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Thursday, October 18, 2007

my job (part2)

yeap, wanda quit on me. sure we both talked about it all the time, but me having to support my self, i really had no other option at all but to stay.

I finally did get up the nerve to complain a little bit, half in part that i really didnt care anymore, and the other half because i didnt give an eff anymore. and i really didnt give a crap about the customers anymore. i use to try and be nice to them, but that faded quick. i dont know how some people do it, i honestly dont. customer service is like being the momma of a thousand children, all complaining, yelling about things beyond your control. they all want favors. they want you to do stuff for them, help them, when all they do is give you touble. i dont wanna help somebody liek that! a crazy person! they could fire me whenever...but they didnt for some reason, and i dont really know why, to this day! i mean, we had video cameras in the store, they SAW me doing whatever the heck i wanted to, but didnt care! or did they even pay attention to me at all in the first place. i asked about the cameras one day (becuase none of the other locations had survelience), and they said my location had them because it was in the worst neighborhood. i said hell to the no, i need somebody else workin with me up in here, now. that was soooo not cool, amoungst many other not cool things. they told me i could hire someone else to work with me. i hired my friend "mark". mark was in desperate need of a job, 20 years old, still living with his parents, i decided to give him a shot at this forsaking job. i did warn him tho about it's shiestyness..but i knew he wouldnt care as long as he had a job. he was happy to be given the oppertunity. happy to work there, at first. like they all are. mark never had any formal training or anything, i had to teach him everything i "knew" which was still not enough. he called me all the time asking about everything, so lost, so confused. no one to help him. he had to find out that when he wanted to eat, there was noone to cover for him. he had never had a job like this before. i had to explain to him how, he shouldnt care so much and just do whatever he wants to do, like i did...beacause they really dont care.

we both really did do whatever. we use to leave work, yes both of, and take trips to the mall with cash register money, THOSE were the days.

we use to clock each other in sometimes even if they werent there, just so they could be gettin paid. we had to learn how to cheat the system since the system had cheated us like a no good boyfriend. our "system" worked for us. but then, they actually started checking up on us.....uh oh.

each day someone came to get the total money for the day before. they started saying that we were coming up short. the hell! well actually....maybe we were coming up a little short sometimes,lol. but they couldnt prove anything!! every money i stole, i tried to make sure i put it back, or atleast i sold an accesory and didnt ring it up, just put the money in the register. it was all confused. they even thretened and said that 250 dollars was missing (wich was really ludacris) and they said that if they didnt have it by the end of the week, they would take it out of our checks...i said no you aint gonna take nothin out my check buddy! i got bills to pay!and ya asses are barley payin me for this job with all this over responsibility! i dont know how that particular incident ended, but belive me, me and mark came out on top.

once again thru the grapevine, my partner in heirachial crime ( i forgot what alias i used), told me that the overall manager robert was gonna fire me and mark anyday to hire all new people because he said that our selling tactics were mediocer at best, and sales were down.

that was his reason?

i didnt care tho, i was so long looking for a legitimate excuse to leave anyway, the thing is tho, we didnt know the exact day he was gonna fire us, but we knew it was soon. i was the first to crack. i took a phone, activated it under a psuedonym, and started using it! it was the most expensive phone there. it was so cool! i couldnt belive i had done it. i took all the accessories that went with it to. mark was very skeptical of this at first, but after about 2 days, he wanted to try his luck. he activated one for himself too. it was liek stealing candy from a baby since the rarley did inventory checks. we were in the clear. crunch time was near, they were gonna fire us anyday now, we could feel it.... we started to take more phones...i took a couple razors, kyoceras, motorolas, nokias...i sold them dirt cheap to my family and friends as mark did the same. we were really finding our inner happiness. one day, i was gettin out of school and on my way to work when mark told me that it was done.

robert had sent replacements. we were fierd.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! thank you JESUS! HALEUJAH in the highest!

i really was happy. i was relieved. i dint even care at that time that i had bills to pay, i was just happy to be out! i had saved up enough from my heist sales to atleast pay the rent for about 2 more fine self could definatley find a job in less than that i thought to myslef. i was just overall very happy. we did however have one more check that we were owed, and they were pussy footing around about it too. me and mark actually had to go up to the main sotore to ask about it. while in the store, they told me to have a seat in the back (they didnt know the damage we had done yet, it was really impossible for them to find out waht i had done, i dont know about mark tho,lol...they never really trusted him). as i was sitting back there in the stock room, i had a feeling they were gonna bs me again, so i sought out the most expensive phone(one that was not even out yet during the tiem of our heist) 4 hundred dollar krazr, and slipped it in my jacket pocket, 2 secodns before they came back in the room. i was so scared. they told me that my check was not ready and that i would have to wait. bs, just as i suspectd. my last check was probably only about 195 dollars anyway, so didnt even care about it after i took my one last phone. :)

yeap, life was good for those 2 weeks i had no job. but low and behold. the devil found his way back into my life!

to be continued..........

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Job.....

The place where i work is very strange....most people who have worked here have completley broken down, went crazy, weren't themselves....this job can change a person. It may sound weird, but if you people only knew the truth about Metro Pcs....

When I was first offered the job about a year and a half ago, i had no idea what i was gettin myself into, what joys, what pains....what craziness! It started out good enough, simple tasks, simple co workers...simple base pay of 8 dollars an hour...everything was simple. That is when metro pcs first came to the detroit area, everythign was fairley new and all...

I worked on the weekdays either in the morning from 10 to 3 or from 3 to 8...happy, simple times. i was earning a living, it wasnt that hard, it was fairly easy, i kind of enjoyed it.

however, times were boss was in the buisness to make money...but thru the grapevine i heard that he was getting paid just as much as the employee's were. he argued with the manager of the main store in Korean over the phone day after day, until one day...he said he was going on "vacation"...he packed up his desk, said goodbye to me, and gave me the key to the store to lock up. confused i was...very confused. i rolled with it tho, the next day i came into work, i knew nothing of what would happen, that fat of my job or anything. The overall manager came in. looked around the store, didnt give me any information about what was going on or anything... he asked where the other girl wo worked there was... i didnt know. he asked did i know her number, i didnt. she wasnt supposed to work that day. he asked me if i knew anyone who wanted a job. ofcourse i did. i called up my best friend, we'll cal her wanda. wanda came over to the job site immediatley. happy. the manager, we'll call him robert, got all of wanda's information, put her on the roster right on the spot, she had a job. Robert explained to me that i would now be the manager of the store. i would run things, take care of all the money at the end of the day, as well as close and lock up...i would share responsibility with wanda...we would cover each other's shifts and such. this all happened to me in one crazy day...the day that changed it all for me. i became the, well, manager! i became a little power driven, even though i was gettin the same pay. no commison. accesories were at my beck and call, i could give away, and take as i please. but with all the perks, also came the responsibilities i was forced into. everytime a customer had a complaint...everytime there was a discrepincy, a tough question that i didnt know the answer too, i had to deal with sure i called into the main store everyonce in a while, but it never really made a difference. they weren't there it was just me, and wanda...oh poor wanda, thrown into this madness haven taken only a crash course. i felt bad on the days when i had to go to school, and she was left alone in the store by herself, as was i on days when she had to attned classes...oh the lonleyness alone could drive one mad...much less having to deal with people when there is no one else to console with and you alone are your highest power of authority. i have stories for days about the crazy customers that i have had to deal with...

being the only person in a store, you sometimes have to make rash desicins...someimes being the only worker in a store, you have to make life or death decisions, such as....should you leave to go to the bathroom? or to get something to eat...or leave because you dont feel well, and how will it effect sales...will someone in authority stop by?....shold you tell them how you really feel about things? or do you just want to keep quiet so you can keep your job that you so desperatley need? yes the job offers prove to be too tempting to resist for most. i always got as many hours as i needed....maybe a little more than i may have needed, for when wanda was ill, or couldnt make it...there was no one else to cover for her BUT me. i was there all the my self.

in gettin daily calls everyday to "check up on me", i confided in one of the people of power at the main store, danny. he knew everything i was going thru, exactly my every pain and position on evrything that was wrong witht the whole situation...he also shared inside information with me...
top secret information, and i thank him for that...without the things he told me, i dont know where i would be. the other people from management gave a sh*t about me or wanda. i later found out that my first boss did not go on vacation...they went on a heist. him and his brother. stelaing phones from the store as well as over 6 thousand dollars in money from the cash register. rock on i say. because those were the thoughts that constantly entered my head when i found out exactly how shiesty they could be. robert was a very greedy, heaqrtless man. he even lowered our pay from 8, to 7 dollars an hour. wow, evil. he knew i was struggling. i had just moved into an apatment, thanks to carefull and strategic planning, i was taking the bus at all types of hours in the most horrible of horrible areas, locking up the store all by my cute self in a horrendously ghetto neighborhood. did he care? nope...not at all. and people from other branches started to feel the same, one guy infact took a vacation of his own...a heist vacation! taking over 25 phones, and over 8 thousand dollars.... they needed a worker. since wanda was the one with the car, they transfered wanda to a different location. now i was truley alone. truly confused, truley all by myself. i was now working double overtime every single day of the week...monday thru sunday, 10 to 8...everyday. i was the only worker. robert was to stingy to hire another worker to work there. he thought i could handle it. no more rides home from wanda. i had to catch the bus in sub zero weather in the balck of night after a 10 hour work day. was the pay worth it? hardly...7 dollars an hour, minus taxes, every two weeks. why didnt i leave you say? i ahd already accustomed my self with a lifestyle based on the money i was getting...anywhere else would not have been so...or so i thought. wanda had similar issues...she however had the balls to do what i didnt. quit. wanda quit. some sucker took her place. knowing no what the job could do to him....knowing not what he embarked on....

PART 2 COMING SOON......................

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hey erbody... I want to write somethign som everyone can read it whenevertheywant to...i dont know what exactly you would call it, i was gonna call it a poem, but nah, its not really a poem (then again, who defins a poem?) i guess it is a poem life is a poem :)

i know that i cant spell when i type, i just flow, as with the punctiation, so disregarding that...without further hesitation, my poem-thingy-majig-type-situation-sorta...(kinda-maybeish):

READ IT ALL IF YOU DARE!!!! (i promise it's good tho)

I dont feel like...huh, i dont know, we all go through these times in our life. i go through them alot...everyone struggles with their own personal happiness...we all wanna be happy. that is the main goal, whatever we do, if it makes us happy, life is great, if we are sad, life is horrible....but do we care about our happiness making others unhappy? most of us are selfish in that regard. we sacrifice the happiness of others for our own, but is this worng if everyone does it? and everyone does do it. nobody cares about others anymore, and it is sad. we talk about each other. we only associate ourselves with people who we think will make us feel more "cool", "popular" if you will, we overlook the people who truly want to see us do our best and make friends with people who really dont want anything to do with us at all...we make ourselves up everyday, get all glam, get all pretty...for what? to go out have fun, be happy. yet we are only happy when we are the best looking in the entire room because that way every boy or girl wants us, lusts for us....who cares if they belong to someone else right? as long as it makes us happy...i like to think of myslef as different....i know, i know, with all the seemingly "different" people in the world, we all end up being just the dang on same right? i suppose. we are all actually the same belive it or not. the thing that seperates us is our thought. the way we each individually think determines so much about us to the point where it can change our apperance, our lifestyle...our everything. so yes, we are all very much the same, we just all think very differently. i think differently, abnormally different at the point where people actually think i am a little bit dumb. but no i am not dumb...i think a lot, more than most people maybe. i think about how rude and inconsiderate some people can be...then i think about how rude and inconsiderate i can be. i think about where i am going, but most importantly, how i am going to get there...i just want to be happy, doesnt everybody?i have a lot of work to do people...i dont know where to begin or how long it will take. people have thier own individual tastes when it comes to what they are looking for in relationships (family, friend, romantic). some only want the best looking as far as exterier is concerned. they care nothing about the inside. if a person is strange looking or weird, wears differnt clothing, talks funny, walks funny...we want nothing to do with them, we shut them out and go for the people who look like they have walked out of a magazine advertisement, knowing not what lies beneth thier beautiful surface. and we dont want to long as it brings us temporary satisfaction, joy...happiness. but that happiness it brings us, does not last. only for a while, what happens when it fades away. you are left with nothing more than what you started with. we always feel we need to upgrade. even if in upgrading, we dissosiacte ourselves with what we have come to know as familiar instead of helping our familiar to change into the things that we want. we just throw away what we feel to be less than perfect as soon as we find out we are capable of more, not even stopping to think that maybe we could turn the thing we once had into the things of our dreams...dont abandon your dreams. think about things.dont have anything conclusive to say is not conclusive (well if you count death then yeah, but sounded good while it lasted!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

I know i am not the only one who feels this way; the fact that i am literally dying of old age and still have nothing substantial to show for myslef...It is indeed very stressfull! However, I have come up with a plan. When i do make it big, Im going to tell people that i am 18 years old...That way i get a few more golden years out of it...and even better, when the truth actually does come out about my real age, HUGE SCANDAL! lol, for real yall, I will be in the news even more....and belive you me, as SOON as i get even just a tiny centimeter of toe in the door, im slidin my(little) big a** on thru until im all the way in, and I aint leavin....
But yeah, I really do think that i could pass for however young i say i am...when im at work, I tell guys all the time that im 16 just so they can leave me alone. yes yes, my baby face is both a gift and a curse :)