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Saturday, June 28, 2008

STORY TIME!!! YAY!!! (Rated PG-13)

once upon a time there was a girl named B, who thought she had a really tough decision to make, but then suddenly one day, it all became so clear to her. She awoke one night to find a person she was contemplating about giving a confession to her. a very deep confession. now (ha!) first of all, this contemplated person was supposedly in love with B. or so she thought. everyday since contemplate had moved to a far away land, her wrote B messages all the time exclaiming his love and admiration and asking B to run away with him to the far away land so they could live happily ever after. B however was not so sure about all of this. B just wanted to be treated right, and contemplate had treated her very bad in the past...and even had sex with an evil toad! (amoung many other things)...

however! B had a glimmer of hope, just a little bit. She decided to wait and see a while. a long time had pased before contemplate had returned to rescue his fair B. but this is where the horrid confession came in that made everything clear to B....

contemplate had stated simply, that he had sex with an asain toad named later! not one, but many times... and this asain toad had even lived with contemplate, and li li li li licked his lollipop every morning...this has always been a dream of contemplate's. i guess he finally got it.

but oh, contemplate thought that it wasnt that big of a deal, and that he only confessed it at the particular moment is because he wanted B to confess sexing a toad as well. But B had not done so.

contemplate said that he was going to tell B after she had made her decision to come to the far away land. how horrid! B knew then that her decision had been made clear for her. handed to her on a silver platter from God himself. B told contemplate that they could never ever be.

the moral of this story is, im moving to new jersey, and i hate asian toads.....and the word now.

good bye everyone!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bretony's Problem...(Bretony doesn't always speak the truth)
Yes people, Bretony is flawed just like the rest of you are, but see with me, i admit it...i can admit when something is not right...when i need to change something. however, acknowledgement (sp) is only the beginning...that is the easy part. The hard part is actually doing somthing about your problem. i am here today to admit one of my biggest and worst charecter flaws that only ends up destroying everything in my life, yet somehow makes others lives better (paradoxal, i know!).... name is Bretony McGee....and i am a people pleaser :(
tis true, tis true... i always find myself putting other peoples feelings ahead of my own. i would rather see someone else happy even if it made me sad. i love to help people in anyway i can. i may complain to myself, but never to them. another thing is.....sigh.....sometimes i dont tell the whole truth all the time to protect peoples feelings. i know i know! very bad! im supposed to be keepin it real up in here! i really do need some psychological help. thats why i was going to school for i can psychologize myself all up and through!
but yeah yall...the reson im saying all of this now is becuase, i cant really focus on my life like i want to because im so busy thinking about other people's feelings and what not. the situation im in now, its like...huh...this guy right, he's an ex... in fact i talked about him a couple blogs ago, but anywho, he reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly wants to be with me right, and he wants me to move out of town with him and like have a family and all that crazy jive.... but see the thing heart is not in it at all. i tried to break up with dude oh so many times. he just keep coming back dog! the last time i told him that we couldnt be together, he really went nuts and was on some real "i wanna die" stuff. i may have led him on a little after he thinks theres hope yet and still. i mean, he's cool and everything...i did love him once upon a time. hes been makin all these crazy promises and junk....everything a girl wants to hear! but im still not 100%. so now the choice arizes... either make him a very happy man, and me a very skeptical/cynical woman, or me happy being me, finally free from him and him being a heaping pile of depression for who knows how long.
in my heart i know what i have to do. i just reeeeeaallly dont want to. eh. life will go on for us all no matter what. my advice to everyone is, be true to yourself most importantly. you are the main person that matters. everyone else will just have to deal with whatever you do. secondly tho, be real with people. be up front about things so that they wont escalate to a place that you definatly do not want them to be. because that my just....not good, not good at all. trust me.
anywho peeps, pray for me, as i will pray for you. keep it real. keep it pimpin. dont know, ask somebody, blah blah blah. dueces!!
a girl who worked at my job, not really MY job, but i work in the mall and so did she, that i kinda sorta knew a little bit, died last week and i just found out. i mean, i didnt really KNOW her know her like that, but she said hi to me every day and she use to come in and talk to me, and she was like my age and all that stuff. i dont really know people who die tho, so its kinda still shocking to me. the guy who told me said she was shot. that is so messed up. r.i.p jazmine....

Monday, June 16, 2008


hello everyone. sigh.I get a tad pissed off from the internet sometimes. why you may ask? because some of the biothces on here have some really nasty a** internet personas, or introna's as i like to call them (lol, yes i make up words sometimes). ESPECIALLY in online forums on certain particular websites.

example... i was on a website last night i wont give the name or anything, but i posted a forum topic simply stating my opinion on a particular matter. I guess i offended a large group of people or somthing becuase like everyone in the entire thread was just coming at me so wrong and like taking personal cheap shots at me subliminally calling me ugly and saying that i couldnt dance and how in one of my pictures it look like i was performing fellatio....i was just so... i dont even know... but then i thought about it like...these mutha f*ckas wouldnt be comin at me like this at all if we were anywhere else outside the internet world. people feel safe on the internet in that way atleast. they can be whoever they want to be.... and pretty much, most people just wanna be rude, a** holes, and sleezey pervs. i mean like why do you people wanna be all fake on here? who are you really tryin to impress?? are you trying to be online popular because you cant be in real life? is your real life/ personality not good enough that you have to alter a whole new one for the internet?i mean come on people...

i try to be the same everywhere i am. including here on the internet. i am a free spirited girl who doesnt take too many thing too seriously. yes i get irritated by harmless things people do and say, but i do not make it my goal to be a smart a**, rude a** b word to people on here for saying what they have to say... i am very open minded to a lot of things and opinions, and i belive that others should be like that too... i also dont think that people should act all bossy as hell on the internet when you know good and well in real life you a** is scary as heck.

and to those who actually are like that in real life. smh @ you. get a better/new personality.

my point in saying all of this, the internet is a great place to make cool friends from all around the world. you could really learn and experience alot and there are many oppertunites to be had on here... dont go and ruin it by being all bitchy. just be cool! be cool... that is my best advice.and also, just be your friggin self. im sure you all are good enough people on the inside to just be nice. no harm can come from being curtious. i hope some people read this and understand what im saying and where im coming from....cuz its da trufe!and if you dont know, betta ask me bout it! holla

(comment posted about my "bretonylicious" video on youtube, which is totally harmless... but they compared it to badly executed stripper moves.....and thats not even what the thread was about! talk about a cheap shot! )