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Thursday, October 09, 2008


mmkay peeps, so uhh...looks like this stupid job is really about to get the boot this time. im kickin it to da curb FA REAL!! they are starting to really get on my last ones...talkin bout they have to take all this money outta my check when FIRST of all, they dont pay me hardly enough to begin with, AND i been workin here for 2 years with NO raise, wtf?!!!

in light of that crazy nonsense, i figured i'd dedicate this blog to my stupid job and all the stupid stuff that annoys me about it. i hope you enjoy! :)

- i hate people who come in here to get their phones charged, yet every five minutes they ask to see their phone just too look at it and see if some one called... if you dont get outta here with that bull i will throw your stupid little ghetto phone in the TRASH...and not think twice.

- how do you not know your own phone number??! you dont call yourself is NOT a good excuse, you give that sh*t out dont you?!

- once you buy what you buyin, or pay your bill, GTFO! i got ish to do, i cant just be there lookin at you while you look thru yo purse and call yo 5 baby daddies!

-no i cant give you no discount, who the f*ck are you?!

- i really dont need to know all your personal background/history/information...just tell me what kind of PHONE you want, anything else, i dont give a damn

-control yo kids!!

- i understand that this customer service and all, but got damn! dont come in here wanting me to give yo a** cell phones 101... im only gonna help you with so much... im not bout to sit up here and teach you the history of cell phones and how they work when there are other customers in the store you inconsiderate piece of b.s....sheesh

- dont try to hit on me when there are other people in the store who ACTUALLY need help.

- if i tell you somethin, dont tell me im wrong! mutha f*cka i work here!

- i am not responsibile for your lil punk a** phones...if something happens to them, dont be gettin mad at me!

- when i open the register to give you your change, dont tell that you have the change, and THEN ask me to break a 20, and THEN give you 4 quarters for a dollar... i aint bout to be gettin confused over you. take that somewhere else boo, tha hell you think this is?

-(for my boss) dont call me at 3:45 talkin bout im gonna be an hour late when im supposed to be gettin off at 4! just because YOU aint got iah to do dont mean i dont

- spit it out! dont take all day tryna tell me somethin! you have that figured out BEFORE you get in here, k?

- fat people, PLEASE dont come in my store grubbin on a 5 piece chicken meal, wit hot sauce drippin from yo fat nasty fingers and crumbs all over your fat mouth tryna ask me questions. first of all, you look trife, so why dont you sit yo big a** down and eat like a normal person and stop tryna eat everywhere you go like a fat sloppy shamu, and second, a b*tch is hungry! i dont wanna see you eatin when i dont get off til 4! tha hell?!

- i am not bored. i do not need you in here talkin me to death about random nothing for hours on end...find someone else to stalk you lame.

- dont come in here on yo cell phone, and then when i say hello, tell ME to hold on. b*tch you came in HERE...if you wasnt done wit yo hoe a** conversation why even bother me?

- dont come in the store at 8:55 when we close at 9, and what all this extra special crazy i cant switch your phone number, change you billing date, upgrade your phone and add you to a family plan, come back tomorrow for that b.s.....preferably when im not here...

- if you're paying someone else's bill, dont whip out your more expensive phone to get the number just to show me what kinda phone you got...does it even LOOK like i APPEAR to give a damn? well guess what, i really dont.

there are many more things im sure, but this was just a little rant lol, hope you all have a better job than i do. if you dont, tell me about it!!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Are You a Liar?

which is a dumb question right? everyone is a liar. and for those of you who like to think you arent, think again, because you probably are.
now what defines a liar you may ask? simple. some one who tells a lie. which im sure everyone has done before. nobody like liars tho. i mean hey, i dont. but the fact of the matter is, people lie. its like in our blood, its human nature. there are however differant levels of lying i belive...the one who just do it maliciously are the ones that people are so quick to label as the liars, when even simple liars or fibbers should be called out just the same, but nobody thinks about those now do they. it doesnt matter if you are telling the lie just to protect someones feelings, or probably more than likley, protect yourself, its all the same.

the bible says we shouldnt lie. but did the bible know how freakin hard it is not to lie?! sheesh! well....they DID say bare false witness...hmmm, maybe thats a differance. maybe there is a certain form of lying that is acceptable? maybe some lies are justified? i really dont know, but its all very confusing. i nkow that some of you reading this dont even wanna admit to yourself that you are filthy little liars, all of you! but i will be the first to say, that yes. yes i do lie! ok! so nail me to a cross... i really do try not to at any possible chance that i get, but ya know....lies are just so much easier than the truth to give, and recieve. and i can also admit, that sometimes i dont mind being lied to...there are somethings that i just dont want the truth about because it would hurt too much... does that sound weird? i know it may sound a little strange, but that is just how i feel...

i know the name of this blog is bretony speaks the truth lol, and that fact has remained true, i have never lied in this blog.... that may be due in part to the fact that i know certain people in my life dont read my blog... only those who have absolutly nothing to do with it. that is why i feel safe in revealing my truth to you all on here.

idk peeps, its all very confusing. sometimes i think i should just right all my wrongs and start telling everyone the truth. but then again, if i told the truth about EVERYTHING i've ever done...i would probably be in jail or something seriously, i would. like, seriously. but thats another story for another day :)
point is. i know that lying is wrong...but, ya know! i feel like some lying is necessary. i feel like some isnt. its up to us to decipher what is best. sigh. i know its not gonna be easy. to tell you the truth, its better just to not get your self into situations where you would feel you need to lie about anyway, because if thats the case, you know you're doing something wrong...and thats just....wrong.

welp! guess thats it fer now, holla at meh babies!

Monday, October 06, 2008


hey everybody. umm, i guess i cant exactly do this thing blog every SINGLE day, but eh, im just gonna do it whenever i get on the yea!

what i want to talk to you all about pretty much nothing lol.

well actually it is a couple of things.

1.) if im gonna be writting in this dang blog (kinda) everyday, then yall mutha effs better read this ish! and comment too, because i read all the comments and respond to some lol...but seriously tho, i need to get some feedback up in here or else im gonna be too sad and depressed to write anymore :(

2.) im not gonna try to get all political on everyone, but i have to say a couple of things about this "election". what some mccain voters fail to realize is that, if and WHEN mccains old self dies, which is highly likely since he is like 90 years old and all, that crazy lookin ditz sarah palin is going to be RUNNING the COUNTRY!! like making all of the decisions.... do you all really think thats in americas best interest? shoot, steven colbert would be better off...atleast he can make us laugh. but i do have something to say about obama too... obama is just too much of a trend for me. it seems like even if people arent necesarily(sp) sure about voting for him, they just go along with the treand. i mean, this guy practically has his own clothing line, may as well have a record label, and he is endorsed by almost all of the major celebrites... why? because he's freakin hot, black, and swagged out. yes, obama is swagged out, so everyone loves him...he may as well cut an album...

3.) speaking of albums, im mad wheezy has another one out ._.

4.) i really need to for real. im trying to hold out until i get some money together for myself, because everyone i try to get to move with me is just sooo not trying to uproot their life. but thats cool tho. im kinda actually thinking about just moving with the money that i do have...which is really nothing...and just seeing what happens. eh, all i know is, i am DEFINATLY not staying here past this year. but i think im have to atleast stay here until election time so i can get my vote on, nah mean!

5.) life is funny. very funny. (this is about to get real vauge, but just bare with me)

i really want something. but its too far away from me...its funny how the things we think are best for us can be so hard to obtain. its bold how we cant just have everything we want when we want it. its bold how we want certain things but other circumstance prevent us from having it. why cant life just be black and white? my life is 99% grey...and thats effed up. there are too many crazy decisions i should be making that i just....dont. if my life were a car, i would be on cruise control most of the time. i would probably be a drunk driver too. i havent had any major car accidents yet, just a few minor fender benders. but my greatest fear isnt injuring myself...its injuring someone else. i wouldnt be able to live with myself.

my life is pretty random, yes in deed. i guess i kinda like it like that tho. it usually works out in my favor, and usually what i want, i get. it might not be as soon as i want to have it, but trust me, if i want it bad enough...its mine :)

..and i think i like that factor of my life.

because the thing i want right tellin, its really REALLY good :)
it makes me smile everytime i think about it... but i have to test it out first. but im pretty sure its everything i want...

and that is all folks! i will holler l8ter.... for dat azzz!!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Ya know what? im really thinkin about doing this blog thing more often...its actually kinda fun sometimes. when i have time to do it that is. most of the time it might not really be about anything in particualr, but just to keep everyone up to date on what things are lookin like in my life. becuase i admit! my facebook messages are getting pretty backed up, as are the myspace, and dont even get me started on youtube. point is, i really REALLY dont have time to respond to every single person on all those things...especially when all they basically ask is "whats up" (which i hate by the way).

soooo, i will just direct everyone here to my blog! yay!

today peeps, i am at work ofcourse. i have to go somewhere after work to work as a hostess for this party thing a majig type situation which i really dont know what is...all i know is i dont have a ride there and i get off work at 4 and i have to be there at 3, BUT HEY! i go with the flow, so i know everything will werk out lol.

i've come to a realization too, i like to argue. i mean, i REALLY like to argue. i thrive off of arguments. i usually dont respond to people unless they are going against something i say... its like calling hancock an a**hole (yes i make a lot of movie referances, get over it!!). its just so hard for me not to say anything back because i feel like im always right...which i usually myself atleast, which i think is all that matters right? yeap, thats all that matters!

i have alot of weird dreams. sometimes im not even in my own dreams, which are the weirdest dreams if you ask me. i usually try to write down the weirdest ones because thats just how effin interesting those muther effs are! i had one dream where i was hiding out in this room, i think from a robber or something, and there was this other guy hiding who was with me. we knew that the robber was about to come in the room so we formulated this makeshift plan to attack him: he was gonna be the bait and i was gonna be standing behind the door to hit him in the head and then the guy was gonna help me tie the robber up. so we were waiting for him to come in and all, and then he finally did, and the robber saw the guy laying there and so i hit him in the head and he stumbled a little and i called for the other gut to help me, but guess what?!
....this fool was sleep!!! i was like what the eff!
so anyway, i had to finish takin matters into my own hand and what not, and i just kept hitting the robber very hard, as hard as i could. then i started to bash his head into the wall and i saw blood comming out. but i didnt stop, i kept hitting it against the wall, then i heard and saw his skull cracking. then there was blood everywhere and he limped over lifelessly into a pile on the floor and i just remember standing there like wow, i just totally killed this dude.

see!! interesting! i have many more interesting dreams that i might share some other time, trust me, they are good.

umm, guess i'll go back to uhh...stupid work. which is stupid and dumb and retarded and remidial and all of the above synonyms and euphamisms for stupid...


aight doe! holla!

Friday, October 03, 2008


and just like the formatting of the title...i am trying to get centered (corny? yes. i know this)

i am at work, as i always am when i write my not bout to be proofreadin this sh*t cuz yall know what the f*ck i mean...well most of the time you do. if you dont...ask me, i mean dang, is that so hard to do? ask somebody somethin?

for future referances, mostly to myself, its not good to write blogs at the moments when you feel the most emotional...because you dont know what you type. ish gets hectic!

i want some french fries. random i know, but i do.

you see people, im tired of writing these depressing a** blogs. im tired of trying to share my deep opinional thoughts about things that im feelin and people just judge the crap outta me. its whatever tho. i try to maintain.
see! just lost my train of thought cuz some customers came in! smh

anywho... like i was saying


dangit! just happened again. i swear one day imma just write about what happens in this store...

ANYWHO, im gonna try to write about more happy things and maybe ninjas wont be all up in MINES like they know whats goin on up in here when CLEARLY they dont...sheesh.

i aint really tryna make friends, but i darn sure aint tryna make enemies. i keep it real easy going. i dont come at people telling them about themselves. atleast not individually i dont, so i dont really expect other people to do that. but ya know, people are gonna be people. yes we are all differant, to a degree, but genrally i know how you people are, so i guess i cant really get mad at it. i just roll. i roll a lot. i wish i had a roll...with butter. popeyes has the best biscuts in the whole world. ahhh, happy place :)

i have been traveling alot. dont really know how cuz im stll broke then a mug. im going to miami area on the 10th to the 15th. i know im gonna have fun, even though im going by myself. yes by myself because my friends arent as care free as me and they have all these lame excuses like school, work, and being broke. i on the other hand could give two craps about my job. i hope they fire me. but yea, miam, woot woot. after that, hopefully i will be on to my final destination...

not like that! lol!

but the place i will be living...which is porbablt gonna be either new jersey, new york (praying!), or chicago (eww i know right?)

but whatever it will be, i know it will be good, and my life will be good, and everything will be gnarley (yes, im bringing gnarley back).

ok peeps! time for me to get off work and go home to no internet, no tv, and a couple bottles of some form of alcohol(im 21, so scru yew!)...ttyl!!


p.s. janet jacksons concert was off the effin chain! i love janet!!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bretony has a big head

With lots of things in it. I always have something to say, but the real question is, how do i word it so that people...simple people...which most people are, can understand. i really dont mean to offend anyone, i also dont want to come off as mean or rude, but people...people, people, people.
i really dont like most of you... and if you really take deep look at yourselves, you probably wouldnt like you either.

i just dont know you guys, some of you are cool some days, but the general human race is just so...ugh.

boys are one track minded and weird, girls are hookers and hoes who steal your man and gossip about you, everyone is for themselves and never about anyone else. this world is all effed up.

i was watching the history channel the other day, i love that channel, and they were talking about how the earth was formed and junk...all 7 billion years agoish. Back then, the earth went through a heck of a lot of changes. very very slow changes. they said tht it rained for millions of years, they said the all the continents use to be one big super continent, which name started with an R, i forgot tho...they said that near russia there were volcanoes erupting for millions of years...then i gues one day the earth finally calmed down and became half way decent so thet humans could actually live a life. it was all just very interesting. and i began to think about change (no barak obama). maybe some changes have to occur slowly for them to actually make a differance. all changes cant be fast and instant. rome wasnt built in a day! (lol at my vaugeness). i know this is all a bunch of random nothingness right now, but hey...our minds are random nothingness. especially mine.

over the weekend i saw eagle eye. the movie about the government? yes. i hate the government. ss everyone should. it is so freakin corrupt that i dont even...whatever (mean girls,lol...if you dont get it you're lame). that movie goes to show you that the government doesnt really give 2 craps about the american people, or any other people for that matter. its all about money and power. let me tell yall somethin...america is suppose to be in this huge "deficit" or something right? but i mean, what the heck...that money just didnt disapper! so where the heck is it? where did all this money go? 700 billion dollars? come on now people...that is like...way too much to just not be around anymore...

america is slow man i swear. SOMETHIN needs to change i suppose, but i dont think its gonna take affect anytime soon. its gonna one of those gradual, earth making changes that takes many years... blah

and see people, that is why i just live my life one day at a time, however it comes to me, thats how i live it. i see waay too many people everyday so stressed, so worried about the future that they forget about living thier life today. im freakin young...21 years old! i cant afford to be stressed. you get wrinkles like that :(

i know that my life may seem a bit radical and fickle to those on the outside looking in, but i like it for the most part. do i wish i had more money to spend? ofcourse! but do i wish i was a slave to "the man"? to be a slave to the governments form of paid education (college)? no! im am far better off being a hippie :)
i have a friend who works 2 jobs...on opposite sides of the universe. he never gets a chance to hang out anymore. i always tease him about being a slave. his argument is "so, atleast im gettin money"...but are you enjoying your life tho? not at all...

checks and balnces people...gotta have em.

sorry about saying i hate people earlier...i really actually do lol, maybe its cuz i work in customer service and i am easily annoyed, but thats neither here nore there... i lvoe you all sometimes. i just wish you wouldnt act so dumb and get on my nerves...

bretony's tip for the day: dont get on peoples nerves, dont act stupid, dont try to be a player, hoe or flusey, and people will like you waaay better.

if you dont know, ask somebody. and thats some truth for ya bichess!!!

(dang this was long :/ )