....not me!

i dont like dealing with it!! do i have to? cant i just stick to what im good at? making people happy??

i never know what to say, i never know what to do, and it kinda bugs i a bad person?

feedback. please. thanks. bye.

and happy obama day

Saturday, January 17, 2009


real short post.... i need a new laptop. pronto.

anywho, ummm...i dont really ahve time to write anything, i just wanted to write something...

they are about to get back on my laptop again and watch movies cuz we dont have a dvd player over here.

(sigh, very stressfull living with a bunch of ninjas sometimes...)

i mean! when they watch movies on my laptop, it monopolizes my internet AND i cant watch the other tv because THEY are watching a movie already (yes there is only one room).

idk man, something need to happen tho, they tryna take my positive energy. eh, maybe i should just say something if its bothering me. i will when i get back home from work today (yes work today!!)

anywho, enough complaints. gotta find my happy place again. bout to listen to some music.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sup yawl!

hey guys its me brebre93 (lol, a little nickname i made up for myself, kinda lame i know). WELL i have been semi busy these days, which is why i havent updated the blog thang in a while...but if you havent already...go watch my video on youtube!! its just a sample of what is to come tho, the next video should be out sometime this weekend. buty um, yea! lets update you guys on whats been going on.

you all know i have been being really positive and thinking good thoughts and what not, well, i guess its been payin off a little! cuz guess what?? i got signed to a modeling agency! woot1 i know right! i was JUST talking about needing a freakin agent or something, and what do ya know, they saw my pictures online and told me to come in, and today i did, and they signed me1 now i will start getting more paid work for modeling and mre jobs and stuff like that. sweeeet. I ALSO got a job at the state theatre which is venue for like concerts and stuff (white people concerts tho...nothing against em, just i never know the bands!). its not really a full time job, only when they have events, but hey its still a job! so yeap, im slowly but surely gettin it all back together! keep prayin for me doe.

in current event news, the obama concert...oops i mean inaguration... is next week, and EVERYBODY is going. i mean, anybody whos anybody will be there. guess im not much of anybody tho, cuz my broke a** is bout to be home then a mug. but i guess i will watch it on tv. but like seriously tho, is this a concert or what? because i think people are forgetting what this shin-dig is actually about. i think most of those homies going just want to party. but hey, thats just me. in other news, i know this is kinda insignificant to most people, but real chose cornfed on te real chance of love finale lol!!! idk man, i liked that show for some reason....and im glad he picked her because they look cute together!!

IN MORE NEWS i need a webcam!!! so i can get on this other website and people can see me live. but oh well! i know i will get one soon....cuz if i put my mind to it, nothing gets in the way of what i wants. holler!

keep being happy! fake it till ya make it if you have to....dont let anyone or anything get in the way of your happiness.

and if ya dont know ask somebody!

(new hair color! holla!)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Meet the cutest kids in the whole world ever...

my niece and nephew enshira and gyasai....(i know the names are weird, but awwwwww!!)

love them so much!

...even tho they bad!...

who says teenage pregnancy cant be a good thing? i mean...ofcourse it ruins your life in some sort of way, but look at what cute kids come of it! anywho, i dont condone havin babies before marriage, but if it happens it happens and i guess you just have to move forward from it. i just know that i'd MUCH rather be a wife and mother than just a baby momma.

but do what you do! wrap it up!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


umm, hello everyone. i think i know what im gonna talk about today. GOOGLE ADSENSE!! (i hope this isnt illegal tho).

i signed up for google adsense a while ago, and i didnt really know what it was. i just heard you get money from the people clicking on the links. its very technical and stuff, but yea, it actually DOES work tho. but i've only made like 17 dollars in like 5 months. which is wack. you can put the ads in your blog or your youtube videos. right now i only have those two stupid videos for revenue sharing because they always be talkin about copyright infringement or some bull... but i mean dang! even if the music is playin on the radio in the background i cant use it??! and if they deny it for sharing,they remove it from youtube completly. which is also some b.s.! so now, i have to realy be careful about the videos i put on yotube, EVERYTHING has to be origional. but in this world....hardly anything is anymore.

one thing that i know is origonal tho, is my blog. cuz NOBODY goes through what i do. i'll tell ya that right now. that is why im really trying to get more people to come read my blog.

maybe i should like, commit a crime or something and then peolpe will be curious about me and google me and then read my blog! yay!

but nah, to illegal. oh well, im still reading up on it everyday. still aint got no job. i will let ya all know as soon as i have a breakthrough. ITS LONG OVERDUE!!!

peace jiggas!


i need an agent! omg!
like seriously yall, that junk just hit me hard. but how do i get one with no money? thats the million dollar question right there.

welp! since i aint got no JOOOOOB, lol, i guess i get to spend my days and lonely nights trying to figure that out.

im gonna figure it out tho, dont worry. and oh yeah! im gonna be making more videos real soon you guys! i know you have all been patiently waiting, and im gonna make one real soon promise lol.

i know what i have to do now in life. that is the first step. now i need a plan. a nice, solid plan. and guidence. and support. the main support i get however is from myself. and im fine with that. i am my best support team.


one more thing you guys! im learning how to make web pages yay!!
yeap thats right. i've been reading up on this weirdo html coding and junk. its pretty easy...just tedious then a mug. but im gettin it. i heard javascript was a mofo tho, but imma learn that too.

i hope everyone notices that im focusing on the positive now a days. because ya know! i realize something about me.... i had a very sad time in my life. and ever since after that sad time, i have been having more sad times. sadness begets more sadness people! that is why im gonnna try somethin new here. be happy. sounds simple dont it? it is. no one can make you happy like you can make yourself (except for those crazy people out there who belive in "love" and all that mushy crap). but seriously tho. things may seem bad at first, but ya know...i'd rather be happy than....not. ya know? ya feels me?! being happy takes so much less energy. and thus, happiness...begets more happiness. and good things. so im gonna just keep myself happy, no matter who tries to bring me down.

there is an old song we use to sing in church...when i actually WENT to went like:

"this joy that i have
the world didnt give it to me
this joy that i have
the world didnt give it to me
this joy that i have (pretty redundant)
the world didnt give it to me

the world didnt give it
the world didnt take it
the world cant take it awaaaaaaay"

lol. church. gotta love it.

anywho you guys. im off to eat ice cream and listen to music. meditate. and make myself happy.

who says you cant sift the gold out of the dirt? ha. i will win this thing...

but seriously tho, i do need an agent.

bye! mwah!

and dont worry be happy! :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

hello everyone....

so, since im broke and have no job/life, i have spent my days joining every single community website i can find. so far, im on twitter, mybloglog, livejournal, uhh....tried to get on skype, icq, bebo, uhh.....a bunch of other random stuff too. im basicallky trying to get more internet exposure by promoting myself in any way i can...i really dont know how much this is gonna work lol, but i'll give it a try. i mean shoot, aint got nothin else to do. on website i did find was this site to help you get myspace seems kinda spammish, and it kinda is, but it actually works. after i was on there for like an hour, i got like 100 myspace friend requests. sounds crazy right, but let me explain in lamens terms so yall wont think im tryna scam yall:

it works like, you have to add a bunch of people that come across the screen everytime it refreshes. these peoploe are completly random, and some dont really have to add them if you want (cuz i dont, i just exit out of the screen). anyways, when you add people, you profile pops up on other peoples screen so they can add you. im tellin you tho, it really does work, so i think if you want a lot of random myspace friends you should try it lol.

ttyl homies!

***yes the tacky lookin link is at the top of the page for now...i know its tacky, but eh

Friday, January 02, 2009

welp, since im up

I know it may seem a tad late for me to be waking up on a thursday, friday, whatever today is ( you know how when your not in school you never seem to know what day it is?). anywho, i have like the weirdest dreams ever you guys. i swear they dont be having anything to do with anything. i never really remember all of the dreams, but i will tell you parts of the dream that i remembered.

ok, so i was....actually idk how it started off. all i know is one minute i was...hmm, what WAS i doing? i think i was over my grandmas house. but my grandma wasnt there, my aunt was there. my family was there sisters and my mom and dad. they were all telling me to hurry up and get ready for some reason. i guess i was really slow, cuz the next minute i looked around everyone was gone. i was still getting ready tho and i was like, happy for some reason. i was talking to my aunt and telling her i was about to leave and i wrote her 2 checks for 50 dollars. she was so happy she wrote me a check for 75 dollars. i dont think i wanted to accept it because i figured my checks would bounce because i didnt really have any money. i ended up taking her money lol. anywho, when i was ready to leave, i hugged my aunt and walked outside. but when i went outside, my dad was a white guy, but i knew in the dream that he was still my dad. and it was also night time, and it was also in a very ghetto neighborhood, and i also discovered that i was in some sort of witness protection type of thing because my "dad" was sheilding me as we walked down the street. as we walked i got more and more scared and cars seemed to ride by us slower. it was the longest walk to the car. i asked him why in the HELL were we taking the long way? it took us a few more minutes then we finally got to the car. i jumped in and told my dad to lock the doors and drive away as fast as he could. i saw someone walking up to his window and was completly horrified. a man knocked on the window, my heart was beating. the guy turned out to be a policeman. he told us to both get out of the car immediatly. he said the car had to be searched for drugs. i felt a wave of relief flow over me because i knew there were no drugs in the car. or did i...

when we got out of the car, we went over to another car. this car had 3 of the baddest girls i had ever seen (meaning they were very pretty lol). like seriously, they were all looking so good. but everybody was in coats, and two of the girls were arguing. i guess i knew them becaue i got in the car with them while the police continued to search the car that i was origionally in. the girls were having some sort of relationship argument. i guess they went together? on girl was very cute, but i could tell she was very skinny, and that made her a little less attractive than the other girls. anywho, i guess she was a drug addict and the girl she was arguing with couldnt take it anymore. the skinny girl walked away and back to her car. she seemed very sad. we were all talking about her in the car when she left. i guess the other girl in the car was MY girlfriend or something because we were making out lol. anywho, a few minutes later we all looked over and heard her about to start her car. then something weird happened. her car like blew up...but in slow motion. it was weird. i saw every spark leave the car. and i even saw an alcohol bottle emerge from the car and slam all the way through our car window. but it was all slow. we all looked over toward the car to see what happend to the skinny girl, but as we looked over toward her car, we saw her walking towards us. her girlfriend got out of the car and walked toward the skinny girl. they began kissing and making out. then they got back to the car we were all sitting in. she was telling the skinny girl that she was sorry or something and that she didnt know what she would do if something had happened to her. i was sitting in that backseat so confused. i dont know why i didntgo back to my other car with my dad, but i just ended up going somewhere with the car full of girls.

we ended up at this candy shop. a boutique candy shop. and they were letting us sample all of the good candy they had made. i was immediatly happy again. and i was eating all the chocolate i could grab. it was so good. as other people came into the shop, i seemed to know everyone. then they had a stand up comedian come out. yes i know, very random. but people kept comming in that i recognized. i saw these two girls come in, they were even finer than the girls in the car. i was telling myself that when the comedy show was over, i was gonna go over and talk to them. they laughed at some random joke and then i woke up...

wierd!!!!! i already know! you dont have to tell me! now i KNOW im no lesbian, but still, i wonder what that dream could mean. i mean, i AM having men problems right now...but...i just know im not gonna go over to the other side, it is a weird thought tho.

i havent really talked to either guy in a week. i miss him...i shouldnt be missing him tho. but i cant help it...

i want to call him. but if i do, i wont know what to say. so i just dont call him. i KNOW he's not gonna call me. maybe i should just get over it and focus on myself. focus on self love. i mean shoot, tyra banks aint got no man! look at her! successfull then a mug! thats how i need to be. only differance is....i still dont have anybody. like nobody. even tyra had her mother. i have no one. but oh well. i guess i will just keep trying. keep trying to put myself out there. i will also be making more videos soon because i got a digital camera for christmas (yea, the only thing i got!).

its just harder to make videos when you are depressed. its easier to write. but i guess i'll suck it up. because i need to get on the grind and get ym foot in the door somehow...before i go completly broke and have to resort to something illegal. i have been on reality tv casting sites, but most of them you have to pay first. which is NOT an option lol. i will keep trying tho. please pray for little bretony and help me anyway you can. if you have a famouse relative, tell em about my blog!! tell em about my videos! tell them to watch and read, and maybe they will understand...maybe they will help (maybe they will donate! hint hint!!)

but alright still here. talk to me!
(cuz if you dont i will have to sit here with my friends family...who over here right now....again)